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North America

Spirit Hunters Inc

by J.P. Corbran - June 26, 2012, 7:03 pm PDT
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This DSiWare AR game offers surprising depth.

When I went to my E3 appointment with Nnooo, my main interest was the 3DS eShop game escapeVektor, which I’ve already written fairly positive impressions of. While I was with them, I also had a chance to play Spirit Hunters Inc., which I hadn’t heard of before that point. After my time playing it, though, I walked away impressed.

The game is founded on using the DSi or 3DS camera to scan the surrounding area for spirits, and then battling and attempting to capture them. We’ve seen a lot of games like this on DSiWare, but Spirit Hunters Inc. attaches the concept to an RPG-style leveling system that offers considerable depth. Progressing through the levels and aligning yourself with different elements unlocks new abilities you can use to battle even stronger spirits.

The combat takes place in real time, using the touch screen to select and execute your different abilities. Given that this is an augmented reality game, you’ll also have to deal with spirits moving around you, requiring you to reorient yourself and your handheld to see them. Abilities have different touch gestures associated with them, as well as cooldown times that require you to vary your attacks. The abilities also correspond to one of the six elements in the game, as do the spirits, and effectiveness will vary based on the combinations.

With 100 levels and nearly 300 spirits to find, the developers promise it would take over 100 hours to see everything this game has to offer. There are also two different versions of the game offered, á la Pokémon, each with exclusive spirits. This game is one to watch for, and has made me start thinking of ways to clean out the fridge on my 3DS to make room for it.

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Developer Nnooo

Worldwide Releases

na: Spirit Hunters Inc
Release Nov 22, 2012
RatingEveryone 10+
eu: Spirit Hunters Inc
Release Nov 22, 2012
aus: Spirit Hunters Inc
Release Nov 22, 2012
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