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North America

Eternal Darkness

by Zosha Arushan - June 25, 2002, 6:46 am PDT

It’s the game that some have been waiting four years for. Originally created for the N64, Silicon Knights’ latest piece of software has finally hit store shelves. After playing through a good four hours, here are my first impressions of the game.

Two things struck me during the opening cinema: the high quality voice acting and the stunning backgrounds. In comparison, the characters almost look low polygon, as the buildings and architecture are simply nothing short of stunning. There are the smallest details to be seen.

An extremely natural looking camera coupled with a good combat system makes battling daemons both fun and "cool"-looking. Especially the randomly occurring camera angle while finishing off an enemy. It’s just enough to look great and not make the player think "oh god no, not another camera pan" after attacking a foe.

Music and sound effects are excellent and really set the mood for the adventure. As I mentioned earlier the voice acting is extremely high in quality and surprisingly the facial expressions do indeed match the voice. Of course, they aren’t perfect, but they do look better than Biohazard’s in terms of conveying emotion.

One thing I need to mention now is that the Magick System is not only deep, but it makes sense and is completely intertwined with the story. I’m not joking. Once you play it and figure it out you too will agree with me: Thus far Silicon Knights have thought of every detail. It is frightening, really.

Insanity is more than what you may have read, it actually affects combat. The less sanity is in your meter, the greater the camera skews along with your character becoming nigh uncontrollable. They’re liable to become confused, have the control layout reversed and suffer from poor aim.

I’m not going to say anything on the plot itself. That should be experienced.

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Eternal Darkness Box Art

Genre Adventure
Developer Silicon Knights

Worldwide Releases

na: Eternal Darkness
Release Jun 23, 2002
jpn: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Release Oct 25, 2002

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