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North America

Eternal Darkness

by Karlie Yeung - September 4, 2001, 3:02 pm PDT

This game was one of the eight GamCube titles playable at The Nintendo Show.

There were three characters to choose from, I chose the soldier and began his quest.

I started off in a room and my exit was greeted by zombies. A few swipes with a dagger would cause them to collapse, and pressing B while standing over them would "finish" them. Along your way you would collect granite blocks. There are four of these in total, each with differently coloured patterns.

The first locked door I came to was opened by smashing a statue. The body parts of the statue had to be targetted and the top parts had to be hit first. The part you aim for is highlighted in white. Once each part of the statue is destroyed you can carry on.

The environments were quite detailed and there were engravings on the stone walls. Walking through to another room would have you open the door and close it on the other side. No long animations for that here.

Eventually I made it to a room with a few zombies, which I quickly disposed of, and saw the markings I wanted on the wall. These matched the stones that I had picked up earlier. Pressing start brought up a menu where I could select the blocks and place them. You could also heal yourself from this menu while standing in any free space.

Placing all the blocks opened a door that I had come across earlier. Backtracking, this lead me to a room with some treasure items. I picked one up and a new screen loaded which appeared to be a book. There was speech to accompany this and a "Chapter End" page came up. It finished just as it got exciting, as well.

While waiting in line for this game, I saw the other two characters being used. The pink haired girl had a few puzzles of interest, placing different necklaces onto a statue would open a door, and candles had to be put out in the right order. The soldier had the simplest puzzles in this demo and was the easiest character to play as. Playing as the blonde haired girl meant that you had to reload the gun quite often, and target specific body parts as well.

I would have liked to see some more intricate puzzles, the demo seemed quite short. The feeling I got from the demo is that the full game will definitely take the thinking element further, it won't just be a case of shooting or stabbing everything you come across.

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Eternal Darkness Box Art

Genre Adventure
Developer Silicon Knights

Worldwide Releases

na: Eternal Darkness
Release Jun 23, 2002
jpn: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Release Oct 25, 2002
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