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Kid Icarus: Uprising

by Aaron Kaluszka - June 11, 2011, 3:55 pm PDT
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Another new mode for Kid Icarus - automatic card battles.

Nintendo had three demos for Kid Icarus: Uprising at E3 -- single player, multiplayer, and card battles. The card battles weren't really playable; they were just a demonstration of the AR technology. Nintendo had a collection of "idol" cards featuring heroes and enemies from Kid Icarus, including names, character artwork, and each character's alignment.

Placing one card down worked similarly to the AR cards included with the 3DS system, though they were not cross-compatible. Place two cards facing each other, and the characters would battle each other until one or both were defeated.

The concept certainly has promise, but the demo was presumably early in development, as all you could do was watch the battle. Characters seemed to have set strengths, and it did not matter who you pit against each other. Nintendo has yet to announce how they plan to distribute the cards, though a few were given out at E3.


This mode =  :-\

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorJune 11, 2011

I *NEED* a set of these E3 cards for my Nintendo trading card set.  Someone help me out. :(

How was the multiplayer? Any word on whether or not it will be online?

I thought multiplayer was pretty cool, but the control scheme makes it hard to turn around in heavy combat and face your foes. Neal's impressions of multiplayer are here: http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/impressions/26669 Last word was that Sakurai was testing online.

Thanks for the link. I'm really looking forward to more online titles from Nintendo. I've never really been able to get into online on the PC or consoles, but I literally spent most of my early teenage years playing the DS online. I made a lot of great friends doing that and I would like to see that happen again. Too bad I won't get to enjoy the next Jump Ultimate Stars if they make one. I hate region locks. I overclocked that game not long after I got it. In my opinion it is much better than Super Smash Brothers.

CericJune 12, 2011

These will be a collector novelty but, if the cards themselves have nice pictures and lore on them I probably be suckered into getting some.

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