Author Topic: Episode 855: With the Power of the 7th Guest and Sewer Shark They Will Be Unstoppable  (Read 640 times)

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Their victory will be Rendered and Morphed.

It's time for our RetroActive for The 7th Guest!

This weird puzzle/adventure/full-motion video fever-dream of a game makes up the entirety of this episode. We talk about the context in which it released, the impact of it and other "multi-media games" that came out soon after, its weird plot with weirder acting, and the absolutely over-done puzzles.

This wasn't the most high-quality RetroActive game we've ever played, and certainly it wasn't the worst, but it filled the role of "interesting to talk about" nicely.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Note: we recorded this episode over a week ago, recording 854 and 855 the same night. If, by chance, any weird news popped up between then and now, we didn't cover it. We were travelling this week, and pre-recorded to give you all content to listen to as you return from the holidays.

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