Author Topic: First Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Update Launching Soon, More Details Announced  (Read 360 times)

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"So Seething Bazelgeuse, what brings you to Elgado?" "I'm coming to drop the bombs."

The first post-Sunbreak update for Monster Hunter Rise will be out very soon, and has some more new monsters.

The version 11 update will be out on August 10 - depending on time zone, this may be as soon as tonight - and will include four new monsters. In addition to the previously announced variants of Nargacuga (Lucent Narg) and Bazelgeuse (Seething Bazelgeuse), the Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian will be added along with the new "Forlorn Arena" stage.

The new version will also expand the post-credits "Anomaly Quests" to include 5* anomaly quests with new monsters unlocked via the new "Anomaly Investigations" feature. Investigations will come with a level that controls the hunt difficulty and rewards, while also providing new upgrade materials that can craft weapons to specifications and armor with random boosts.

Sunbreak-specific Event Quests will start releasing on August 18, which will include "Dual Threats" where two monsters must be fought at the same time.

The next title update will be out in late September, and the one following will release in "winter".

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