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Yo-Kai Watch - NYCC Hands-On Preview
« on: October 18, 2015, 01:00:10 PM »

It’s demons vs demons in this kid-friendly adventure! Wait… what?

You’re just a sleepy little kid in a sleepy little town. Nothing could possibly go wrong today. OH MAN, IS THAT A GHOST?! Well, kind of. It’s a demon. And they’re here to tell you about the amazing world of Yokai. You are in possession of the Yokai Watch, an incredible device that allows you to see, battle and capture demons in the world. It’s up to you to make sure these demons don’t infect those around them with undesirable attributes like laziness, constant hunger or depression.

In the demo I played you were unable to catch any demons, or Yokai, you fought but you were provided with a team or two to combat those in front of you. The combat system was pretty straightforward. You can choose which three of your six Yokai will do battle against the three in front of you. They will all deal damage automatically every couple of seconds and you can activate their special abilities individually. You’ll need to tap, spin and trace your way through the activation. Once activated, these abilities can heal your team or inflict massive damage on the enemies.

While there were none in the demo, I was told that there were evolutions in the game. At a certain point the demons on your team could grow into bigger and more powerful demons. There also seemed to be a lot more to the game than the small town that you ran through.

Watch out for Yo-Kai Watch, dropping into your 3DS later this year. And if you can’t wait, there is an anime adaptation airing currently.