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Podcast Discussion / Re: Special: NWR Book Interview with Max Lake
« on: July 06, 2016, 09:42:17 PM »
For the record, the only real bitterness I have at anyone is Billy Berghammer, due to his being less than understanding (more like NOT AT ALL) of my poor mental health and contributing to it greatly through all the pressure he put me under. I am a little salty at some of the NWR guys who were Director post-Berghammer, who kept me from coming back despite attempts to and even an invite to write stuff up at one point that never got used, but eh, who cares now? I really don't in the big scheme of things.

I honestly don't even *Hate* Billy & am even glad he is certainly living out his dream working for Nintendo of America these days. He undeniably put in the work to be where he is. It would take more energy for me to hate Billy than I want to put into it.  I'd rather just not think of him and get on with my own **** to the best of my ability. I have another friend who was done wrong by someone in their past who wants to--given financial ability to hire lawyers--inflict a great deal of wrath on the person who fucked him over, even if it costs him a great deal. I don't even think of Billy that much, and am relieved I don't have that kinda consuming hatred or bitterness about that for Billy, or really anyone, except the guy who robbed me last summer masquerading as a friend and stole among other things, many games and my wife's Nintendo DS... And like I said in the interview, if it wasn't Billy bringing me on way back when, or me having developed panic attacks, I never woulda met my wife, and she is EVERYTHING to me. My best friend, my lover, my soul mate. Period. I think I even said in the interview, I kinda owe that fucker Berghammer.

The only real video gaming I am doing this point is SNES and MAME emulation really. I still have my Wii but it's the only system I have really 100% intact. I don't have much interest in spending much money in games despite some cool **** being out. Steam is great fun & I have a ton of games for it, just need to allocate some HD space (or get a new HD!). I really do want Mario Maker and a WiiU at some point, as all of my friends with WiiUs don't seem to have that game.  But yeah, I'm a comic book & action figure junkie & often spend on those vices. Not to mention some of the other habits I talked about in the interview costing $ too, games aren't high on my list of things to buy. Though I really need to start saving up to get to Canada... Permanent Residency applications alone are $1500.

It's awesome to hear from some of you guys with anxiety issues who could relate to stuff they heard in the interview. That's one of the biggest reasons I did it and was so frank. Anxiety is worse than being in a living hell, or can be. But it can improve. Hell, I thought I had it beat, and I hopefully have it on the run. I'm seeing a new doctor tomorrow who will hopefully help me get back to work with some good anxiety medicine. HOPEFULLY. But it is definitely a struggle. My best advice is find something that helps and exploit the hell out of it. Music. Games. Comics. Anime. WHATEVER. Whatever can help you get thru another day, another round of anxiety. Life definitely IS worth living, though it is a bitch. Hell, I can barely perform my job as a dishwasher when Billy's off working for NOA. :p But I'm not bitter. It's just funny how life goes. I just wanna be able to get back with my wife and start a new life in Canada asap. But I definitely wanted to clarify I'm not really bitter at any of the NWR crew EXCEPT Burgermeister.  And hell, best of luck to him. In fact, it's been cool reconnecting with a few folks from those days because of this interview and I've been getting to know some of the new guard at NWR too. Like one of you guys said, just gotta take it all one day at a time! Thanks for the additional comments!

Podcast Discussion / Re: Special: NWR Book Interview with Max Lake
« on: June 24, 2016, 12:37:27 AM »
Thanks again to Jonny Metts for getting me to do this interview and for everybody who listened to it. It wasn't easy facing up to this stuff, but I'm glad I did.

An unfortunate update to the interview is that even though I thought I had conquered the panic attack problem back in October when the interview was recorded (after a particularly nasty summer without them), subsequent attempts to enter the workplace (somewhat successful ones) have revealed I still am susceptible to have panic attacks quite a bit. In fact, I'm laid off of my current job because of them.  :@

I'm currently separated from my wife physically as she is in Canada attending to medical issues her country is much better at covering than mine. Hopefully, I will be able to move up there and be with her again soon! Separation sucks & is a definite cause for anxiety. But life goes on. I am contemplating re-embracing video gaming to help deal with the boredom and loneliness. 

While tough to do, overall, this interview was a lot of fun. From the Smash Bros characters, to the Heckel-sama incident (he's really a great guy, and did a lot of good work for the 64 Source & Nintendojo, but boy what a goof that was) to me revealing that yes, there is a cure for heartbreak, even if it is something as unorthodox as a hotel room with a hot tub full of balloons and a belly full of psychedelic mushrooms playing the final level of Rave Master on GameCube. Just a lot of crazy memories. It's insane all that work we put in back there is still going strong in some shape and form with NWR. Justin Nation just reminded me in an email the 64 Source was in its prime 18 years ago. Yikes.
And Ty, if it wasn't you who did the GOATSE, was it Andres??? Rimmer? Was your brother Max with us at Denny's that night?

Thanks again to everyone who listened. Extra thanks for the comments! Much appreciated.

TalkBack / Re: FEATURES: Whither Now, Samus Aran?
« on: July 12, 2008, 04:16:42 PM »
Nice feature, guys.  I read it all in one sitting.    :)  I'm sure Nintendo isn't finished with the Metroid series, and all three of you put forward good ideas to keep things going.  I especially like the GTA-like Zebes Jonny came up with, though I agree it isn't likely.  Despite lagging sales, the Prime series has guaranteed we'll see adventures of Samus for some time to come.  Like everyone else, I'd be really happy to see another 2D game but we'll just have to wait and see. 

TalkBack / RE: Nintendo Breaks Own Holiday Sales Record
« on: November 27, 2007, 08:21:06 PM »
Toys R Us cleared out of Wii software?  No kidding, that's nuts.  This is really fantastic news as Nintendo continues its success after a year of releasing the Wii.  I don't think there's ever been this kind of momentum for a home console.  It will definitely be interesting to see how well sales for the rest of the holidays go.  

TalkBack / RE: IMPRESSIONS: Check Mii Out Channel
« on: November 12, 2007, 08:15:28 PM »
I just wanted to say that I was also frustrated about "losing" Miis after I foolishly did not write down their codes after submitting them to the channel.  Then I read on NeoGaf that you can get the code back by attempting to re-submit them.  Works very well.  The codes are a pain but it's good to know that you can find Miis you submitted this way.

TalkBack / RE: The NWR Mailbag Talkback Thread
« on: October 14, 2007, 08:30:39 PM »
I just wanted to reply to Icarus' assumption that Nintendo will repair old GameCube controllers.  Sadly, they will not.  I've had a couple of mine wear out and Nintendo was unwilling to do anything about it.  

TalkBack / RE:Brawl Delayed to February in N. America
« on: October 11, 2007, 05:15:52 AM »
Hey, I'm all for them taking as much time as they need for this game.  It will be worth waiting for.  A rushed game sucks forever, though waiting for a great game is only a temporary thing.  I'm also glad Nintendo is returning to taking the "quality not quantity" approach of the good old days.

Besides, my holiday lineup is already pretty crowded.  

TalkBack / RE: Sega Bass Fishing for Wii Announced
« on: October 08, 2007, 08:16:46 AM »
This is just like Samba de Amigo coming to Wii: a no-brainer.  Just like Samba, Sega doesn't have to make another fishing controller with the Wii perfectly capable of emulating it.  Too bad it's just not as exciting as it was back in 1999 and as wiizel says, there's already plenty of fishing going on on the Wii.

TalkBack / RE: NEOGEO Titles Coming Soon to Virtual Console
« on: October 01, 2007, 01:30:03 PM »
The thing was, my friend had one and I couldn't believe it.  It was like, geez, something extraordinarily ridiculous for the system... $400?  $500?  Each game was like $150-200, depending.  Maybe my foggy memory is exaggerating a bit but in high school, it seemed like you had to be a millionaire to keep up with it all.  The controllers were really snazzy though and at the time, it was unlike anything you could play at home.  But what was SNK thinking?!  There's no way ANYone, especially kids (save for my rich pal) could afford it.

Ridiculously, years later a friend of mine gave me a single CD rom with most of the Neo Geo library emulated for free.  

Early games were rough and for the most part, I'm more looking forward to the Samurai Showdown Anthology than any single Neo Geo VC release.  But still, it will be nice to have the option to pick up some of these games that almost nobody saw outside of arcades.  

TalkBack / RE: Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Released
« on: October 01, 2007, 01:23:57 PM »
I cannot wait to try this.  I was lucky to be able to afford a S&P download and Halo 3 last week, but Phantom Hourglass is going to have to wait a little bit until more monies come in.  Still, as soon as I get this game it is going to the top of things I'm playing no matter what else gets left behind.  The control seems too weird to work but everyone says it is amazing and I'm looking forward to experiencing it for myself.  

TalkBack / RE: North American Virtual Console Releases
« on: October 01, 2007, 01:20:58 PM »
Holy cow.  I have purchased S&P and CANNOT download it.  It has a problem every time I try.  Maybe it's getting downloaded a ton or maybe it's something else.  Either way, I am chomping at the bit to play on the Wii.

I can't believe most of the discussion is about Lost Levels.  Probably because many of you haven't played S&P yet.  

And Evan:  The story is nonsensical at first, but it's like some anime where when you get to the end, everything that came before somehow makes perfect sense.  It's weirdly wonderful that way.

TalkBack / RE:NEOGEO Titles Coming Soon to Virtual Console
« on: October 01, 2007, 12:30:57 AM »
I'm really looking forward to these, some more than others.  I'm probably one of a few people who got to play a Neo Geo home console since one of my buddies dropped mega cash for one in high school.  I remember the games fondly but suspect I may be looking back with rose tinted glasses (especially after playing the Fatal Fury demo on XBLA).  Still, some of these will be too good to resist.  Just hopefully they don't take up tons of memory.

TalkBack / RE:North American Virtual Console Releases
« on: October 01, 2007, 12:25:15 AM »
I KNEW S&P WOULD HIT TODAY!  I just knew it!  1200 is worth it--I don't even care.  Hopefully we get some translated text--namely the menus and the ending.  I guess translating the training would be nice too.  If not, maybe an update will provide some translated text.  But overall it isn't necessary to enjoy this phenomenal game.  I cannot wait to go home and get this.  I'm just glad I have the money to actually buy the points and get this Day One.  

Yeah, I own the original but now one of my favorite Nintendo games will be residing on my Wii to easily show others and enjoy without hooking up the ol' N64.  Moreover, people all over the country will finally get to experience what I've been going crazy about for years.


Don't hesitate people.  This is too good to miss.  Fortunately, it won't be a big deal if you hold back on this or Lost Levels though as it doesn't seem we're being given a time limit to pick these up!

EDIT:  Yeah, I am spazzing but download it and you'll see why!

TalkBack / RE: European Virtual Console Releases
« on: September 28, 2007, 07:04:23 AM »
WPack911: No doubt.  If they translated some of the text (and really, all that needed translating was menus and the ending, so I'm sure it's all the important stuff is handled) there's no reason Sin & Punishment won't come here.  I either expect it very soon or for a special occasion for North America.

EDIT:  And yeah, I will download it the SECOND it does.

TalkBack / RE: New Wii and DS Games from SNK
« on: September 21, 2007, 06:36:48 AM »
Yeah, sign me up for Samurai Showdown Anthology right away.  I may pick up KOF Collection too but Samurai Showdown is one of my favorite SNK fighters.  I'm really happy SNK is giving the Wii more collection loving.  Also (some of) the Neo Geo games on VC should be great too.

I also have no problem with the Metal Slug Anthology controls on Wii.  My gal & I actually find them fun (especially lobbing grenades).  But I do hope that classic control support is available these next times around.

TalkBack / RE: More Bomberman for America
« on: September 20, 2007, 10:02:56 PM »
No online would be such a waste.  Bomberman Live on the 360 rules and the DS Bomberman Land is online, so here's hoping it comes together for the Wii.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Ice Climbers Ice Climbers Ice Climbers
« on: September 14, 2007, 08:28:08 AM »

Originally posted by: mantidor
I want the evil seals to make some appearance, hopefully as an assist trophy! the States and their obsessive PC never saw them, but I loved hammering them down to death, those bastards! they were evil!

With the inclusion of the devil from devil world, I see the seal appearance more likely.

Well, in the Japanese release of SSBM, there were seals.  At least I'm pretty sure of it.  It got changed to those other poofy guys for North America.

Forget all the haters!  I am happy they are back.  It would have been cool to know if they've changed any but since nothing was mentioned, probably not.  Still I think they're fun.

I like the original game too.  I remember playing it when I was young (and on emulation) where it had the seals. CLUBBING SEALS BABY!

TalkBack / RE:NEOGEO Titles Announced for US Release
« on: September 12, 2007, 08:12:36 AM »
I'm very happy Neo Geo games have finally been confirmed for North America.  I can't see why it wouldn't happen but I was wondering what the hold back was.

One of my friends in high school had a Neo Geo system, so I actually got to play many a Neo Geo game with him and at the numerous Neo Geo machines peppered around the area.  Magician Lord, Cyber Lib, Crossed Swords, World Heroes, Super 8 Man, King of the Monsters, the Samurai Showdown series and a few whos names I can't remember... So many great games and good times.  I'm sure some many won't hold up as well today but the prospect of playing some of these again on my Wii is very exciting.  I'm not surprised that the first games announced are fighters as that's probably what SNK is known best for.  But they made all kinds of other games that at the time were pretty much priced out of anyone's range.

I'm also glad that the price is under $10, unlike Japan's $12.

TalkBack / RE: Wii Zapper Details
« on: September 11, 2007, 11:03:48 AM »
Ya know, I don't think Nintendo is that worried about people in Japan loving Zelda.  The Phantom Hourglass has been smoking hot over there and while I'm sure Nintendo's disappointed about TP, I don't think they're making a Zelda spin-off to redeem themselves--especially making one at a budget price.

I have to agree with the folks that point out that none of us know what the game will be like.  It probably won't be over the top great but it might be fun.  You don't know, so don't be so quick to judge.

Finally I gotta say that if all of you hate the idea of a Zapper and a pack-in Zelda shooting game, you shouldn't be nay saying and predicting doomsday.  All you have to do is not buy it.  'Nuff said.  

TalkBack / RE: Wii Zapper Details
« on: September 10, 2007, 11:56:17 AM »
I'm a bit surprised at Link's Crossbow training as well.  This month's Game Informer had an interview with Reggie where he pretty much said while he couldn't confirm or deny Duck Hunt, the game packed in with the Zapper would make us smile.

I'm a bit surprised at a Zelda light gun game but by no means bummed.  I was planning on getting the Zapper for games like RE: Umbrella Chronicles and Ghost Squad because I really love gun games.  Sure, I really don't need the zapper to enjoy them but at $20 plus a game, I was planning to get it whatever the game was.  Who knows?  The Zelda zapper game could turn out to be really cool.  

I agree Wii Play's shooting game was just a Duck Hunt tease though.  I know Nintendo is aware of the Duck Hunt love and with the Zapper coming, I expect it's just a matter of time before they do revisit that franchise in full.

TalkBack / RE: Sin and Punishment Rated for Australia
« on: September 09, 2007, 02:32:06 PM »
THANK GOODNESS!  I was hopeful about it coming ever since it was listed on that VC survey that was circulating before the Wii got released.  With it coming to Australia, there's no way other English speaking countries should be left out.  

Although I own and still play the N64 version from time to time, I will buy it on VC immediately simply for how easy it will to be to play on my Wii and to show to as many people as possible.  Oh, and to play the game fully in English, even though it's just a bit of text that's lacking.  

Silks may have a point about the game being overrated by some because of its rarity and it is definitely a bit short, but it is still definitely amazing to play through and a very memorable shooter (no doubt contributing to the nostalgia).  Plus, like I've said before, the replay value is high; it's due to two player mode, ramped up difficulty and an unlockable super speed mode.  I may be alone in this but the music is pretty sweet too.  

TalkBack / RE:Sin & Punishment Heading to Virtual Console
« on: September 05, 2007, 05:53:00 AM »

Originally posted by: Jonnyboy117

The person who made that video is disgustingly good at the game.

Regarding a future Wii sequel, it would need to put the sword motion control on the nunchuk so you wouldn't lose your shooting target every time you had to swing the sword.

That's a good point Jonny.  The shooting/sword fighting combo comes so fast it wouldn't be very workable to do it otherwise.  Having the sword on Nunchuck would allow you to chop at more things instantaneously like you can in the N64 version and it would be a lot more fun too.

Again, I'm really hoping this makes it.  NOA even had a S&P website at one time for crying out loud!  Hopefully they'll get it to the North American VC before Xmas so all of you can see why I'm cucoo for cocoa puffs about this game.

And the person who made that video is ridiculous.  He/she doesn't take a single hit and shoots darn near everything.  I've had good runs--but nothing that good.  But it's a real testament how fun the game is to replay, simply because there are so many potential things to shoot and earn points which lead to earning extra lives.  It's a shooter fan's dream come true.    

TalkBack / RE: September Virtual Console Releases for Japan
« on: September 03, 2007, 05:23:40 AM »
Magician Lord definitely is fun to play.  It's been awhile though it was pretty sweet for its time.  It is kind of simple but I'd love to download this one on VC.  Here's hoping Nintendo eventually chooses to support Neo Geo downloads for Wii worldwide--even if they're a little pricier.    

TalkBack / RE:September Virtual Console Releases for Japan
« on: August 31, 2007, 08:55:14 AM »
Neo Geo  
  • Garou Densetsu: Shukumei no Tatakai (Fatal Fury: The Battle of Fury) [D4]</li>  
  • World Heroes [D4]</li>  
  • Magician Lord [D4]</li>  

MAGICIAN LORD!!!!!!!!  How I long to play you on Virtual Console!  When is Nintendo going to release US plans for Neo Geo VC games?  Whatever the price I'll pay.  World Heroes would be great too.

I guess I should be patient though as these look to be the first Neo Geo games to hit the VC in Japan.

TalkBack / RE: Sin & Punishment Heading to Virtual Console
« on: August 31, 2007, 08:50:21 AM »
Oh man, this is definitely good news.  I'm optimistic because all they really need to translate are the menus and a few lines of text in the tutorial and at the ending.  That's really it.  Once it is in VC format, there's no excuse for it not to happen.  The game was slated to come out in North America after all until Conker bombed and the N64 era was over.

It's ironic that this was reported today.  The subject of N64 games came up this morning while talking to a co-worker and he asked me what my favorite one is.  I replied no disrespect to the excellent Zeldas, but Sin & Punishment is my favorite hands down.  It really is amazing and I still go back to play it every so often.  The levels are so memorable and crazy.  It's intense and a blast to play--everyone needs this game.  A $10 purchase price on VC is a steal.

Awhile back I read an interview with one of the guys who made S&P, who said something along the lines that Treasure would love to do a sequel to it, if only the game would get a little better recognition...  For S&P to hit VC and then spawn a Wii sequel would be a dream come true.  Jonny's right: the game's shooting and sword fighting would be a perfect fit for the Wii remote.  

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