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General Gaming / Re: What are you playing?
« on: November 12, 2019, 02:26:42 PM »
I have Rodea also but I never got around to trying it. I've heard about the last boss issues which is one of the reasons I haven't wanted to try it, as I like to complete games and this one sounds like a real pain to do so, or else I'd just have to leave it unfinished which is probably what I would do.

It's mostly just irritating that they make you start the whole fight from scratch every time, when there's 3 sections of the fight where it's very easy to die if you get cornered in a strange way while trying to rotate the camera. Checkpoints would've made it much more bearable.
I've watched the fight on YouTube and turns out I've gotten super close to beating the boss, too.

Bit more detail: Rodea can get hit 3 times, then you lose a life. But your powers also scale with your hitpoints; at full health your charge attack is more powerful, at 2 hit points you can still attack, but you're less powerful, at 1 hit point you can't even attack and your flight path is very short.
Thus, you can basically just be hit once without losing offensive capabilities (which double as speedboost). There's plenty of replenishing health pickups in static locations, so you can remember them and stock back up... but losing the attack means you lose speed and flying range, meaning you're less likely to make a successful getaway.
Throughout the game it's not a massive issue, in fact I would say the game is pretty easy overall, but during the final boss it compounds into a bigger problem. (At least, for me.) Will report back if I suddenly breeze through the fight tomorrow, now that I've drunk from the fountain of Youtube knowledge.

Have you played the Wii U version or plan to play it? Would be interesting to see how you think it compares.

Haven't played it (yet), but might give it a shot. From what I can tell, the 3DS/Wii U versions include some loot-esque stuff, semi-permanent item upgrades which are more temporaneous in the Wii version, and the colours seem a bit more washed out too.
That said, if the levels are largely similar, I don't really care enough to go through the same game twice. Getting the impression the Wii version is probably the better one; at least, Yuji Naka appears to think so.

General Gaming / Re: What are you playing?
« on: November 12, 2019, 01:20:24 PM »
Been playing Rodea: The Sky Soldier from 2015. The original one, on Wii.

So this is Yuji Naka's swan song on Wii, and in Japan it's even the final game on that system since Ubisoft doesn't grant them yearly Just Dance instalments. It took forever to come out (I don't think it ever got a stand-alone release here, just as a bonus disc with the Wii U game of the same name), and spoiler alert, it wasn't quite worth the wait.
Note: there's 3 Rodea games in total. This one on Wii which is Yuji Naka's original vision, a 3DS game which is pretty different, and a Wii U game which is basically an up-port of the 3DS one. The Wii U/3DS games aren't as well-regarded.

Rodea on Wii's a rather wonky and uneven game in which you play as a robot, you fly through the air and collect rings gems, occassionally grind rails, punch bosses in their glowing weak spots, and skip through story beats.
Consider what a combination of NiGHTS Into Dreams... and a 3D Sonic game would look like, and you're pretty close here. It's a Wiimote-only game, where you point at where you want to go, press B to zip to it, and maybe press A to use an attack while going there. This results in a game largely revolving around 2 things: keeping up momentum to stay airbourne (see NiGHTS), and locking onto enemies/objects and using a homing attack to knock 'em out (see Sonic).

The Good:
+ The stages are decently laid out for what they want you to do here. You keep pointing into the screen, so it makes sense the levels are narrow on both the X and Y-axis, but they stretch far into your Z-axis.
+ There's a general upbeat vibe, with colourful levels and a somewhat simple, arcadey quality that keeps drawing you in.
+ Levels are around 15 minutes long, meaning shorter play sessions are accomodated for.
+ NIS America provides both a Japanese and English dub. Switched to Japanese immediately after the tutorial, the voices are insufferable.
+ Every cut-scene and instance of dialogue is mercifully skippable.

The Bad:
- The story is laughably generic. Amnesia, robots with a heart, etc. Could be a Saturday morning cartoon.
- Every character is dumb, states the obvious, and the jokes are bad.
- Characters designs have that distinct Beyblade quality about them. (By which I mean a distinct lack of quality.)
- Camera controls are bad. Pointer used both for camera & movement, so it's always behind you. Turning is a real slog.
- Bossfights are severely hampered by the camera issues, because you can't quickly turn/look behind you to switch targets.
- No checkpoints during bossfights. The final one is 15+ minutes.

The only reason I'm posting this in the 'playing' thread rather than the 'beaten' thread is because I can't beat the final boss after 90 minutes of trying (for reference, that accounts for ~20% of my total playtime!!!). The game suddenly wants precision and high-speed turning from you, when neither of these are easily done with its controls.
Maybe I'll magically ace it in one go next time I try, that tends to happen to me sometimes, but it's definitely souring my opinion on the game a little.
Rating: 2½/5 stars, cautiously recommended, provided you're the kind of person who looks at NiGHTS or Billy Hatcher and thinks "huh, could be interesting." For what it's worth, this is at least much better than NiGHTS on Wii, but it's not great either. I wanted to like this more.

Thanks for the detailed answers Adrock.
I tried following eJamer's advice to try the ending after all, but man those insects are tough. The first one took me down 3 times in a row and they recharge all their health too. I'm not invested enough to run through half the map again with this level of resistance, just gonna YouTube the real ending and call it a day.

I'm mostly with you here. I don't think Other M is awful either even in 2019. It's mostly pointless and causes way too many narrative and characterization problems to remain canon.

I disagree with the red bolded part. Other M offers more about Adam than Fusion did through an overuse of cliche flashbacks and Samus' asinine narration. I don't think one needs Fusion in this regard. However, I don't think Other M did a good job of making anyone care about Adam in either Other M or Fusion so it doubly failed.

Yeah you're right. What I tried to say was that Adam is thoroughly unlikable here, and there's a near-zero reason for Samus to listen to him, let alone abide by his authority. She's no longer part of the army, let alone his unit, and basically functions as a third party. They ally for mutual gain here, but he's still a super unlikable character.
Long-term Metroid fans however, might be interested to see where the dynamic goes, since they know the name Adam from Fusion. The main reasons I could see why anyone would ever care for his character are 1.) they're established fans looking to hear more backstory, or 2.) they're somehow convinced he's cool due to his actions in the story. (Presumaby the only people in the latter camp also happen to be the writers of Other M.)

Okay so turns out the plot was right around the corner where I last left off.
So our traitor has cunningly concealed his face behind some sheet metal on this combine harvester; we wreck the barnyard equipment but then he's suddenly gone? So dumb, I tried to look with the first person camera and everything.
I will say the game picked up the pace a bit from here on out and basically beelines you to the ending. I've finished it now.

Things I liked along the way:
+ The zero gravity area felt like the game's first novel idea that wasn't cribbed from any other Metroid titles. Sure we saw it in Mario Galaxy a few years prior, but for this series I don't think we've seen it before in this way, have we?
+ The game is paced better after the ice section. Things move at the snappy pace you'd expect given Samus' speed and the game's disinterest in exploration. I like that this wasn't as long as Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, or Samus Returns.
+ The Ridley fight was cool and for once it felt like the game had some music of its own. The lead-up to it was a bit dumb considering Samus has routinely wrecked his **** so many times before it's like her weekly Friday spin class, but that cut-scene wasn't as bad as I anticipated.
+ The television bossfight from Fusion is back too. This game has okay bossfights, mostly...

Things I didn't like:
- ...Except for the Queen Metroid fight. The game first psyches you out by introducing those orange circles from Super Metroid which made me think my Mother Brain suspicions were about to be confirmed.
The Queen Metroid fight basically cheats us out of a second Ridley encounter, and the bossfight itself is super annoying. The first phase in particular is infuriating if you don't kill the Metroids as soon as they spawn. You can easily be swamped by 8 of the buggers at which point the fight becomes basically impossible. Only if you isolate them do you have enough time to Super Missile them all.
The second phase, then, is just kinda dull. Exactly the same as Samus Returns and I presume Metroid II. Yet again this game is so afraid to come up with new ideas.

- I wasn't really paying attention during the whole Adam flies into space bit, buuuut... Wasn't the point to take the Metroids down with him? I know they wanted to mirror the scene where he decouples his brother's module, but surely there were dozens of other options here?
Here's a few: nuke the station like the Federation does anyway. Send in Samus, the Metroid killer, instead. Maybe first see if the Metroids really have a weakness? Ice beam + super missile did the trick perfectly.

- Do we ever get closure on the Traitor angle? It's not Adam or Anthony, right? We find James dead, Maurice too, who else was alive? Are the Traitor and the Deleter not the same person after all? If the Federation sends in the Deleter... Why not just nuke the station from orbit like they do anyway? Why send a single dude in a tractor after Samus, who destroys planets on her lunch breaks?
Do I need to play the post-game to find out what happened here, or did the game just... Forget this was the plot...?

Okay so final thoughts:
I had heard this game was awful, but can't really ride with that take; it's just a dull action game with the added problem of trying to fill a legacy it can never dream of coming close to. It introduces almost nothing new to the series, but also doesn't come close to perfecting previously existing features (and in fact, is a step down in basically every way).

I do think the most painful question here is: why does this exist? Does it cater to new Metroid fans? No, because it basically requires familiarity with Super Metroid right from the first second, and relies on Metroid Fusion to give meta-textual weight to the presumed importance of Adam.
But it doesn't cater to existing Metroid fans either: Samus' characterisation just introduces inconsistencies, and plot-wise this is probably a nightmare to fit into any 'canon timeline'.

It doesn't push any new ideas, introduces no new interesting villains/bosses, the control setup isn't as revolutionary as I imagine Prime 3's was... The entire story just chains together a sort of highlights reel of Metroid moments (Queen from II, Ridley from III/Prime, TV face from Fusion), which would presumably cater to the Metroid fanbase... Who have already played those moments, in better ways.

I guess I found it compelling~ish enough to see the ending, but not sure if I'll go for the postgame too. Is it worth doing so? Does it take long?

All right, finished the Pyrosphere, now pretty far (??) into the ice zone.
Is the pyrozone the one which has everyone here annoyed that Samus doesn't put on the Varia suit herself? I pictured that going as follows: Samus begs stern ol' Adam to turn on the Varia Suit option while being half-burned alive in an infuriating cut-scene.
In practice it wasn't so bad, although it's still dumb of course, but I guess the game gets to benefit here from my low expectations. That Inner Crater part is a bit annoying, but only because I didn't spot the morph ball passage on my first 6 attempts. That's been happening more than I'd like; the morph ball entrances are tricky to spot in the busy, overdesigned art style.

The ice zone featured my first "huh, neat" moment, when you bomb an underwater hatch in one room to drain all the water out to the preceding one, opening new pathways in both directions. I like that this wasn't guided/directed at all, and I like that it's a puzzle (no matter how slight) that affects multiple rooms. There's not been many of those, so far.

Still not very sure of what the whole ship is meant to be. Why is there a jungle onboard, an ice world, and even lava caverns? Khush mentioned the jungle was basically a sort of hyperreal hologram, but that doesn't really go for the lava which is undeniably present, and the snow areas kinda feel outdoorsy at times too -- before you enter a new save room which completely breaks the visual coherence of the zone.

Also interesting how you go (almost?) 2 zones without running into Adam or any of the cannon fodder dudes. Not sure if that's just poor pacing, or whether to be grateful. I basically have no clue what Samus' current objective is. Are we still after a generator? Just kinda scouting out the sectors?
Maybe they're just tryna set up the "Adam betrays you" plot or whatever, but it's kinda odd how everything begins pretty regimented with clear objectives, but now they just let you follow waypoints on the map with no stated goals to speak of. The only reminder you get that Adam & Co. exist during this 2 hour section is that he'll occassionally unlock the varia suit or speedbooster for you.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch/Wii U)
« on: November 05, 2019, 03:08:38 PM »
Finished Breath of the Wild today, park ranger Link is the Hero of Hyrule! All shrines & memories, 361 Koroks, ~54% total completion.
Full ending spoilers below!

The Hyrule Castle section was really thrilling, with all the guardians pointing at you from everywhere, and there must be so many ways to scale this place. Scaling waterfalls with the Zora suit, abusing Revali's gale, just climbing, taking the exterior route and wasting guardians, or sneaking in through the Dock entrance...
(I did a combination of all of the above.)

Had a few panicked moments when they drop a Lynel on you and close the gates around you -- I've never really learned to fight them, and have in fact only ever beaten one of them (near Zora's Domain). But remembered the Ancient Arrow trick from the Master Trials and just zapped them to space. Easy way out? Absolutely.

The final battle... Yeah it's on the easy side when you've spent ~200 hours playing this game and burst through the door with 100 bomb arrows and like 900 other weapons you could chuck at him. Doesn't make me regret any prior decisions though. Frankly I'm not sure how you'd scale this; he should get easier with more preparation, so struggling players have a way to beat him (getting all the Divine Beasts to halve his lifebar).

Conclusion: Is it fun to play without hunting/fishing?
Honestly, yes. Very much so, in fact. By forcing myself to save wildlife from hostile moblins, not picking every field clean but leaving some plants untouched, not fishing, hunting, or killing any animals where possible you kinda feel more responsible for this fake virtual world.
Later on I also restricted my mining of ore deposits, although admittedly the fossil fuel analogy doesn't really work there.

Playing this way does introduce some limitations:
1. I don't have every armour fully upgraded.
The Zora one, in theory you can sometimes find fish when you kill Octoroks, so I think that should be doable. I however chose to always sell these to food stores, so the food wouldn't go to waste. Although I suppose they might never be bought, and I guess it's like supporting the meat/fish consumption pipeline.

2. I've never made any elixirs.
They all require bugs to make. Did buy a fire one for Death Mountain. In retrospect that was unnecessary and supports the industry of killing bugs for Hylian consumption.

3. Several (seemingly dull) sidequests become unbeatable.
There's a kid who wants you to catch dragonflies, the Korok on top of the Deku Tree eventually wants you to bring him fish, there's a guy who wants crickets, someone who will trade you Heat resistant armour for lizards... Probably a few more? There's at least 1 Korok seed in the Castle I can't get because they want a boiled egg from you (didn't even know you could boil things!)

4. The Master Trials are really tough.
They give you meat, and even hearty fish which could probably restore you to full health I'm guessing, which would be veeeery welcome. Could even kinda rationalise these foods to be illusory, as the entire Master Trial realm seems kinda magically separate from the real world... Luckily there are radishes you can ration out, but I was definitely tempted here.

5. Dragons are a grey area.
The game almost forces you to harm at least one in a boss battle, and their scales are useful for several upgrades. I decided to consider these as immortal being who would be unfazed by a few lost scales, assuming they shed them over time. Doesn't quite justify hunting them everytime though (in fact there's a certain fridge horror in perenially torturing an undying being for materials).

List of wildlife I've possibly harmed:
- One nest of bees, shot down to reenact a Hunger Games scene on a moblin. Sorry bees.
- Several fish when I accidentally bombed a river.
- 2 Wolves were killed in an explosion.
- At least 2 dragons, several times.
- Caught a butterfly & beetle, released them seemingly unharmed?
- Rode a deer who seemed less than thrilled to unlock a Shrine. Deer seemed fine?
- Removed 3 horses from natural surroundings for domestication.
- Grabbed a crab by accident once and when you release those they look dead. :(
- Kept several fairies hostage for a while, they fly away on their own accord though.

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Future Mafia Games
« on: November 04, 2019, 11:27:41 AM »
Are there any future games planned before Revisedent Evil 2.0?
I might try my hand at hosting one if no one else has one planned. It'd be much more traditional than BeautifulShy's mindbender though, just because I've never hosted before.

I would also consider stretching days from 48 to 72 hours, depending on how others feel about that. I know I definitely missed out a lot in the last game due to a busy first week. Would a 4-day cycle from in-game Day to Day be too long though?

Well it's probably still October somewhere, so I just got started on this. Not very far in yet, I don't think. Just got out of Sector 1 for the first time and got bit in the shins by a jump-scare esque enemy in the first Pyrozone tunnel.

Controls - I'm a bit mixed on the various opinions so far. Agree with eJamer that it's nice and simple to just go to the horizontal Wiimote layout. Compared to the Prime games, and its ten thousand button controls, this basically plays itself if you hammer jump & fire.
Do low-key hate not having much camera control outside of first person mode, but it's manageable. Biggest gripe so far - the Wiimote DPAD just isn't comfy at all. Gets kinda painful after an hour or two.
The sounds from the Wiimote are a nice touch, and I like how recharging your missiles basically makes Samus mirror your arm position. That's very Nintendo.

Graphics - I'm loving the stupidly anime cutscenes so far, looks super slick. The in-engine ones meanwhile feel like they'd be decent in a 2005 original Xbox game. In general I think the game looks pretty good - I imagine this is what Mass Effect looks like, with all the blue lights adorning random stuff.

The game is pretty awful in terms of visual legibility though, if that makes sense. Everything glows and looks like you might be able to interact with it, but usually you can't. Then there's computer terminals which look static but you do need to interact with those (the red ones, non-glowy machines).
There's the infuriating pixel hunting sequences which legit sometimes take me minutes (oh you wanted me to highlight the green puddle instead of the corpse, vehicle, or any actually interesting objects, duh!), which achieve nothing but slowing the pace to a crawl.
And everything is just too freaking dark so far! I can't see anything in those underwater sections without cranking the brightness on my tv to 70% and making everything a hideous light grey in the process. Spent like 5 minutes running around the room with the rising & lowering water before I realised there's a path at the end.

Story - Yeah, pretty stupid. Whoever directed Samus' voice actor did a bad job. I mean she already just says what's up on screen, so there's no point to her monologue, but why she was instructed to deliver everything in a monotone that could rival the worst Powerpoint you've ever sat through, I don't understand.
Also gonna throw out some bold story predictions which I, the attentive viewer, expect to occur:
1. The gerbil will definitely become Ridley somehow.
2. One (or more) of the marines is 100% double-crossing everyone. If it's the one with the moustache I want double points. If it's the guy who says "Princess" and we find out because a disembodied voice says "hahaha you've fallen into my trap, just like the rest of the squad, Princess! [screeching violin]", I'm gonna be dissapointed.
3. Dr. Madeline Bergman? Dr. M.B.? More like Mother Brain amirite! Gaze upon my skills of pattern recognition.

General - Ok so I've kinda accepted that this is just a more shallow Metroid with an action focus. That's fine, and I sorta like the straight-forward nature of it. Starting a Metroid game (especially a Prime one) is always super daunting because they can last 20 hours and require near-constant attention. I don't always have that patience, so an easier one which has the Metroid hallmarks (familiar music & designs) where you just blast stuff and run forward has some appeal.

Other M missteps here by putting in a lot of backtracking options. I've already seen Power Bomb doors, Super Missile doors & Grapple Beam spots which I can't use. Kinda dreading going back through this Sector again with its non-memorable layout & too dark visuals.
Weirdly, this game would suit me better if they just fully committed to "it's an action game now, follow orders & run along", rather than this curious half-step approach.

I'm having an okay time, but this will definitely be my least favourite in the series unless some kind of miracle occurs very soon. Just feels kinda generic-space-game so far. If this was themed with Warhammer 30,000  looks, or Star Wars, Alien, or maybe be some drastic Brute Force reboot I wouldn't really bat an eye.

Cynical take: lots of providers now have an incentive to quickly slap a cheap streaming service of their own together, temporarily park all their valuable IP on there, with the possible end-goal of it being bought for billions when market consolidation occurs.

Even if you're not in it for the long haul, rigging up a barely functional platform and putting stuff like FRIENDS or the Office on there will make it a much more expensive buy/license for the big players, then just negotiating a fixed-term contract to license out a single show.
Investing a bit more in your slapdash platform now and pursuing acquisition instead of long-term operation can increase the value from millions to billions, purely because it seems like you need to buy out an entrenched position now.

Thank you BeautifulShy for running this super-complex version of the game! Initially I found it way too complex, especially because I wasn't very active at all for the first 3 game days and basically spent most of the game playing catch-up. But when I started asking questions things begin to click for me. I'll confess I never read any of the roles/viruses/serums etc information.

I really played without any contact with others until Day 3~ish when I tried to join Silenced's team, because they were making good points, but of course they were immediately offed for it.

Also didn't realise that staying alive with MASB would've ended in a 3rd party victory. I thought MASB was the Killer and it'd lead in a stand-off on Day 7, which I was hoping to pre-empt by using the Kamikaze virus on him during Night 6.
Frankly I just lucked my way through this game, and everytime I followed MASB's advice it'd lead to more Mafia members getting voted out.

+ It's clever the way the rules try to force people to post more to get rid of viruses & simulatenously de-emphasising PMs due to viral threat.
+ Some of the roles are really fun. I loved getting the Encryptor part, even though nobody really bought into it.
- With so many special roles (even Mafia members having dual abilities), I think playing this one as a normal townie would've been a bummer.

So I finally just laid out my stragety for winning. Vote out nickmitch (despite various warnings from nickmitch and the Encriptor). I thought or hoped Steef had some killing abilities, so I asked him to target ThePerm since oohhboy couldn't harm anyone and that would get rid of the player that can alter the vote. I invesigated oohhboy and steef just to confirm things. That lead me to discover that Steef was the jailkeeper (and then reading up on what the JailKeeper did) and nothing on oohhboy because Steefosaurus protected him that night?

Not quite what happened, actually. I jailkept you that night, which blocked 1 action (investigating Oohhboy, apparantly). I thought it was overly suspicious someone would suddenly initiate contact 3 or 4 days in and mostly be asking questions. Definitely considered you Mafia at that juncture, and was pretty swayed by some PM contact I had with Lolmonade. I considered you a threat all the way through, when I became convinced you were the Killer instead.
I also never grasped that 3rd party players were basically a 3rd team. I thought they were individual players who could only win by remaining the last one standing.

Resident Evil was always meant to last 6 chapters, but sure I'll do one more spin-off if it means kicking the mafia outta Hollywood.

Vote lolmonade, let's lock this thread.

Let's end this, I got Monster Hunter movies to make.
Vote oohhboy

If you hate your ears, I can highly recommend checking out the GBC port of Rayman for its  ear-piercingly shrieky soundtrack.

To be honest that port must've been interesting to work on: they basically cut out every bossfight and character not called Rayman. The final boss from the Jaguar/PS1 original is still there, but looks very different, and the game is a lot shorter so they must've gone to town on those levels with a hacksaw.
Music and Rayman's design were lifted from Rayman 2 instead, weirdly enough.

It even used the GBC's infra-red sensor to link with other Ubisoft games. You could apparantly exchange Ubi Keys, which would unlock bonus levels and such, by infra-red linking two GBCs with for example cartridges of Rayman and Tonic Trouble in them. (Related: did you know there was a GBC port of Tonic Trouble? It looks atrocious.)

I can only assume that excising over half of the original game's content will invariably lead to a much better user experience than playing Rayman 1 ever could, and thus I would technically recommend this version over it.

So let's see.

-oohhboy is incapacitated for a day. If the Killer doesn't strike tonight, that'd be a good indication for their role.
-With the amount of non-successful HUNK attacks, I'm fairly sure the mafia roleblocker knows who the Killer is.

Partially out of self-defence: vote Nickmitch

The magazine I read at the time were head-over-heels for Mario Tennis. I've never played this version because games were expensive and I was saving pennies for licensed garbage and stuff like Battleship instead, but every few issues they'd bring up Mario Tennis somewhere as the gold standard for portable sports stuff.

Hmmm, okay I'll bite (heh) this time. At least Lucario is offering a defence.

Change to vote oohhboy.

Hadn't realised someone needs to vote in Insanolord's stead or he'd be out. I thought Pokepal was the vote changer for some reason, didn't register that role was still active.

I'll vote Lucario for now.

- Mafia are being pretty effective, despite an early disadvantage. They take out the all-in-one role and a townie. Wonder if they had the Investigator or Killer on their side somehow and played them.
- Mafia have twice selected Stratos, despite him already drawing some votes without their help. If they knew he had the Ada Wong role, and went at that role through both means (votes and night actions) they must've wanted that role out first. How did they find out?
- Lolmonade is drawing both votes and the attention of the Strongman. Could swing either way there, really... Killer would want Mafia out a.s.a.p., but if the Mafia is playing the Killer like I think, it makes sense they'd go for Lolmonade through votes and the Killer...

Flipped a coin here: vote Insanolord

Sorry, sorry, I was still languishing over my recent role in the Hellboy reboot none of y'all nerds saw or even gave a good Amazon review for when it hit DVD.
Will read up on the threads now!

Ah yes, my annual moment to rep Pokémon Trading Card Game has arrived. I'm super fond of that game, although it has some real problems. They give you a little world map which you use to select which Card Club to go to (think of them as Gyms from the main series), then you walk around inside the Clubs, challenge who you want in any order (can even start with the Leader) and fleece them for all their cards.
Pokémon TCG is not very complicated: you basically summon monsters, feed them energy cards to attack or retreat, and there's Trainer cards which do special effects. First to knock out six critters wins.

Like many similar games (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Capcom vs. SNK Card Clash) you kinda have an inverted difficulty curve here. You start out with a really weak deck, but once you've amassed some better cards you become unstoppable. There's 2 decks you can build here which utterly ruin the game; basically the game expects you to fill half your deck with Energy cards and power up strong evolved monsters.
However, if you use just two Basic monsters who retreat for free and have low Energy cost, you can fill your stack with Trainers which let you endlessly draw more cards, power up your moves, remove energy from the opponent etc.

If you like collecting a bunch of stuff and wrecking the A.I. in mere turns, this one's a fun option. There's also one really weird dude in a Teletubbie outfit with super creepy music and a bunch of cards with his face on. Not sure what that was all about but it's kinda neat?

Pokémon Gold & Silver
[...] I have not played Crystal however so I don't know what it changed or added, but that would likely be the version to get.

Pokémon Crystal adds a few neat improvements: the sprites of the critters are animated now, it finally adds the ability to play as a female trainer, and there's a very light 'story' addition revolving around the legendary Pokémon Suicune. Crystal was also GBC-exclusive, it didn't run on original Gameboy, unlike Gold & Silver.

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia 82: Resident Evil Rules and Roles thread.
« on: October 16, 2019, 09:08:16 AM »
Miller/…- Ashley Graham-  Will show up as Guilty/Mafia in Investigations. On the townie side.

I guess Ashley isn't liked much by Resident Evil fans, is she?  ;D

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 642: The Fudge Factor
« on: October 12, 2019, 08:26:59 AM »
Super fun episode, Jon held down the fort very well, great jokes at the end.

So I'm not sure if I really like that one, but it's definitely impressive. He kinda looks like Beedle carrying all that stuff.

Thought I would've posted this one already, remains my favourite to be honest.
Lower Brinstar, from Super Metroid, jazz cover.

Random question for the technologically inclined: do we know if Link's Awakening Remake utilises the same engine as the upcoming Animal Crossing game?
Perspective-wise they share some similarities, although the Animal Crossing camera is more zoomed-in, and the world of Link's Awakening doesn't have that spherical scrolling going on.

Wouldn't surprise me if they have different engines, both evolved from their 3DS predecessors (New Leaf & Link Between Worlds), but it would've been efficient if both are built on a similar foundation. Things like camera viewpoints are pretty easy to change, you'd think.

Steefosaurus recommended Side Pocket but NP begs to differ on that and Maru's Mission sticks to the usual trend that a bad game usually has bad cover artwork.

Yeah maybe my write-up here was a bit too enthusiastic, so just for emphasis before you run out and buy the entire eShop: Side Pocket on GB is the second-least bad version of a game that has been ported at least 7 times by now, and it has both sequels and rival releases, all of which eclipse it.

Is it good? Eh, about as good as you can expect from a 1986 game down-ported to a handheld. If you can derive a measure of fun from lining up shots correctly, GB Side Pocket will be entertaining for an hour or two.
The only person I would truly recommend this version to is basically myself, as I not only like snooker/pool/billiards, but also because I've played the 1999 version on WonderSwan which is somehow less feature-complete than the Gameboy one from a literal decade earlier.

Everyone else with the vaguest interest in virtual billiards on Nintendo systems should just get Break In for TurboGrafx-16 on virtual console, or spring for a SNES cart of Side Pocket. On GameCube I guess there's Pool Paradise if you're into purple velvet tablecloths & disembodied hands, or of course Monkey Billiards in Super Monkey Ball if regular billiards is too boring for you.
There's also a 3D Pool something game on Switch, but I don't know anything about that one.

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