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NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia 76: The Youtuber Takeover: Day 2!
« on: Yesterday at 11:41:32 AM »
I'm With Her!

Vote Shyguy

General Gaming / Re: What are you playing?
« on: Yesterday at 11:35:03 AM »
By the by, in case anyone wants to know, Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates is a hot mess of story and character but decent character customization and dungeon design, but Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time is one of the best action RPGs Square Enix has ever produced, with amazing multiplayer, great character customization, fabulous dungeon design, and an antagonist with the best sense of fashion in history.

Yes, I'm placing it above Kingdom Hearts, because it actually has a decent narrative.

Really? I might have to pick it up on the cheap. I adored the original, but Ring of Fate was so awful I abandoned the series. Does the online still work or is that dead?

I dove back into Fire Emblem Warriors now that there are some new heroes, and It is nice having some spear wielders. Given me a bit of extra life for the game, so I'm working on unlocking Lyn in History Mode, and its a pain in the ass. I just want Owain and Minerva from DLC and I'll have all the characters I would want to play as. I'm really hoping for another wave of DLC, but with the Hyrule Warriors port coming soon (and the hints dropped by the devs), I suspect development on FEW is complete, and we are more likely to see a sequel in 2019. Ah well, at least there are enough character between the main game and the DLC I care enough about that I can field a full team of "likeable" units.

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia 76: The Youtuber Takeover: Day 2!
« on: January 14, 2018, 04:57:01 PM »
So last night I think I experienced some censorship from Youtube. I tried to post a new video but the entry field was blank. That was on my desktop, but it is working now on my laptop. Hopefully it was just a browser issue instead of a grand conspiracy to steal my viewers.

Would like to know some logic for why we are voting for certain people.

I assumed that it had moved to December too. Does that mean future films with be in May? I think that is a better time for it.

TalkBack / Re: The World Ends With You Returning On Switch
« on: January 13, 2018, 04:33:11 PM »
I adored this game, was even the source for my primary avatar for this site.

Been itching to replay it, but the fact it was on DS has kept me from getting into it again. So I'll certainly pick this up. I played all of the extra content on the original including the hidden epilogue, so curious to see what new end-game content they plan to add. I felt like there was some room for interpretation on how the game ended, so hopefully they shed some light on it.

More importantly, I hope this can lead to a full sequel down the road.

TalkBack / Re: Story Mode Returns in Mario Tennis Aces
« on: January 11, 2018, 11:31:33 PM »
If this is anything like the original set on GBC/N64 then I'll bite, as I have not touched one since then. Hopefully we get another Golf one in a similar vein, or I could just pick up Golf Story.

TalkBack / Re: Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana Announced For Switch
« on: January 11, 2018, 11:29:18 PM »
I might bite on this. Never got into Ys outside of a bout with 1/2 on the Wii VC.

and if they ever bring the Virtual Console back... I just know she will be into some SNES Zelda and some Zelda OoT. (no I don't feel like bringing them down from their boxes closet and finding a TV to hook them up to, nor purchasing them on Wii U)
ooooh... me and her would probably get into some Secret of Mana!!!
if only she could read... we're working on it though.

You could pick up a SNES mini, its got Secret of Mana and a few other fun co-op games like DKC along with Link to the Past and Mario World. Been having a blast on that with my wife and sister.

...2028 is shaping up decently thus far. Nothing too earth shattering, but also a good solid lineup of games, most importantly, third party support.

Welcome back from the future, Evan! What sort of Marvel films are we getting in 2028? ;)

That's awesome. Should try Snipper Clips if you have not yet. Has a blast with that with my nephew, though some later levels were rather complex.

New Donk City / Re: apex booty pop (the spambot thread.)
« on: January 11, 2018, 03:46:22 PM »
If only here were here to see this moment.

Not really disappointed. I'm pleased with the announcements. I like this stream of ports, as some of them I missed (Tropical Freeze) or never delved deeply into (Hyrule Warriors, hardly played and never bought DLC) so these will be nice additions to the console.

Do we know who is handling the Hyrule Warriors port? I'm hoping that we get a new wave of Fire Emblem DLC with some older characters.

That seems to be the only way you should look at crypto-currency, as a low cost experiment or hobby that could net you some cash.

For anyone actually looking to reliably save for retirement, mutual funds are where it is at. The market made over 20% last year (my 401k made 22%). Its been tried and true, so I'll stick with that, but I have thought about dabbling around in mining for fun for the same reasons Lolmonade does. Though I usually get intimidated by the "scammy" feelings I get from most of the learning material I look at online.

Outside of these graphics, was there ever any confirmation that the Dragon Quest games were getting localized?

New Donk City / Re: apex booty pop (the spambot thread.)
« on: January 10, 2018, 09:49:19 PM »
Well Insanolord lost his right-hand mod during the last clash of the bots. Really miss Khushrenada, all of his shenanigans really gave the forums a life of their own.

How old was your daughter BnM? Last I remember she was 5 and seems very advanced at games, much more than my nephew at the same age. Probably helped she's your daughter so you trained her well, but you're also taking her to Marvel movies. Is she exceptionally advanced or am I forgetting how 5-year-old's are? May have to pick your brain on child rearing when we start turning out little ones.

General Gaming / Re: So nobody likes GameStop?
« on: January 10, 2018, 09:39:39 PM »
They should call it FunkoStop with all %#)$ bobbleheads they sell now.

That would complete the circle for them, as their original name was FuncoLand.That was back when games were still viewed as "specialty toys".

Something is definitely happening. Nintendo is getting super weird on Twitter.

I LOVE how everyone is getting in on it and all the fans are going nuts. Just a fun feeling. Even other game companies are tweeting burning versions of their characters. r/NintendoSwitch is off the wall.

TalkBack / Re: SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition (Switch) Review
« on: January 01, 2018, 04:59:06 PM »
Very excited to try this, but I really want a physical version. I'll hold out for a few months just in case it does come.

New Donk City / Re: I just received some terrible news
« on: January 01, 2018, 04:55:22 PM »
I want to nominate ShyGuy for NWR Hero of the Month.

There are four options for what to do with Leia post-Last Jedi:

5) Shrink her down to microscopic size and inject her into Rey's body to give her the midichlorian boost needed to defeat the terrorist Ewok Resistance splinter cell.

Now you're just talking crazy.

New Donk City / Re: I just received some terrible news
« on: December 30, 2017, 06:24:08 PM »
Only hips I wanna care about are Shakira's, because they don't lie.

General Chat / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: December 30, 2017, 06:23:29 PM »
That makes me even happier knowing they used old footage. Got a similar feeling in Last Jedi when R2 played the old "Help Me Obi-wan" message.

New Donk City / Re: I just received some terrible news
« on: December 30, 2017, 04:07:08 PM »
Pah! Child's play. I used to live in Portland. I was surrounded by hipsters. They aren't all bad, but even my hipster friends have terrible taste. I still love them though.

General Gaming / Re: What is your most recent gaming purchase?
« on: December 30, 2017, 04:03:58 PM »
Just remember that the other Switch has to download the free version from the eShop in order to play with two systems.

Maybe its an evolution of the suit that happens during the movie? After all, the suit wasn't even done at the end of Ant-Man.

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