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Its almost exclusively Quality of Life features. It wouldn't be unplayable at all to switch to GenU. Things like gathering are a bit more of a pain. The monsters don't get into turn wars, they both hone in on the players (though they can injure each other in the process).

The general play in World is smother, but GenU has a lot of variety with all of the different hunting arts.

I think someone who adored World will be happy with GenU as a follow up title. It is significantly more challenging, and once you are a fan of the series, you will be able to go back to something like 3U/4U/GenU and appreciate the various content available. And there is A LOT of extra content in GenU. Highest monster count in the entire series.

DISCLAIMER - I've not played World, but I;ve read up a lot on it and the opinions of the fans who have played both and this all seems to be a general consensus.

The space is part of it, as well as the convenience of having everything available immediately right on the system. I've also got no real interest in being able to resell games, and games on modern systems are so dependent on patches and updates that a lot of the other benefits of physical games are diminished.
Someday when the broken as hell physical version of Bomberman R is considered a masterpiece, you'll eat your words, sir.

What is so broken about the physical version of Bomberman? Or are you referring to the un-patched version?

I'm just telling myself this is only for the Japanese market and the rest of the world will get a proper version.

I'm not really a fan of these newer animation styles. Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Rick & Morty; I dislike all of those. This new Thundercats falls right into that style.

Who registered the domains? Only costs about $10 to secure a domain, and I know there are plenty of clowns who would spend ten times that for an E3 prank leak. Doesn't matter if Nintendo takes them down, that takes effort and time.

That would actually be a great prank. If you see some wild prank sites pop up next year you know who to blame.

Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: Official Sales Thread
« on: May 17, 2018, 09:58:52 AM »
So Is Labo a bomb or did it sell well over here?

I think what Ian is saying is that the genre was diluted at the time. Kinda hard to enjoy a gourmet hamburger if you have been eating at McDonalds and Burger King all week. So yes, it could easily make DKC feel like a lesser game.

Seriously when the hell is Daredevil Season 3 happening.

Later this year according to an article from May 1st. Makes sense too. We just got JJ, Luke Cage S2 comes this summer, so we have room in the fall for DD S3. Filming for DD started last Fall, so they should be done filming by now.

I finished JJ S2 and enjoyed it overall, though some parts of it sagged I did not like that they killed off Simpson so soon and with limited fanfare, and the 'climax' was lacking a good conclusion, was more of a fizzle. I did like how they brought back Kilgrave as a ghost of her thoughts. I want more of that because David Tenant is a brilliant villain.. I was way more invested in the Hogarth arc than I expected, but I suspect that would be because I feel like she is slowly positioning into a villain of sorts in the future.

But it is a shortened season, dropping from 22 to 13 episodes. Maybe the condensing will tighten the story.


Well, my top two previous predictions were to do with Monster Hunter and Smash, so I guess I need to rethink my predictions.

I'm keeping an open mind on the Star Fox Grand Prix rumor, hoping it could be a spiritual successor to Diddy Kong Racing with F-Zero elements. Maybe they think combining F-Zero with Star Fox could make both properties stronger.

Looks like my last post is still relevant. I'm still feeling burnt out and will probably sit this one out.

But what about our team? I thought for sure I'd get to play with you.

Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: Switch port begging thread
« on: May 14, 2018, 04:56:37 PM »
The hottest rumor on reddit seems to be the Star Fox Grand Prix, a spiritual successor to Diddy Kong Racing being made by Retro Studios.

Karma systems inevitably draw people down into a trope-driven D&D alignment chart. You have your Chaotic Good (Linkle Link), you have your Neutral Evil (Insanolord), and you have your Chaotic Evil (Khushrenada).

Theaters are already getting creative to counter this. MCU/Star Wars/etc marathons before a new film in a series launches is a prime example. Going to the theater is still a popular thing to go out and experience. The important thing is them adapting as media evolves. Even with a nice TV, I like to take my wife to a different locale to enjoy some time together (and maybe convince her we can get away with something else while we are there).

On the bright side this is all new to me, and I brought it up with a co-worker who is heavily invested in the political story and he laughed at me being out of date with my news. So my attempts to shield myself from the current political circus is at least somewhat working. One of the reasons I like being here is that we tend to be rather insulated from politics. Because you know what politics stands for: poli is the Greek word for many, ticks are blood sucking creatures, so politics is merely a collection of many bloodsucking creatures. and we deal with enough of those with exploitative companies like EA draining us with micro transactions and day-one-DLC.

Yeah, there are 3-6 folks on here who have played together for 3U, 4U, and even Gen. Being on the new hit console may bolster those numbers a bit as well.

Welcome back Wa-Lucario!

The last MH I played was MH Ultimate 3 Ultimate on Wii U. How much different or improved is XX/Generations?

4 brought a lot of improvements to the series that carry over to Gen, so the experience is much improved. They also added all of those special "fighting arts" but they also give you an optional art that is the same old regular play.

Conversely, I've dumped a lot of hours into Monster Hunter: Worlds, so while i'd love to play a monster hunter game on the switch, i'm not sure I want to roll back some of the improvements made in that game.

I've not delved deep into MHW, but from the sounds of things the improvements are not so steep that you couldn't play without them, but that is a YMMV situation. Some people can't go back to non-HD, I struggle with the PS1-era graphics, others can't play low FPS.

But at least there is a demo of this game on the Japanese eShop, and I'm sure it will be making its way to the western eShops as well, so you can give it a whirl and confirm your suspicions.

Hoping you all will join me this summer on Monster Hunter Switch!



Hope to see you all making the switch come August 28th! I'll be done and graduated in a new -normal hours- job, so I'm planning to be back in force!

Yes, the game will support save transfers from the 3DS Gen. Anyone planning to restart from scratch or just pickup where you left off? I'm tempted to start over myself.

It is confirmed that transferring is included. What is not mentioned at all is the 3DS version. They may only per porting the Switch edition (I don't care, but I know some folks might).

I'm deciding if I want to start over or port over my Gen progress. I never got very far and might enjoy starting over in HD.

General Chat / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: May 10, 2018, 12:25:19 PM »
I always took to "gods" references to just imply they were vastly powerful alien beings mistaken as bods by early humans, not that they were literal gods. Though I'm a Stargate fan, so that assumption just comes naturally.

Happy birthday to Evan!

Super stoked to get a confirmation. Also glad I held out on importing.

Huh, I'm sorry BnM, I totally missed that first point you made. I even reread your post to make sure you didn't mention it and I still glossed over that part.

Also, that dropbox file is gone now, but with how this thing is continuing down the political path then I have no desire to continue. I've tried to tune most of that circus side show out. Just hoping Comcast doesn't have their way in this matter.

I read that the Fox attempt will only go out if the ATT deal passes, and from what little I have read, it sounds like the courts/feds will shoot that down. So all this Comcast talk is fluff to me unless they are green-lit to merge w/ ATT. It is also known that the majority owner of Fox hates cash deals because of the extra tax burden, so I'm pretty sure this will be dead in the water. Not like Disney couldn't flex a bit more cash muscles and up the ante again to elbow them out.

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