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Depends on the game sometimes. When you get full blown information wars between Khush, thatguy, and other crafty players with big personalities it can be a blast to watch it all play out as a host. Other times it is great to be in the thick of the action, especially if you have assembled a solid group of teammates.

I would disagree that mafia makes you more spectator. The greatest players manage to be quite active as mafia.

Does Thor have a pin up poster of Wonder Woman on his bedroom wall? Or is that some other character like Lady Sif? Can't quite make it out.

Sorry apdude, but it sounds like you were trying to play me according to the investigator.

Apologies if I am wrong; vote apdude.

/day thread

Hmm, apdude and I were messaging last night about the vote. I was tempted to change my vote back to Tophatant, but didn't because I could not change my vote in time. Glad I didn't in the end. Apdude is either very subtle or it was a genuine misunderstanding.

I'll hold off on voting until I see more of what the day holds, especially since one more vote for him could prematurely end the day. I could be unwittingly sending the last two mafia to victory.

Way to go! I still have two years to go before my educational journey is complete, so hearing your story is encouraging to hear. I suffered from similar challenges during my first attempt at college in 2005-2008 and it took me nearly a decade before I worked things out in my life and got back on track with a new career path.

Your perseverance is admirable and I wish you the best going forward.


We got a win! I'm going to pour over some of yesterdays posts with new understanding, I think we can figure out who the other mafia members are.

I thought your role distribution was great this game Pokepal. Jason did a great job playing.

Well, three people are more than the mafia. So lets try Voting Tofufury.

Aha! The day is mine! I'll take "I am ape hole (and so can your mother)" for 1200 Trebek.

I'm a little torn now. Do I join the bandwagon or do I not?

Truth be told it is your loss if you vote for me. I have been more disconnected in this game than almost any previous game to date. I am a blind townie trying to follow whatever lead there is in the thread and you will just see another dead townie if you vote me out. Maybe that means it is best for me to be killed, as I did indeed help vote out a townie, though note that I did not start the badwagon. I logged on for a brief moment to cast a vote and made a decisions based off of what I read in the day thread. But really, there are bigger fish to fry. You got a lead? Let me know and I will follow.

And why would I hit a guy who voted for me? I know better than to do that as it would point the blame right on my head.

If I were mafia I would have hit Tophatant or Nickmitch, as they have been active and there are no conversational ties or vote ties between me and them.

Gonna vote Mop it up for now because I have a gut feeling. I will check in later once I get off of work and change my vote based off of how the thread conversation goes.

Sounds good for now. Vote Silenced



Hey! We got one!... who was the FAQ reader again?

Aw crap! That was the doctor.

So, if the bad controls have been defeated, does that make the game become better? Or is this that moment when you throw your controller so hard it breaks the controller and you die in the game anyways?

Did not even see there was a tie. I would have been open to changing my vote if it meant we got out a mafia member. If they are both townie then we may have received a brief reprieve.

I won't challenge fate again. TopHatAnt will not be voted against by me this round.

Vote thatguy as a placeholder until we know more.

I'm going to stand by my vote from yesterday and vote Tophatant. Just because I am disconnected this game and have no further leads.

General Chat / Re: Extreme Sandwiches
« on: August 23, 2016, 09:53:46 PM »
Dammit guys! Now I'm hungry but was just going to bed...

I need to post some of my awesome recipes soon.

Nintendo Handheld Discussion / Re: Fire Emblem Fates
« on: August 23, 2016, 09:50:29 PM »
I just miss Shinon. He was my favorite archer.

And I don't hate him, he just doesn't deserve Camilla.

Yeah, the gold one would have clashed horribly with Harry's wand during the Battle of Helms Deep when The Avengers attack Narnia.

General Chat / Re: I have computer related questions. Can you help?
« on: August 23, 2016, 09:37:02 PM »
How did those all get there?

Nintendo Handheld Discussion / Re: Fire Emblem Fates
« on: August 23, 2016, 09:32:19 PM »
I would never pair up Takumi with Camilla. I don't think he deserves her. But I'll check out the convo online.

Nintendo Handheld Discussion / Re: Fire Emblem Fates
« on: August 23, 2016, 09:06:36 PM »
Peri makes me think of a medieval Harley Quinn, which makes me like her a lot more. What class do you all use for her?

What characters do you like to give the amiibo and DLC classes? For me:

  • Odin got Grandmaster due to having magic and swords.
  • Laslow got Lodestar because he was Chrom's son in my Awakening runs.
  • Kaze got Dread Fighter due to being cooler than master ninja and using special weapons.
  • Selena got Great Lord because... I wanted all three of the Awakening kids to get a special class, though I might change it to Mozu and give Selena Dark Flier.
  • Vanguard may go to Arthur for my Conquest run.
  • Witch may go to Rahjat on Birthright or Revelations, undecided for Conquest. Tempted to give it to Camilla, but hat to toss out her MaligKnight class just yet.

But the game's logic is broken! Can we trust it?

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