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« on: April 11, 2011, 02:10:19 AM »
I want to preface my rant below by saying a few things. 

1.  I know that webhosting and bandwidth for NWR is not only not free, but it is probably quite expensive.

2.  I really hope that the banner ads being served to us when we are looking through the site and forums help pay for that.

3.  It seems that the banner ads are being served automatically, and I'm guessing that no one on staff has the ability to choose which ads get served and which don't.

4.  I am in no way saying that we should get rid of any ads.

With that said, WTF is up with the ads being served on this site, which are advertising that if you click through to their site you can play Super Mario Bros for free?  I actually have clicked through out of some morbid curiosity (but I have installed nothing) and I read small-print disclaimers saying that they're going to install random toolbars on your computer and that they have NO PERMISSION from Nintendo to even be offering the game, use Mario in their ads, etc...

I am sure this is illegal.  I don't think that's up for debate.  What I'm wondering is how in the world is Reggie and NOA or NOL coming down these Playpickle guys with a fistful of lawyers?  Even if they're based in China or wherever, there's no way Nintendo can or would leave them to this, is there?

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Oh yeah, I know I have 2 sealed copies of that game.   1 is for trading.  But people who collect Amiibos?  They really have a problem!