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Radio Trivia Results for 9/06/2002
« on: January 31, 2003, 08:55:22 PM »
  Tavir cleaned house tonight, winning both Planet Trivia AND Radio Trivia (as well as that amazing T-shirt!) Lots of people showed up tonight, and many did quite well! Here are the results:

  Donkey Kong Country 3 (SNES)

MarioLinkSamus, dilbert627, ulanshad, SS4Gogita, Kwaza, StrikerObi, Approx01, TheViper, Br26, Sharparoni, Deguello, gamer_2002, NT, Tavir, NikJam, TKnHappyNess, TheYoungerPlumber

Q: Sometimes the giant DK coin is used by enemies as what?
<Tavir> shield

  Castlevania for N64

SS4Gogita, dilbert627, Nathanp, Jaiven, JinSuzuki, Tizoc, Kwaza, Deguello, FFantasyFX, Tavir, TheViper, NT, DR_EGGMAN, Rimmer, TheYoungerPlumber

Q: What was the name of the similarly 3D Castlevania for Dreamcast, which was eventually canceled?
<NP-Jon> Castlevania Resurrection

  Clu Clu Land (NES)

Deguello, Tizoc, dilbert627

Q: On what three non-arcade systems can you play Clu Clu Land in America?
<Rimmer> gba, gcn, nintendo

"Blizzard Rock" by David "Rize" Trammell
"GCN (People's Choice)"

  Golden Sun (GBA)

DK745, SS4Gogita, RedDwarf, Tizoc, NikJam, StrikerObi, Tavir, Deguello, Bloodworth, DR_EGGMAN, Rimmer, GorillazFan87, DarkDraco2K2, ulanshad, TheYoungPlumber

Q: What Overall score did I give Golden Sun in my review of it?
<FFantasyFX> 7*

  A Boy and his Blob (NES)

TheViper, MarioLinkSamus, NP-Jon, Tavir, NT, Deguello, Tizoc

Q: On what platform did this game's sequel appear?
<Br26> gb

 --Final Results--

Tavir: 5

Tizoc: 4

Rimmer: 3

Dilbert627: 3

SS4Gogita: 3

TheViper: 3

Deguello: 3

NT: 3

TheYoungerPlumber: 3 (*lost due to DQ)

Deguello: 2


FFantasyFX: 2 (*)

MarioLinkSamus: 2

Ulanshad: 2

Kwaza: 2

StrikerObi: 2

NikJam: 2

GorillazFan87: 1

Bloodworth: 1

RedDwarf: 1

DK745: 1

JinSuzuki: 1

Jaiven: 1

Nathanp: 1

Approx01: 1

Br26: 1

Sharparoni: 1

Gamer_2002: 1

TKnHappyNess: 1

DarkDraco2K2: 1

NP-Jon: 2 (Thanks SS4.  It's easy to miss a bonus Q point when trying to keep track of everything)
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