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Hey guys, have you seen this:


Looks good!

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars Fanhouse, Chewie, we're home!
« on: December 18, 2015, 10:45:30 PM »
I disagree. It met and/or exceeded every expectation I had. Saw it twice today.

Just got home from 2nd view, this time 3D and with none SW fans, they got converted. This movie is great but, I think I set my expectations too high.

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars Fanhouse, Chewie, we're home!
« on: December 17, 2015, 11:54:47 PM »
Just saw the movie and, while awesome, I think people should lower their expectations a bit ;)

I'm into Jessica Jones Ep 8 and yeah, I agree. The show is good, its pacing is so slow but it lets you feeling like it's building towards something. Luke Cage is my favorite character so far.

Edit: Just finished the whole season and, while awesome, I think it's not better than Daredevil, but just as good. David Tennant is now my favorite Marvel Universe bad guy! There are some things I'd like to discuss but I'll wait for a bit, once you guys finish it.

I wonder if the whole Civil War plot will not only be in the movie. Like, what if we have two Civil Wars, one with the Cinematic Universe and one with the TV Universe?

Can the Netflix guys crossover to AoS?

Yep, I'm all hyped up.

Mockingbird TV show is back on!


Saw Ant-Man last night and yes, you guys were correct, it is a good and just fun movie. The fight scenes, wow!

Can't wait for Cap 3!

The point is Spiderman when facing normal non meta humans should have a huge advantage.  Depending on how powerful they make is spider sense Black Widow and Hawkeye should not be able to touch him, unless they use trick arrows or explosives. 

He can and has dodged bullet with his Spider Sense.  He is faster and stronger than a normal human...the Marvel pages say he has the strength of at least 10 men...I think that would put him close to Captain America Strength.  His Webs if he lands a shot will disable a hand or arm from the stickiness...and we are assuming that this Spiderman will be inexperienced...what if this happens a few years after Spiderman has been on the scene...and the Spiderman movie takes place earlier...they could easily show Peter Parker watching the events of earlier events while being Spiderman establishing as being active longer than we expect...and this movie he had already been spiderman for a year or two. 

Spiderman to me was/is not a well trained fighter...he isn't Dare Devil or Batman or Captain America...he never had to be, because of his abilities...I can almost promise you, he will be presented as a very capable fighter and beat some of the Avengers, so that they can establish him as a serious character in the universe.

I figure between the quick wit and the quick thwips, he should be able to keep a double or even triple team of BW, HE & Falcon off balance and surprisingly frustrated without really breaking a sweat, inexperienced or not. He's just faster, way more agile, stronger, has a 6th sense and webbing at his disposal. Not saying they wouldn't eventually catch him with a stinger, but Spidey would almost embarrass them till they got that lucky shot in. and it would probably only be because he wasn't actually trying to hurt anyone, just being defensive.

This I can get behind!

New rumors, possible spoilers ahead!

Well, old Peter was never untouchable but he could go toe to toe with almost anyone. Heck, didn't he KO'd the HULK once? Young Peter, well, not so much.

...against who though?

I'm a huge Spider-Man fan, but a young Spidey can't/shouldn't hang in combat with any of the established heroes/villans in the MCU. A seasoned and older Parker? Yeah, he is one of the top guys.

Leaked Captain America 3: Civil War video from India Comic Con

Leaked The Incredible Hulk 2

Now I got a feeling the Hulk one is fan made...What do you guys think?


Wait a minute...are they doing the Purple Man story with Jessica Jones?

YES ::evil smirk::

Yes they are.

Is it a good story?

It's definitely dark and twisted from the parts of it i've been told about. Never read it though.

Wow! This story will make Daredevil look PG in some areas. I like it! I'm glad Marvel is not pulling any punches with Netflix.

Wait a minute...are they doing the Purple Man story with Jessica Jones?

I liked Age of Ultron for what it was, a fun movie. The infighting I think was done in a cool way (we needed to see the Hulkbuster, come on!) but I understand what you guys are saying. I would've liked Ultron to be less funny and more threatening but that's my only complaint. I liked it a lot!

Season 2 of Agents of Shield on Netflix on June 11th! Heck yeah!


I thought I was the only one shocked!

But yeah, AoS keeps raising the bar. When does Agent Carter start again?

AoS S2 finale was awesome but WHAT THE HELL! GEMMA!!!!


Martin Freeman joins Captain America 3! Any ideas on who he will play?

I would like to thank everyone involved in the game, it was a fun one. Khush you outdid yourself! Thanks for a fun and super entertaining game :)

It can be a blast in single player without "using your imagination". There are always deep caverns and secrets to find. I have more fun exploring than anything else in Minecraft.

I would hope Nintendo gets exclusive items added. They could also potentially catch an exclusive sequel.

Exactly, Minecraft to me, is an epic open world adventure game. Multiplayer is a must though. If Nintendo ever gets a port, they need to have it be super smooth.

I'm not going to live through day one of the next game, am I?
NO! ;)



vote shorty mcnostril

I'm guessing voting history proves vote with the penguin...Yeah!

Nice! vote lucariofan

I knew that Germany was a tough team, but dang. Howard has been working his butt off!

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