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Planet Trivia: 15 March 2002
« on: February 02, 2003, 05:42:22 PM »
Official Results
5 - blienk
4 - tavir
3 - dilbert627
2 - FFantasyFX  jkiane  SS4Gogita  Syl_Aran
1 - arthur138  Axiom  Azaar  Coco13  Cowface  DaFunkk12  mydingling  Rimmer  Stonecutter

Official SuperStats:
Answered: 29/30
Players Scoring: 16
Time of Trivia: 1h 10m 26s
Question Writers: WindyMan - 16 | Deguello - 6 | Dragona - 3 | TheYoungerPlumber - 2 | StrikerObi - 1 | Maximilian - 1 |

Bloodworth - 1
The Prize:

P)Why is Windy stalling?
01) Which Secret of Evermore alchemy spell is hidden in an oasis in the desert?
02) In Zelda: Oracle of Ages, who hopes to build paradise?
03) In order from Left to Right, what are the six Multi-Man Melee modes, in order? (one line)
04) What does C-Down do while racing in F-Zero X?
05) What is the old guy on the front of the SNES vesrion of Phalanx doing?
06) What was Pac-Man's original concept name, and why was it changed? (keep it clean)
07) Who uses the Gutsman Navi in MegaMan Battle Network?
08) Which four specific rights are reserved by Nintendo at the end of their more recent games?
09) What does the final Super Monkey Ball Beginner bonus board look like?
10) What SNES game features the Deceased Jade and a Giant Roach?
11) How did you make your character jump in Gumshoe?
12) Before Dolby Pro Logic II on the GameCube, what was the biggst Dolby technology the N64 could handle?
13) Contrary to what the description says, there is a THIRD gun that can use the "H.Gun Bullets." Name it.
14) Who is the lackey that transports Chemicals for Umbrella INC?
15) Who is Umbrella's Chief of Maintenance?
16) This week's Kirby Superstar question: What was the exact name of Kirby's fire-powered helper?
17) Which of the three "medals" Uniracers had a girl's name?
18) Before you replaced it with the Expansion Pak, what was originally inside your N64's Memory Expansion hatch?
19) Other than the expansion port, what major piece of hardware was missing from the outside of the new model NES?
20) In the Super Mario Bros. movie, what did the De-Evolution guns curiously look like?
21) What's Howard Lincoln's current job?
22) What are the two ESRB content descriptors on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?
23) Excluding the four Pokémon on the main character select screen, which other Pokémon is a "selectable" character in

24) Which 3 characters are on the cartridge art of Super Smash Bros. for the N64?    
25) What three things listed on the back of most NES carts tell you not to do with it? (one line)    
26) What company (listed on the box) developed Jaws for the NES?    
27) In MegaMan 2 which bosses do you have to beat to get the 3 "items" (one line)    
28) Who does the voice of Elise in SSX Tricky?  
29) Who developed Fist of the Northstar for the NES?
30) What does S.T.A.R.S. stand for? (exact spelling)  

p]<tavir> cua he can't htink of a questeion
01] <Stonecutter> sting
02] The monkeys
03] <Coco13> 10 man, 100 man, 3 minute, 15 minute, endless, cruel
04] <tavir> brake
05] <tavir> playing a banjo
06] <blienk> puck man, could be vandalized
07] <Axiom> dex
08] <jkiane> copyrights of game, scenario, music, and program
09] <jkiane> av logo
10] <Rimmer> brainlord
11] <FFantasyFX> shoot him
12] <dilbert627> dolby surround
13] <SS4Gogita> Colt S.A.A pistol
14] <blienk> Don Weller
15] <blienk> Angelica Maragaret
16] <SS4Gogita> Burnin Leo
17] <Syl_Aran> Silvia
18] <dilbert627> jumper pak
19] <DaFunkk12> rca jacks
20] <mydingling> superscopes
21] <FFantasyFX> CEO Mariner
22] <arthur138> Animated Violence, mild lyrics
23] <Syl_Aran> Ditto
24] <Cowface> Mario, Pikachu Samus
25] <blienk> store in extreme tempos, immerse in water, clean with benzen, thinner, etc
26] <blienk> ljn
27] <console> heatman, flashman, airman
28] <tavir> lucy liu
29] <dilbert627> taxan
30] <Azaar> Special Tactics And Rescue Service
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