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Planet Trivia: 7 March 2002
« on: February 02, 2003, 05:41:05 PM »
Offical Results:
6 - Rimmer
4 - dilbert627 | tavir
3 - Coco13 | FFantasyFX | TKnHappyNess
2 - blienk | Jing_Ke | mdm | robox
1 - Axiom | Cowface | CrazyKillah | Elzie_Ann | SimBen | SporkAdept | SS4Gogita | tewilkin

Official SuperStats:
Answered: 39/40
Players Scoring: 18
Time of Trivia: 1h 19m 33s
Question Writers: WindyMan - 13 | Dragona - 10 | Maximillian - 7 | Cooper - 7 | Bloodworth - 2 | TheYoungerPlumber - 1
The Prize:

P)Who is Louie's biggest fan?
01) What was the name of the hero in Dinosaur Planet?
02) How do you unlock the hidden bonus stages in Kuru Kuru Kururun?
03) Which famous character was originally designed as a rabbit that threw things? (Full name pls)
04) In Sonic Adventure, what is Miles "Tails" Prowler's airplane's name?
05) Which game featured an enemy with a weapon made from green onions?
06) What is the Subtitle of Kid Icarus?
07) Who did Sagat lose an eye to?
08) What was the first Capcom game planned soley for consoles instead of developing an arcade version first?
09) Which member of Star Fox betrayed the Team? (Full name, one line)
10) Which 3 Rare games are featured on the back of the North American GameCube box? (One line)
11) Which of Nintendo's worldwide websites leaked the official Game Boy Advance box art first?
12) What's the only SNES game on record to be rated eC?
13) Which two main characters do the SSBM Fighting Wire Frames take their moves from?
14) In which game would you find the Marquis of Queensbury Rules?
15) Miyamoto was the first inductee to the AIAS Hall of Fame.  Who did he introduce as the second member?
16) In which N64 game would you find the acronym S.C.A.T., and what does it stand for? (one line)
17) What are the four games in the Game Boy Camera? (Exact names, one line only)
18) In Kirby Superstar, who's your last opponent in Samurai Kirby?
19) What is the American version of Super Mario Bros. 2 known as in Japan?
20) What's the first bowling game for the N64?
21) What was the full name of the sequel to the SNES Super Scope game, Battle Clash?
22) In Mario Land 2 for the Game Boy, what power up allowed you to "fly?"
23) What game has the words "Another journey of ultimate challenge..." plastered onto its label?
24) Where is the ESRB label located on GC discs?
25) What items must you combine in Paper Mario to make a Jelly Shroom?
26) In Zelda: OOT, What's the Scientist's main ingredient to make eye drops?
27) Who are the last 3 bosses in Super Metroid?
28) Which mission in Rogue Leader will you find the Homing Proton Torpedos?
29) Who is the original creator of Rayman?
30) Who is developing Kyojin no Doshin?
31) Where do you get the "Black" sword in FFIV?
32) Before the Smash DX translation what was the most common translation for Fire Emblem's Hero's First name? (It was even translated this way in the Fire Emblem Anime)
33) Who is Gilbert the Beastmaster's best friend?
34) What Super Famicom fighting game had backgrounds that featured an honest-to-god Mantrain and male faeries in loincloths? (full name, one line)
35) Who were the students of martial art expert named Duncan in this famous SFC RPG? (one line)
36) What is the only Yoshi that has to carry baby Mario twice in each World and for what special reason? (one line)
37) What is the strongest Shield in the original Dragon Warrior?
38) Teddy is all alone roaming the countryside in Bloodpool. What are you supposed to do?
39) What is the only way to get both three Prism Helms and a Prism Dress in Chrono Trigger WITHOUT using the New Game + option? (both ways on one line)
40)  What are the only enemies in Super Mario World that DON'T have a name that's featured in the credits?

P]<Joshums> rimmer
01] <Rimmer> sabre
02] <Rimmer> Complete challenge mode levels and stages, all of them, with a ''Perfect'' rank to unlock a bonus challenge mode level with five additional stages.
03] <SporkAdept> Sonic the hedgehog
04] <CrazyKillah> Tornado 2
05] <SS4Gogita> Ghosts and Goblins
06] <dilbert627> angel land story
07] <dilbert627> a fight with Dan Hibiki's dad
08] <SimBen> Mega Man
09] <tavir> pigma dengar
10] <robox> sfa, dkr, kameo
11] <Axiom> Canada
12] <tavir> timon and pumbaa's jungle adventures
13] <Rimmer> falcon and zelda
14] <Rimmer> pd
15] <dilbert627> sid meyer
16] <Coco13> Stratigic Covert Actions Team  Winback
17] <TKnHappyNess> DJ, Run Run Run, Space Fever II, Ball
18] <tavir> metaknight
19] <mdm> Super Mario USA
20] <tavir> milo's astro lanes
21] <robox> metal combat falcon's reventge
22] <TKnHappyNess> Carrot
23] <FFantasyFX> Zelda II
24] <tewilkin> bottom right
25] <Elzie_Ann> Jammin Jelly, Mushroom
26] <TKnHappyNess> Eyeball Frog
27] <FFantasyFX> Ridley, Mother Brain, Metroid
28] <Cowface> Kothlis
29] <Rimmer> michall ancel
30] <blienk> param
31] <dilbert627> the King of Fabul offers the BLACK sword left by the Dark Knight
32] <Jing_Ke> Mars
33] <Jing_Ke> Canopus
34] <blienk> Cho Aniki - Bakuretsu Rantou Hen
35] <Rimmer> vargas and sbinh
36] <Coco13> Green Yoshi, final stage special thingie
37] <FFantasyFX> Silver
38] <Coco13> give him bread
39] <mdm> Charm from Zeal, get from Melchior from Rainbow shell
40] Green Bubbles of DOOM
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