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Planet Team Trivia: 1 March 2002
« on: February 02, 2003, 05:38:36 PM »
Official Team Results:
6 - rabidweasel
5 - Prime YourMothers
3 - Ratio-4-C-groove
2 - SuperNintendo_Chalmers
1 - Al_Osers BlingBling Decty eradicators FZeroXPico NP Pocky RCR Team_X Yumi_sex0r

Official SuperStats:
Answered: 30/30 + 1/1 Tie
Teams Scoring: 15
Indivduals Scoring: 16
Time of Trivia: 1h 9min 13s
Question Writers: WindyMan - 18 + 1 Tie | StrikerObi - 9 | TheYoungerPlumber - 2 | Cooper - 1

P)Who is the Trivia god?
01) Above one of the Monkey Museums on the Map Screen (in DKC2) there is a sign, what does it advertise?
02) In Sonic Advance, what can you buy for 8,000 rings?
03) What April Fool's joke did EGM play on GameCube fans? (be specific)
04) Quick, give the first names of each of these people, in order: The creator of resident evil, the creator of Donkey Kong, and the composer for Final Fantasy VI.
05) Name the NES puzzlegame in which your character can create both ice block and ice pillars.
06) Which level of Duck Tailes (NES) features mirrors that teleport you around the stage?
07) What was the first ever Electronic Arts console game?
08* What symbol in Dobutsu Bancho (animal leader) do attraction bugs have on them?
09) What is the name of Fox's Triceratops buddy in Dinosaur Planet?
10) What is the name of Crash Bandicoot's GBA game?
11) In the Simpsons Road Rage what four holidays affect the game?
12) What's GBA game has this subtitle: "The Fist of Mars"
13) What's part number DOL-011?
14) At, which item in your inventory do you earn when you complete the Adventures of Link knowledge challenge?
15) In the current F-Zero timeline, what is the largest city in the universe?
16) In which three places would you find Nintendo's racetrack logo on a new GameCube? (not including internal components, one line)
17) What is the acronym ELORG short for? (exact spelling only)
18) What two things are available to you between Arena matches in Kirby Superstar?
19) Besides Nintendo, on which other two companies' systems would you (officially) find Mario?
20) What are the three Mortal Kombat games for the N64, and in which order did they appear?
21) Which two franchise characters, originally created by Nintendo, are now trademarks of Rare?
22) What is the only current GBA game where you can access a "website" and "download" things?
23) Fill in the blank from Golden Sun: __________ - Pure Ply - Pure Wish
24) 1UPs come in the form of Green Mushrooms. Of what form do 3UPs come in?
25) In Punch-Out!!, what's the name of Little Mac's trainer?
26) Which of Paper Mario's Star Sprits wears a hat?
27) Why is MegaMan's sister named Roll?
28) What were the names of the three Ren and Stimpy SNES games?
29) Which Tengen sports game was actually licensed by Nintendo?
30) Who published Brain Drain for the Game Boy?
Tie) In which Nintendo-published SNES game's instruction manual would you find the words POWER UP!! above the game's hero?

P]<METROID-dilbert627> ty
01] <YourMothers-Rimmer> KI2
02] <Prime-Syl_Aran> TV
03] <YourMothers-Rimmer> how to get sonic and tails by getting 20 kills in cruel melee
04] <YourMothers-Rimmer> shinji, shigeru, nobuo
05] <Ratio-4-C-groove-robox> kickle cubible
06] <rabidweasel-tavir> transylvania
07] <eradicators-ulanshad> Immortal
08* <YourMothers-Rimmer> hearts
09] <rabidweasel-tavir> tricky
10] <BlingBling-Smurf> the huge adventure
11] <Yumi_sex0r-Floyd> new years, halloween, tnankgivin xmas
12] <Prime-Syl_Aran> Zoe
13] <Prime-Rachtman> gba-gcn cable
14] <RCR-FFantasyFX> Lens of Truth
15] <Decty_Ssbmang> bianca
16] <Ratio-4-C-groove-robox> back right lid, label underneath, under lid
17] <SuperNintendo_Chalmers> Elektronorgtechnica
18] <rabidweasel-tavir> tomatoes, powers
19] <Pocky-GooN> Phillips, Atari
20] <rabidweasel-tavir> trilogy, mythologies, 4
21] <YourMothers-Rimmer> donkey kong, fox
22] <rabidweasel-tavir> chuc hu rockety
23] <Prime-Syl_Aran> Potent Cure
24] <SuperNintendo_Chalmers> Moon
25] <NP-Jon> doc louis
26] <Ratio-4-C-groove-robox> muscular
27] <Al_Osers-Demondo> megaman is rock in japan rock and rolll
28] <FZeroXPico-TheScarfaceGuy> Vidiots, Time Warp, Buckaroo
29] <Prime-Rachtman> rbi baseball
30] <Team_X-SuperCube> Acclaim
Tie] <rabidweasel-tavir> zelda

Individual Scores:
6 - tavir
5 - Rimmer
3 - Syl_Aran robox
2 - SuperNintendo_Chalmers Rachtman
1 - FFantasyFX Floyd Smurf Ssbmang ulanshad GooN Jon Demondo TheScarfaceGuy SuperCube
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