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Planet Trivia: 15 February 2002
« on: February 02, 2003, 05:35:40 PM »
Official Results:
4 - DaFunkk12
3 - blienk
2 - dilbert627  Sonuis  Syl_Aran  TKnHappyNess
1 - Compeau  Elzie_Ann  Espyonage  FFantasyFX  Floydthebarber  MadBrad  Rimmer  Scummy simon157  ssbmang  tavir  TrueHeaT  VexX  Yoster

Official SuperStats:
Answered: 29/30
Players Answering: 20
Time of Trivia: 56m 07s

01) What's the next GameCube game to come out in Japan?
02) In Golden Sun, what is the name of the cursed tree in Kolima Forest?
03) Name all the Pokemon fighters in Super Smash bros Melee. (one line)
04) What is Skies of Arcadia called in Japan?
05) What's Nintendo's stock symbol?
06) Name all the female computer opponents from Monopoly on the NES. (one line)
07) Name the 4 stages in the NES game Shooting Range. (one line)
08) What 2 cars can you choose from in Rad Racer?
09) What's the name of the designer of your craft in cybernoid?
10) Who really developed Sonic Advance?
11) What's the FULL name of the first level in Sonic Advance?
12) In SSBM, what award to you get if you don't hit anyone and nobody hits you?
13) Who developed Jackie Chan Adventures on the GBA?
14) What color animals ni Dobutsu Banchou (Animal Leader) are the most powerful?
15) In Golden Sun, what is Issac's mother's name?
16) In Tony Hawk 3, which secret charcter makes the skate shop clerk have his hands in the air and back up defensively?
17) What one hardware piece common to both the NES and SNES was not present on the new models of the NES and SNES?
18) What SSBM Bonus gets you exactly 1110 points?
19) Where would you see Mario sporting a bow-tie and holding a screwdriver? (Be specific enough, pls)
20) Who used to publish Nintendo Power and all Nintendo Player's Guides?
21) Which three GBA games were advertised in Nintendo's "Waiting Room Advanced" commercial?
22) Chill and Fever are classics; what were the two new BGMs in Dr. Mario 64?
23) Fill in the blank:  Now you're playing with power! - ________ - Get N or Get Out - Born to Play
24) Which racers in Wave Race Blue Storm weren't in either the N64 versions of Wave Race or 1080 Snowboarding?
25) The play-by-play announcer for the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers also did the play-by-play for which Nintendo basketball game?
26) What's the secret track in Wipeout 64?
27) Which character featured in Super Smash Bros.'s 1P mode is (with a certain item) playable in SSBM?
28) What is the name of Bullet Bill's aquatic counterpart?
29) In Kirby Superstar, with which power does Kirby finish Revenge of Metaknight on?
30) In which Konami Arcade-to-SNES port would you hear the first boss say "Bury me with my money!"?

P) <Rimmer> Mr. Wonderful Trick
01) <TrueHeaT> animal leader
02) <Sonuis> Tret
03) <Rimmer> pikachu, jigglypuff, pichu, mewtwo
04) <Sonuis> Eternal Arcadia
05) <simon157> ntdoy
06) <FFantasyFX> Gertrude, Maude, Penelope, Carmen
07) Western, Ghost House, Space, Bonus
08) <Compeau> 328 twin turbo, f1 machine
09) <Scummy> M.Sudgen
10) <DaFunkk12> dimps
11) <TKnHappyNess> Neo Green Hill Zone
12) <DaFunkk12> switzerland
13) <VexX> torus games
14) <ssbmang> grey\
15) <dilbert627> dora
16) <blienk> officer dick
17) <blienk> expansion slot
18) <TKnHappyNess> Jackpot
19) <Espyonage> Customer repair things
20) <DaFunkk12> minoru arakawa
21) <DaFunkk12> tony hawk 2, castlvania, fzero
22) <Elzie_Ann> Que Que and Cube?
23) <Yoster> play it loud
24) <blienk> serena del mar, nigel carver
25) <MadBrad> nba courtside 2002
26) <dilbert627> Velocitar
27) <Syl_Aran> metal mario']
28) <Syl_Aran> torpedo ted
29) <tavir> wheel
30) <Floydthebarber> sunset riders
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