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Planet Trivia: 1 February 2002
« on: February 02, 2003, 05:30:49 PM »
Final Scores:
5 - Rimmer
4 - tavir  blienk
3 - Syl_Aran
2 - Demondo  
1 - GCRevolution-Penguin  Astyanax  TKnHappyNess  ertinspyurt  SS4-ALoserIsMe  Floydthebarber  Jing_Ke  dilbert627  Coco13  GCRevolution-SuperCube  Achtung_Baby

Official SuperStats:
Answered: 28/30
Players Scoring: 16
Time of Trivia: 1h 31m 08s

P) Who is going to win Super Bowl XXXVI?
1) Who said "You spoony bard?"
2) What's Dr. E. Gadd's first name?
3) What's E. Honda's first name?
4) Who developed King of Fighters EX?
5) What's Professor Oak's first name?
6) Which two people have been the voice of Pikachu in the Pokémon TV series?
7) Who or what is NINPRO?
8) What was the most dramatic difference between the previous Madden box art and Madden 2001 box art?
9) What was your clue as to where to get the Copy ability in Kirby Superstar's Milky Way Wishes?
10) Which three abilities to Kirby and Mega Man have in common?
11) What's the Japanese equivilant of Toad's Turnpike?
12) What are the four Mini Battles in Yoshi's Island?
13) Who's the default record holder for F-Zero: Maximum Velocity's Championship Circuit?
14) Mike Tyson didn't get his Nevada boxing license, but maybe a name change would help him out.  What could he change his name to if he did what Nintendo did to his boxing game?
15) In SSX Tricky, which city is Pipedream located?
16) Which Turok 2 dinosaur comes equipped with a .20 caliber cannon?
17) What's the name of the 1080 Snowboarding mountain?
18) What's the last thing we see in the Super Mario Bros. 3 commercial before the announcer plugs the game?
19) What notable thing happened to Nintendo in 1933?
20) What's the only Nintendo-hosted game website to be rated Mi by the ESRB? (exact spelling)
21) What's the name of that SNES Acro-Bat?
22) What's the subtitle of Bases Loaded II for the NES?
23) Which "series" did the cartridge art of Excitebike say it was a part of?
24) Which Konami game used both the Zapper and the Control Pad in alternating levels?
25) Which is the only non-secret character that is not on the front box art for Super Smash Bros. Melee?
26) Prince Benotti is the heir to the throne on the planet Lumania.  Which game is this?
27) What does Entei, Majora's Mask, and a Goomba have in common?
28) What's going to replace the Cerebral Bore in Turok 4?
29) Name the three swords that are unsalable in Chrono Trigger (one line).
30) Which skill in the NHL Hitz Skills mode is exactly the same to its real-life NHL SuperSkills skill?
T)  If you bet a Red Jacket you get a _______.

P) <dilbert627> the commercials
1) <Rimmer> tellah
2) <tavir> elvin
3) <tavir> edmond
4) <Rimmer> marvelous
5) <Rimmer> abrahan
6) <Demondo-away> Ikue Ohtani and Rachel Lillis
7) Nintendo's retail promotion company
8) <GCRevolution-Penguin> one had madden, the other had players
9) <Syl_Aran> The stars in the background
10) <Astyanax> copy jump and slide
11) <tavir> kinopio highway
12) <TKnHappyNess> Balloon Throw, Pound the Ground, Watermeleon Spit, and the Coin Collecting
13) <ertinspyurt> megan
14) <blienk> mr dream
15) <Syl_Aran> london
16) Styracosaurus
17) <blienk> mt legend
18) <Rimmer> the world mario face
19) <SS4-ALoserIsMe> Changed their name to Nintnedo
20) <Floydthebarber>
21) <Jing_Ke> Aero
22) <Demondo> Second Season
23) <dilbert627> programmable
24) <tavir> adventures of bayou billy
25) <blienk> sheik
26) <Coco13> Extreme G 2
27) <GCRevolution-SuperCube> Trophy tussel
28) <Syl_Aran> swarm nbore]
29) <Achtung_Baby> slasher, slasher 2 and masamune
30) <blienk> hit the targets
T) <Rimmer> red jacket
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