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Planet Team Trivia: 25 January 2002
« on: February 02, 2003, 05:29:31 PM »
P) The answer is never 2 things, what are these two things?
1) Name the game and developer: You race your car on different planets. You can upgrade your car's parts. One of the characters is named "Cyberhawk"
2) Name the 3 special tricks that Darth Maul starts with in THPS3.
3) Where does Resident Evil Gaiden take place?
4) Name all 5 of Psymons's Chapter 6 tricks (one line)
5) The maxiumum number of ___ that Chrono can raise in his house is ____
6) In Double Dragon II, who was Billy's girlfriend?
7) Which company has just recently announced a Motorcross game for GameCube?
8) What's the first actual day of the E3 Expo?
9) Who are the two announcers in Fifa 2002-Major League Soccer for the GameCube?
10) What two Quarterbacks are featured on the cover of QBC 2002 for the GameCube?
11) What was the first-ever GameCube game (supposedly by Konami) to be reported on (by GameSpot), only later discovered to be a hoax?
12) Where are GameCube controllers manfactured?
13) Which three games are pictured on the back of the GBA box?
14) Which two letters do the bulk of the new model NESs' serial numbers start with?
15) What were the three things the Game Boy Printer printed out in its hidden message?
16) Which controverseal piece of NES hardware was the main reason Tengen sued Nintendo in the late 1980s?
17) What are the four suits in a Hafunada deck?
18) What are the one-time use abilities in Kirby Superstar?
19) With what game and which item did Travis use to intimidate our heroes in Nintendo's movie-for-an-advertisment, The Wizard?
20) What was the subtitle for Super Bases Loaded 3?
21) We all know that Shaq Fu was released for the SNES and Game Boy.  However, which other GB game also contained the word "Fu?"
22) Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt was one NES 2-in-1 cart.  What was the other?
23) Which two Mario Kart 64 tracks are under 600m in length?
24) What's the phone number to the Nintendo Power Line?
25) Which COs are on the sides of the Advance Wars box?
26) What is the name of the town in 600AD that doesn't exist in 1000AD (Chrono Trigger)?
27) Name the producers and director of "The Wizard"
28) What was the original Star Fox dinosaur planet?
29) What are the three rival schools in Mario Tennis GBC?
30) What are the four puzzle piece shapes in Hexcite?

P) <IceMonkeys-Rimmer> final fantasy and numbers
1) <Mallscrub-S-U-P-E-R> rock and roll racing and BLIZZARD
2) <Mallscrub-B-I-S-O-N> force grab, dark jedi grind, sabre spin
3) <RCR-King> on a ship
4) <PIKMIN_Demondo> Torpedo air, Frog hop air,Nac nac air,Nothing air,Guillotine air
5) <IceMonkeys-Rimmer> cats, 4
6) <Ratio1_Robox> marion
7) <EvilDans_FyreWulff> THQ
8) <IceMonkeys-Rimmer> may 22
9) <IceMonkeys-Rimmer> [Andy] gray, [John] motson
10) <Mallscrub-B-I-S-O-N> favre and gannon
12) <EvilDans_FyreWulff> China
13) <PattyPattyBuchBuch> mario kart. f-zero, mario adv
14) <GCR-PenguinOnIce> NN
15) <Warlord_Zap> printer,mario,hello
16) <Mallscrub-S-U-P-E-R> lockoutchip
17) <SLOBBER-Espyonage> spring summer winter fall
18) <tavir> cook, crash, paint
19) <IceMonkeys-Rimmer> rad racer, power glove
20) <IceMonkeys-Rimmer> license to steal
21) <SLOBBER-SS4Gogita> Kung Fu Master
22) <Mallscrub-S-U-P-E-R> Super Spike VBall/World Cup Soccer
23) <tavir> moo moo farm, mario circuit
24) <N64_Pollo> 14258857529
25) <Mallscrub-S-U-P-E-R> kanbei, max
26) Sandorino
27) <Warlord_Sporker> directed by Todd Holland, and produced by David Chisholm and Ken Topolsky
28) <RCR-FFantasyFX> Fortuna
29) Factory, Union, Empire
30) <Warlord_Sporker> hexagons, triangles, trapezoids, and diamonds

7 - Mallscrub
5 - IceMonkeys
3 - Warlord
2 - EvilDans  RCR  SLOBBER  tavir
1 - GCR  PattyPattyBuchBuch  PIKMIN  Ratio  N64

Answered: 28/30
Time of Trivia: 1h 14m 19s
Teams Scoring: 12
Individuals Scoring: 16

6 - Rimmer
5 - S-U-P-E-R
2 - B-I-S-O-N  FyreWulff  tavir  Sporker
1 - King  Demondo  Robox  PattyPattyBuchBuch  PenguinOnIce  Zap  Espyonage  SS4Gogita  Pollo  FFantasyFX
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