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Radio Trivia Results for 1/17/2003
« on: January 31, 2003, 09:38:59 PM »
After far too long, our favorite giant, Bloodworth, made his triumphant return as Radio Trivia host!  And while things started off with a technical snag, the pace quickly picked up, and it was as though Dan had never left us.  To his own amazement, Bloodworth produced two stumpers, while TYP provided him with a bonus Q that almost went unanswered.  But in the end, Planet Trivia regular MarioLinkSamus was proclaimed victor, a title he’s long been due.  Congratulations, MarioLinkSamus!

Game 1: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (GBC)

Points to: PenguinX2000, NikJam, MarioLinkSamus, carlos

Q: Who lives in Lynna Village's wise old man's house in the present (Lynna City)?
A: <Jing_Ke> Mamamu Yan (TYP says: This took too long.  I would’ve called time.)

Random Quote: <PenguinX2000> being smart is for losers

Game 2: Cybernator (SNES)

(No points awarded)

Q: How do you initially obtain the napalm gun?
A: <Muad-Dib> Dont shoot anything on first, only boss

Random Quote: <Shanic> does that mean I have any idea what game it came from? HELL NO

Game 3: Shadowrun (SNES)

Points to: BIGmog, FoxWing, DK745

Q: What are the two ways to escape the Junkyard?(be specific)
A: <BIGmog> kill the boss, earn enuf money to buy freedom

Random Quote: <Muad-Dib> sounds like Cable Guy doing Star Trek


Song 1: Supercross (Every Day Life)
Song 2: Susumu Hirasawa: Gardener King

Random Quote: <sycomonkey> No.   Scooby doo doens't make video games.  And Miyamoto isn't fictional.


Game 4: Kabuki Quantum Fighter (NES)

(No points awarded)

Q: How can you get extra health during the game?
A: <MarioLinkSamus> This cheat can only be used in the boss stage. Press the Pause button, then use the Up and down arrow keys to trade in computer chips for life chips or vice-versa. (TYP says: GO TEAM GAMEFAQ!!!)

Random Quote: <ShadowNeo> so its about people who slap each other around with their hair?

Game 5: Medal of Honor: Frontline (GC)

Points to: Deguello, WingedNightmare, ShadowNeo, MarioLinkSamus, carlos

Q: Where do you start a bar fight?
A: <Deguello> Golden Lion

Random Quote: <MarioLinkSamus> sounds like burger time


MarioLinkSamus: 3

carlos: 2

BIGmog: 2

Deguello: 2

Muad-Dib: 1

PenguinX2000: 1

Jing_Ke: 1

NikJam: 1

FoxWing: 1

DK745        : 1

WingedNightmare: 1

ShadowNeo: 1
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