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Radio Trivia Results for 12/20/2002
« on: January 31, 2003, 09:32:01 PM »
It was another crazy night with The Younger Plumber (WHO WAS NOT HIGH).  Sonic 2 in a NINTENDO trivia?!  You bet!  It was close match concluding in a 3-way tie among Robageejammin, GorillazFan87 and Alexander_The_Grater, but Robageejammin won in the end!  Congratulations to Robageejammin!

Sonic Mega Collection (GC – Genesis Emulation)

Points to: kamikazenotakuto, Nikjam, robageejammin, GorillazFan87, Tavir, Fyre, Wulff

Q: Of the 7 advertised games found in Sonic Mega Collection, which were NOT developed by Sonic Team? (ONE LINE)
A: <GorillazFan87> mean bean machine, spinball, 3d blast

Star Soldier (NES)

(No points awarded)

Q: Who made this classic again?
A: <TheViper> Hudson

Tin Star (SNES)

Points to: MarioLinkSamus, Sharparoni, Alexander_The_Grater, Sydonia, Mumbo, GorillazFan87, FFantasyFX, Tavir

Q: Tin Star made use of which SNES player input devices?
A: <Alexander_The_Grater> Super Scope, Controller, Mouse

Song 1: Metroid To Brinstar (Avien)
Song 2: Sonic 3D Blast - Green Grove Act 2

Paper Mario (N64)

FyreWulff, NikJam, Sydonia, cell84, Squiggles, Approx01, thehunter1320, Alexander_the_grater

Q: What is Spike’s real name?
A: <robageejammin> lakiluster (TYP says: Lakilester)

Dennis the Menace (GB)

(No Points awarded)

Q: Which company published the Game Boy game, "Denis the Menace," and what company later bought it out? (ONE LINE)
A: <robageejammin> ocean infogrames


3-way Tie: robageejammin, GorillazFan87 and Alexander_The_Grater

Tie-breaker: Pilotwings 64 (Gyrocopter Combat)

Winner: robageejammin


robageejammin: 3 + Tiebreaker

GorillazFan87: 3

Alexander_The_Grater: 3

Tavir: 2

Fyre: 2

Nikjam        : 2

Sydonia: 2

Wulff: 1

TheViper: 1

MarioLinkSamus: 1

Sharparoni: 1

kamikazenotakuto: 1

Mumbo: 1

FFantasyFX: 1

cell84: 1

Squiggles: 1

Approx01: 1

thehunter1320: 1
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