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Radio Trivia Results for 11/22/2002
« on: January 31, 2003, 09:28:01 PM »
It was another low-scoring round for contestants in tonight's Radio Trivia with TYP at the helm.  That is, for everyone except our winner, MarioLinkSamus, who had things under control from the start.  One game eluded all contestants, while another was barely identified by a single contestant on his second guess!  All in all, it was another crazy night with Wario & friends.  ONE TWO THREE FORE!!!


Game 1: Blades of Steel (NES)

Points to: MarioLinkSamus, Nintendo_Natecube

Q: After the space-shooter mini-game, what two games are promoted?
<BIGmog|Fox> contra jackal

Game 2: RoboCop (NES)

Points to: robageejammin, Vegetendo101, ShadowNeo, Beowulf, MarioLinkSamus

Q: Who played RoboCop in the third movie?
<MSTAnon> Robert John Burke

Game 3: Commander Keen (GBC)

No correct answers

Q: What company DEVELOPED Commander Keen for the GBC?
<MarioLinkSamus> David A. Palmer Productions

Song 1: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon – I am Impact (Arranged Version)
Song 2: More and More (PGC Forum Song) (S-U-P-E-R)

Game 4: Mario Golf (N64)

Points to: Jing_Ke, robageejammin, Beowulf, MarioLinkSamus

Q: What does the third hole on the Mario's Star course resemble, by name?
<FFantasyFX> wiggler

Game 5: Super Bowling (SNES)

Point to: PowderedToastMan

Q: What text makes up the wallpaper/background pattern above the bowling alley lanes?
<NikJam> Athena

Dessert: Luigi's Mansion That Balcony Thing OC ReMix (DJ Carbunk1e)


MarioLinkSamus: 4

Beowulf: 2

robageejammin: 2

Nintendo_Natecube: 1

BIGmog|Fox: 1

Vegetendo101: 1

ShadowNeo: 1

MSTAnon: 1

Jing_Ke: 1

FFantasyFX: 1

PowderedToastMan: 1

NikJam: 1
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