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Radio Trivia Results for 11/1/2002
« on: January 31, 2003, 09:16:33 PM »
With three stumpers in a row, tonight's Radio Trivia was a challenging one indeed.  TYP (and Wario and Waluigi) reacted with glee as the community scrambled to collectively acquire a meager total of eleven points after a two-week hiatus!  But despite the sparsity of GOOD answers, one player managed to hoard just enough points for the win: Ulanshad.  Congradulations, Ulanshad!

Game 1: Super Monkey Ball 2 (GC)

Points to: Syl_Aran, ulanshad, TheViper

Q: What is so strange about Super Monkey Ball 2's disc art?
A: <ulanshad> Dolby Digital Sound

Game 2: Kirby's Adventure (NES)

Points to: Mike_The_Warrior, ulanshad, Magus-, Drakotan

Q: When Kirby has multiple special power-providing enemies in his mouth, what does the "current power" panel initially display?  (Remember, this is the NES version)
A: <Mike_The_Warrior> He wears a tuxedo, and has a martini shaker.

Game 3: Darius Force (SNES)

(No points awarded)

Q: Zone B's mini-boss looks like what type of animal?
A: <Moeror> Snail

You Can Do Anything (Sonic CD JP Theme)
Legendary Wings - Legendary Strings (Rize)

Game 4: Lode Runner (NES)

(No points awarded)

Q: Lode Runner is copyright 1983 by whom?
A: <Moeror> Doug Smith

Game 5: Hal's Hole In One Golf (SNES)

(No points awarded)

Q: Where is the hole on the driving range?
A: Just off the screen on the far edge. (No correct answers)


WINNER - Ulanshad: 3

Moeror: 2

Mike_The_Warrior: 2

TheViper: 1

Magus-: 1

Drakotan: 1

Syl_Aran: 1
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