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Planet Trivia: 8 February 2002
« on: February 02, 2003, 05:33:23 PM »
Official Results:
6 - Rimmer
3 - Sonuis
2 - blienk  Coco13  FFantasyFX  Mank  tavir  Yoster
1 - _King_  arthur138  comet  mdm  SS4-Sucks  TKnHappyNess  xboxrulesx

Official SuperStats:
Answered: 28/30
Players Scoring: 15
Time of trivia: 1h 0m 39s

P) When is the only time that Pierre is not Brun?
1) What is the name of the Descendant of the Wise Men that lives in the Desert Cave?
2) Kirby Superstar featured an R-Type style level.  What were you trying to defeat in it? (Be specific!)
3) According to some of the original english screenshots of Illusion of Gaia (featured in Nintendo Power), what was the main Character's name?
4) Who (or what, if it's more like that) is on the cover of Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. for the N64?
5) Name the game: "IF ALL ELSE FAILS, USE FIRE."
6) If you fight Chupon in the coliseum and actually win, what do you get?
7) Enron didn't develop Road Rash 64, but they could have.  Who did?
8) Name the two cities of the Kingdom of Zeal (one line)
9) Who was the hero of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776?
10) Where does Ness find the Diamond in his SFC excursion?
11) Who makes Ness's bat? (SSBM)
12) Who was Cecil's father? (exact spelling)
13) What is the ESRB rating for the Super Mario RPG?/cmode
14) In Brandish, what happens if you equip the Shield of Darkness outside of the Dark Zones?
15) What symbol appears on your menu screen when you've found everything in Super Mario World?
16) Your name is Jake, you pilot something called an "Assault Suit". What game is this?
17) What is the only Player's Choice Game Boy game not developed by Nintendo?
18) What is the name of Crono's lawyer?
19) What is the first game (ID #1) in the current games database?
20) Which two companies were sued by Nintendo for profiting off of copyrighted pictures in their respective unofficial Pokémon guides?
21) If Marin could be an animal, what would she choose to be?
22) What is the mummified equivilant of a Stalfos?
23) What non-developmental involved thing did Aaron Sedway do for 1080 Snowboarding?
24) Who developed of Tales of Phantasia, and what are they now known as? (one line)
25) What is the final form of the Foomy capsule monster?
26) Before it became Star Fox Adventures, who were the two lead characters of Dinosaur Planet? (one line)
27) What brand is the TV in the Super Smash Bros. Melee Trophy Room?
28) Who is the Jet Helper in Kirby Super Star?
29) Who loans you the money to buy a house in Animal Forest+?
30) What is the name of the town directly NorthWest from your home base, on the map of Dragon's Haven?

P) <Rimmer> When he eats les beets
1) <Rimmer> aginam
2) <Sonuis> Heart of Nova
3) <_King_> Tim
4) <tavir> zipperhead
5) <tavir> zelda 2
6) <Rimmer> elixir
7) <blienk> Pacific Power and Lighting
8) <xboxrulesx> enhansa kajar
9) <mdm> Leif
10) <Coco13> In the mine in Dusty Dunes Deaser
11) <Rimmer> Nett
12) <Mank> KluYa
13) <Sonuis> K-A
14) <Coco13> You lose health
15) <Rimmer> a star
16) <Rimmer> cybwernator
17) <FFantasyFX>  Disney's The Little Mermaid 2: Pinball Frenz
18) <blienk> Pieree
19) <Yoster> donkey kong 64
20) Sandwich Islands, Imagine Media
21) <Yoster> seagull
22) <TKnHappyNess> Gibdo
23) <Mank> Photos in instruction book?
24) <Rimmer> wolf team, tri ace
25) <SS4-Sucks> Gold Fox
26) <FFantasyFX> Krystal, Saber
27) <arthur138> Hal labs
28) <Sonuis> Capsule-J
29) <comet> raccoon
30)  Bright Rock
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