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Please, Touch the Artwork (Switch) Review Mini
« on: September 15, 2022, 10:24:09 AM »

Alluring abstract art makes for a good basis for serene puzzles.

Please Touch the Artwork is an engagingly opaque puzzle game that I’ve enjoyed fiddling with on Nintendo Switch. Originally released on mobile and PC earlier in the year, this zen puzzler heavily inspired by abstract art is an enjoyable quizzical romp. I haven’t played much like it and appreciated how many directions it went in from a relatively simple premise of touching the artwork.

It’s split into three different exhibits that represent their own abstract narratives as a pretense to explore a series of puzzles, of which there are more than 150 in total. The first involves tapping artwork on one side of the screen to make it match the other one. It requires thought and strategy as you try to minimize your taps to change colors and solve the puzzles. There’s another exhibit where you have to guide blocky creatures to each other by, you guessed it, touching the artwork to send a little block creature off to hopefully navigate twists and turns and reach their friend. The third exhibit involves creating road-like lines in a pattern that mimics a painting, much like the first exhibit. They each build up over the course of their puzzles, continuously staying fresh and iterating in mind-bending ways.

The presentation is stylish, though it can be confusing to figure out how to navigate between the types of puzzles. A hint system is included that helps a ton, especially if you get very stumped by one of the harder later puzzles. The hints can also be used to try and understand some of the headier concepts. This is a touchscreen-only game, so it just straight up doesn’t work docked. If you want to see if that’s fine for you, there is a solid free demo of Please Touch the Artwork on the eShop.

This is a very cool puzzle game that I recommend to anyone who wants to explore artwork in unique, ponderous ways. In lieu of going to a modern art museum or something, maybe just kick back with a glass of wine and bounce around these three puzzle types and soak in some art.

Neal Ronaghan
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