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Episode 256 - Futile Japan
« on: August 05, 2021, 02:59:08 PM »

The boys have been busy plowing through games a plenty. On the docket, Slay The Spire, Dicey Dungeons, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and we wrap it up with NEO: The World Ends With You!

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Our first regular-as-apple-pie episode in what must be weeks! No extra segments, no change-ups, nothing unusual: Just some nice vanilla Talk Nintendo P-O-D. Well, for half of the show this week, at least.

Starting off the show, every boy has a story about chicken from the past week, some better than others. Then we go into an impressive What We've Been Up To; Perry's been into Slay The Spire and Dicey Dungeons, Casey has very early impressions of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and Alex played the entirety of NEO: The World Ends With You since the last episode was recorded. He really likes it.

Casey then ditches us for the second half of the show and becomes the new permanent guest, so Alex and Perry have to pick up the slack (as per usual). Lotta bite-sized news bits this week between the new Pokemon Snap update, a classic SEGA-themed Picross S game, and more. At the back end, a lil bit of eShop RoundUp.

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