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Hi everyone I am a regular visitor to PGC daily and have decided to share my news with teh good people I met here on these forums.  

Advertising your own website is a blatant violation of the forum rules.  This will be your only warning before being banned.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Gamecube four years on: Dissapointments
« on: November 20, 2005, 03:06:42 PM »
well Wind Waker was fun fora while, adn yes I did like it at first and its one of the reasons why I got a Cube, but it got boring pretty fast.  Star fox has been my favorite game so far for GC, I seam to be alone in thining its a great game, most people hated it for some odd strange reason.

All in all I am getting  mroe satisfation from my Cube now more than ever, plus I am going to go back and try Sunshine and WW again just in case the are more fun now.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE:GameCube in retrospect: Four Amazing Years
« on: November 17, 2005, 07:18:15 PM »
>>come on, even if you haven't played it, you have to admit, it's the most neatest way to play Pac-Man since the coctail table was created<<

I just had to quote that cuz I used to play MS Pacman every day on one of those, talk about memories.

Anyways I have so many great momnets with my GC I dont knwo where to start. Thankfully teh great momnets out way all the dissapointments or else I wouldnt even be here.

First I will say Star Fox Adventures and Zelda Wind Waker. Those 2 games were the ones my best friend showed to me the dfay he showed off his GC. He also bragged about Pikmin and Smash Bros Melee, but seeings hwo much I hated Smash bros and Pikmin looked to wierd for me I chose to play Star Fox and Wind Waker instead. At first I was blown away by SF cuz I hated the other games and it was cool how this one got me into the series. Then Windwaker, I have to be honest the graphics were awesome at first. I loved teh cartoon- cell shading it was remeniscant of the 2-d days. But after playing ot for a while it became rather boring and repetitive and I just lost interest.

Then I bought a Cube and got Mortal Kombat Deadly Allience, I played this game to death, beat it on every difficulty, unlcoked every secret without cheating, mstered all the Konquests and watched all the bonus videos, this was by far the best MK game expereicnce since playing the first arcade game way back when.
Next came Pac-Man World 2/VS bundle. I played Pac Man World 2 a lot when I first got my Cube. This was one hella fun Platformer plus all the cool cntent in th Arcade area was nice too. I didnt have a GBA nor didn any of my friends, we had invested too much into our GBC as this time, so I didnt get to experience VS ever. Next Great Momment wa Star Wars Rogue Squadron II, I loved that game to death. Then I played Sonic Adventures 1 and 2 and spent many days on them, both great games. I also loved Metroid Prime, Sould Caliber II, Dragon Ball Z Budokai( my second favorite fighitng game for GC) and Fianly I gave in and borrowd SSB Melle, and fell in love. Mostly the adventure mode where you ruyn through the old school looking levels like Mushroom Kingdom and such, this more than made up for Sunsine.

Speaking of Sunshine I will say that I got this game along with Luigis Mansion fairly early on in my Cube days, I palyed maybe an hour of Luigis mansion before tarding it in to Game Stop, and Sunshine, I was impressed at first with the graphics and the Levels, but it didnt take long before that damn water hose drove me insane and I had to quit playing. Not teh difficulty mins you the &*&*^ing VOICE! I cant stand the voice so much I couldnt finish the game. which is sad realy cuz I liked playing it and maybe someday Ill go back and try again.

Resident Evil 4 was a great moment cuz its gave me a great looking game to really feal proad to own a Cube to be playing. And then Golden Eye Rogue Agent came out and I put a lot of hours into that game also, still working on it cuz its a fun game but havent finsihed yet cuz too many other games to play not enough time to play them all. Then I also loved Tales Of Symphonia and my favorite GC game (not counting Fighting games) Harvest Moon. having lived ona farm and haveing grandparetns who live on a farm this game realy got my attention. It was fun, great story and very relaxing. Too bad it gets boring very quikly though.

The Zelda Collectors Disk and GB Player were also some great times for me too.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Gamecube four years on: Dissapointments
« on: November 17, 2005, 06:48:21 PM »
well I oly ad that disclaimer cuz I got flamed for saying I dont like pokemon or Paper mario, so i always let people know I have different tastes than most people. But I never follow the crowd and always like games most people dont. thats just me though.

All in all I agree that what killed nintendo was thier half ass attitude towards the game cube. It also didnt help any when they reported that tehy had to stop manufactoring the system half way threw its second year and then pick up again witha  huge price drop and a free exclusive just to pick up enough slaes to even stay in the race for third. Thats when 3rd party Devs jumped ship cuz they saw GC as finished and gave up back then.

I also think a big part of what hurt them was the fact they didnt do any thing to build up thier image. They used to have giveaways in magazines, Fox Kids and Nickelodeon used to give away Nintendo systems for prizes, Pepsi and even Shasta used to run promos for Nintendo games, there were countless movies where kids were shown, at least 1 shot, playing a Nintendo game. when I was in school we always woudl ask peopel if they played Nintendo games, I never nor did any one I know, use teh term video games, it was always Nintendo games. That didnt change until Sega but even then it was Do you play Nintendo or Sega, now no matter who you are talking to you get eithe rlaughed at, wierd looks, or argued with, if you say you play Nintendo games. unless your specificaly refering to "the nintendo" which is commonly referencing the NES.

I even rememeber when Super Mario Bros came out and how much of an impact that game had, no game has had an impact like that in a long ass time. Mario 64 came awefully close but still not the same.

So as a Nintendo fan from bakc when Nintendo was all there was I mostly wish they would get thier former glory back just for "old times sake" if you know what I mean. Im gonna be to old to be playing video games soon and unless I have kids or my sister lets me by games for her kids, teh Revolution will most likely be my last system, my primary reason for even wanting oen is the old games, I honestly have no faith in Nintendos current game makers to support a system based on thier weirdo controller, among other things. I will say that as a grown adult, I do not have much desire to play pretend with a remote control for my video games. I currently play my old systems the most anyways and most likely will just focus on Revs DL features and maybe geta  few select new games if the are interesting enough.

Nintendo says they want to reach non gamers or old school gamers and I can say I think tehy will succeed with Rev mostly cuz of the Dl feature. But I still have hopes that they will make a Mario game that can take me back to when I was a kid again like they keep promising.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Mario Basket 3 vs 3 for GameCube
« on: November 16, 2005, 05:30:04 PM »
Thats actualy good news for me, I have been wanting a Mario Baseket ball game since beside Hockey tahst teh only sports game I like.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Gamecube four years on: Dissapointments
« on: November 16, 2005, 05:28:14 PM »
well first I respond to rpevious posters mentiong of acclaim dropping the GC, thats not thier fault, they went out of bussiness and dont even exist anymore.

Now I want to list all the disspointments I had with the GC and explain why to me these really hurt my perception of the system.

First off I agree that the online strategy sucked. Back when there was still talks of online games, when teh adaptor was still being sold and Phantasy Star Online just came out, I have several freinds who were interested in X-box just because Rainbow 6 was gonan be onit and online. I showed them how Nintendo was going to be onlione soon and they would most likely get Rainbow 6 cuz it was on N64. Then out of the blue they drop online suport and my friends trade thier Cubes for Xboxes. I had high hopes of playing against my freinds online and was squashed cuz nintendo screwed up.

Second I was dissapointed that the system was lauinched without a Mario platformer and was even more dissaponted when Sunshine came out (I know a lot of people liekd it but I personaly hated the game)

I bought my cube and my first 2 games were Star Fox Adventures and MK Deadly Allience. Now at first I was impressed with SF Adventures, it was my favorite game in the serious and to me was far better than Wind Waker ( another dissapointment for me) then I got ot teh end and was let down, I was expecting this awsome boss fight with General Scales and a cool cinematic showing how I saved the planet and instead I got a cheap-half ass way too short boss fight with General Scales and a crappy ending that killed teh rest of the game.

Mk DA was AWESOME though and more than made up for most early disapointments.

Then when I heard Soul Caliber II was coming to Cube and Link was gonna be playable I had hopes that woudl trun things around, it would sell millions of copies and then more great fighitng games would come to the cube.

Then teh game was WAY TO EASY, sold far less than should have, and prascticaly disapoeard within a few months. Seeing that fighitng games werent selling on Cube 3rd party devs decided not to make any for the system. We managded to get a couple DBZ games ported, long after they had had thier run on ps2, and that was pretty much it. As a fighitn game fan this sucked for me.

Then There came teh news that Lucas Arts was dropping support for the system and there went those great Star Wars games I was looking forward to. This hurt cuz I ama  huge SW fan and have severaly felt thier absense this gen.

Then Nintendo promieses a follow up to Mario 64, supposedly multi player and is gearing up support and then it magicaly fades into obscurity and somehow is forgotten by everyone who works for teh company.

Metroid Prime comes out and I regain some confidence in the system.

Then Nintendo decides that Racing games arent meant to be fun nor realistic and misses a golden opportunity to make Crusin USA or some other great racing game and instead we get a hand full of EA games (all good but stil not enough) and Nintendo, when questiond can only repsond with there are currently no plans to make any racing games.

Then They go and promise fantastic Final Fantasy that will not only be on par with FFX but supposedly blow it out of teh watter. Exstatic I race to Game Stop and reserve my copy and even get a GBA and the link cables to play it with. Upon playing I will say I was severly disspointed. I thought it was a decent game in its own right, but i woudl never blaspheme the bame Final fansty by labeling CC that. They game was sucha  disspointemnt not just for me but all my friends who held off just for that game,well seeing every freind of mine finaly jump ship and get a ps2 or xbox i felt left out and alone.

This pissed me off cuz when igo into a game store and ask for a Nintendo game I get wierd looks., anmd clerks who alwasy say wouldnt you be happioer with an xbox? and having to ARGUE why I chose GC without soudning like a blind fanboy, cuz I'm not, but I wanted a Cube, at first cuz all my freinds had them and cuz I thoughtit would be better than N64, which we all had instead of ps1.

Then Mk 6 was cancelled then delayed then it was suposed to have online cz nintendo was just gearing up to implenemt their own online strategy and then once again nothing.

Then midway announces they are dropping Cube support and only because of high demand agree to port, belatedly, 2 more games to teh system.

Overall 3rd party suport increase several times over n64, but most 3rd party games are Either EA Sports or T*HQ Nicktoons games,

So far there have been far mroe disspointements than satisfasctions bt nonethe less I stuck it out because it had enough games to keep my satisfied, sure theones it didnt get thatit was promised to get caused me to get a ps2 and xbox but I am content with my GC nonetheless. Rememebr these are my personal disspointemtns feel free to disagree but please dont try and agrue why i didnt like a game, cuz thats my personal taste verses yours.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Reggie's A Rockstar
« on: November 05, 2005, 05:17:04 AM »
I am extatic that Electroplankot is even coming to America, I dont care if its online only because I will just buy it online. Will say this though, I am amusician and this game is the DS game that has had my attention the most. I have already told other musiciansl that I know abot it and its the kind of game that they would play also. Its not just about music though, its art. As an artist also I think thsi game is going to totaly rock.

The people I associate with who make music, myself includied, curently use a program called Acid, made by Sony, well Sonic Foundry but they are a part of sony. Anyways what makes this music making program great is its not just easy to use, but its artistic value also. You see they way it works is you have a canvas and a paint brushand you paint teh sounds onto teh canvas and make songs, you use loops of coruse and that makes it easier also. Then You just paint pretty pictures and select teh loops you like and you can create a nice song in a few minutes. It has a lot of other features that make it a formidable tool and its the acaxt same tool teh Neptunes use. NOw when i tell othe rmusic producers like myself about Electroplankot I compare it to Acid, and they love it, mixing art and music is so perfectly natural. Anyways these guys all order thie programs online anyways so its no big deal to them, I just hope that Nintendo can get some online music stores to carry the "game" and have that club Dj they used at E3 to do a commercial for the game. Electroplankot isnt meant to appeal to gamers, from whative looked up on it, ist mean t to appeal to people with musical interest and artistic aspirations. Of course theres a big chance that if the games a huge success nintendo might offer it to stores that are interested. I would at least hope they sell it at Hastings and Sam Good though, cuz thats where teh target audience will be shopping anyways.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Revolution Retro Game DL Wishlist
« on: October 24, 2005, 09:01:23 AM »
I dont mean to be lazy here but I want ALL NES/SNES/N64 games regardless of who published them to be available for the rev.

But to play along heres my list

Mario Bros 1-3
Dr Mario
Kid Icarus
TMNT 1-3
A Nightmare On elm Street
Duck Tales
Friday the 13th
Double Dragon
Ninja Gaiden
Punch Out
Final Fantasy
Zelda 1 and 2
Transformers (forgot the actual name but I want ALL TF games!)
Mega Man series (even though I have the anniversary collection)
Balloon Fight
Ice Climbers
Kung Fu
Battle Toads
Little Nemo...

...To many to list Ill just say all of them

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Revolution = Official Name?
« on: October 24, 2005, 08:42:31 AM »
well we know from history that Nes, N64 and GC all had name changes before coming out here in america.

N64 had the most name changes I beleive, it was originaly called Prject Reality, Then changed to Ultra 64 with logos and everything being present in maging magazines and arcade games.
Then Dolpih became Game Cube. I think Nintendo history shows they are inclined to change the name just because they always do, but I like Revolution so much I hope it either stays the name or gets used heavily in the marketing. Or they could call it the Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System and pay homage to NES/SNES and N64 all at once. UNES? sounds good? OR we coudl call it the new NES. But I hear people who dont even care about GC at all who are excited about teh Rvolution so I think it should stick so not to confuse too many people.

TalkBack / RE:Dream Game Revolution Mega-Thread
« on: October 15, 2005, 10:05:44 PM »
I love that idea! Pinball is one of my favorite types of games and I lvoe it how Sega always incorperates it into their Sonic Games! On a side note to whoever wrote that entry, I am currently writting a short story, for a sci-fi magazine, that is along these same lines. Well mine is about a boy who enters another world via an Arcade machine, but I didn't use lighting. Anyways great idea and congrawdulations on winning the contest!

Question to the people held this contest, are yo guys submitting the idea(s) to Nintendo for consideration by any chance? It would really be a shame if this game never gets made.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Launch Titles: What must we have.
« on: October 15, 2005, 12:32:40 PM »
I hated battle network, I was thining traditional Mega Man games, X is good too but I want *real* mega man games. or even Legends. I agree entirley with you rancid, this is *the* launch NIntendo can not afford to screw up.  

Nintendo Gaming / Revolution Bundle Ideas/Thoughts
« on: October 15, 2005, 12:29:24 PM »
I was just thinking about how Microsoft and Sony are talking about different bundles and such and I was rememebring the NES/SNES days (ya know the glory days) when it occured to me, that Nintendo could do something similar to what they have done in the past instead of following thier recent trends.

I was thinking it could go like this. There would be the "CORE" unit, like in old days thsi would be the barebones essentials, 1 controller, 1 powercord/video cable, 1 system, and either a Demo disk (pleae for teh love of God includea demo disk Nintey!) and thats it, for the bottom dollar, say 150

Then a Pack In Bundle that has 2 options 1 the Action Set which could have Mario, 1 controller, all the hook ups and a free download or two. Then the Online Set which could be teh saem as action set bt instead of mario Smash Bros and 2 controllers and the same download limit as Action Set

These bundles could either be the regular 200 or the 250 price.

Then the "Ultimate Gamers" bundle which would be the same as teh other 2 ecept they would add a Shell for each control pad and a Flash Memory Card, a Demo Disk and a a couple more downloads ad maybe both Pack In games or replace the pack in with say Metroid Prime 3 if its available. The Ultimate package would be maybe 300 doallars but all options are still a better deal than the competitors no matter how you look at it.

what do you guys think? Good idea? bad idea? Got a better idea? This is one erea where Nintendo could shine if they do it right.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Launch Titles: What must we have.
« on: October 15, 2005, 09:58:51 AM »
Heres my list iof games I would ike to see at launch

1st party

Smash Bros
Mario Platformer
Original game that uses controllers features
1st Party Racing Game (realistic racer preffered but will settle for whatever is available)
1st Party Sports Game (to match whatever sport season Rv is launched durring IE Baseball game if Baseball season etc.)
Luigis Mansion Sequel
Decent catelog of Downloads right off the bat.

3rd Party

Next Mortal Kombat Game
Need For Speed Game
Relavent Sports titles that use controler well (same season as whats availabel durrring launch)
Next Sonic The Hedgehog Game
Quake or DOOM Sequels or remakes
GOOD Star Wars Lightsaber Fighting game that takes full advantage of teh controller (THIS is what will sell the system!)
Classic 3rd party games for DL (Star Wars NES/SNES games, some Mega Man games, Street Fighter games, and some other odds and ends)
A Mega Man Sequel (Nintendo should have cut a deal to get MM exclusive instead of RE I think)
Street Fighter Game
Virtue Fighter Game

Tahst what I think they need to have well balance launch, not everything needs to be ready launch day but within the first three months.

TalkBack / RE:Sonic Advance & Sonic Pinball Combo Announced
« on: October 11, 2005, 06:43:50 PM »
me! I will buy anything sega makes with sonic on it cuz hes that cool. Even though I already have a genesis with all the sonics plus mega collection on my cube Ill still get the gba versions and all teh sonic advance games too. This is a great buy I will be getting it for sure. watch out Sony, Sega is on the rise again!

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Donkey Kong instead of Mario?
« on: October 11, 2005, 08:43:54 AM »
I agree with ian. But I think it deffinatley needs to be a GOOD mario game also, mario is Nintendos mascot after all not just thier most popular character, DK is cool and all but not thier mascot, a COOL Dk game shortly after launch maybe woud be cool but Mario and Smash bros neads to be the main focus

Nintendo Gaming / how lame is this
« on: October 09, 2005, 12:25:28 PM »

Some jerk  is selling *SELLING* a link to awebsite where you can download nintenod games onto yoru psp, its like the psps doesnt have any good games so they want nintendos games to play on it. this reminds me of a guy who used to work at a game store where he told me teh X-box was better than Nintendos system because it could play NINTENDOS games. honestly this is utter crap so I reported it to nintenods legal department they are pretty upset they said. Hope they can put s stop to this kinds of crap

Nintendo Gaming / RE: A new rumor about the Revolution
« on: October 09, 2005, 11:32:38 AM »
I agree that 99 is way too low, the game cube has been priced that for a while and it still cant compete. People will think it is inferior,  I think teh perfect solution would be between 200 and 250 adn it shuold come iwth the basics and hopefully 1 game and a download or two. I am willing to pay as much as 300 for the rev but onlyif it comes with a game, the last nintendo console to launch with a pack in was SNES, and nietehr of those consoles did as well as it. Even though it wasnt a great game, good but not great, Mario SUnshine could have helpe da lot if it had been a  pack in. Or Pikmin or Luigis mansion either one, but sadly it didnt happen. ALso Mario *needs* to be available for launch no matter what because if not it will hurt them I think because people wont wait around for teh rev to geta good mario game they want it right away to asssure them it was the right choice. i raealy do anyways.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Nintendo Wi-Fi connections... in Wal-Mart?
« on: October 09, 2005, 11:17:42 AM »
there was a mcdonalds where i used to live that had a game cube station set up and tehy advertised that you could play the latest games, but latter they took the ads down but I thinkn the sation is still there, so it could work for mcdonalds, truck stops tend to have free wi-fi also so that is a big help I honestly think nintenod has picked a real winner this time

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