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PREVIEWS: Glory of Heracles
« on: June 04, 2009, 06:16:13 PM »
Return to Ancient Greece in this upcoming DS RPG.

 Glory of Heracles is an RPG developed by PAON for the DS starring the legendary hero Heracles. Players will be able to relive the mythology of Ancient Greece thanks to a deep battle system that also promises pick-up-and-play accessibility. The story begins when Heracles washes up on the beach with amnesia. The goal is to explore the world, gradually discover Heracles' past, and meet new characters who will join him in his quest. The story will be presented through colorful animated cutscenes.    

When it comes to the game's battle system, Strategy will be a key component. A successful battle will net many rewards, experience points, and treasures that the player can use in his or her quest.    

PAON will let players play using traditional controls with the D-Pad and buttons, but will also utilize the touch screen in optional scenes involving spells and skills during battle sequences.    

The Glory of Heracles shall be told in 2010.

Pedro Hernandez
NWR Staff Writer