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New Details About Pokémon Snap Revealed
« on: March 24, 2021, 02:15:00 PM »

Time to book Your tickets to the Lental Region

Earlier today multiple outlets posted previews for the upcoming New Pokémon Snap. While the demo was only viewed by reporters and not playable, their previews did outline a ton of new features for the new title. We've taken the liberty of noting some of the more notable additions to the game down below.

  • There will be no new Pokémon exclusively added to the Lental region, but there are mentions that there will be more than 200 Pokémon to shoot pictures of. These Pokémon are from all different kinds of Pokémon regions and interact with one another in unique ways.

  • Every track has both a daytime and a nighttime level with additional routes that can be taken after reaching a higher expedition grade. You gain points at the end of every expedition based on your photos for the professor. The rating of the photos goes up to a maximum of four stars.

  • There's several items to use on the Pokémon again. The Fluffruit can be tossed at the wild Pokémon to lure them in specific poses or positions like in the original N64 version. The Pokéflute can also be used to perform music and watch Pokémon dance or perform.

  • Every photo taken in game can be edited afterwards with the re-snap feature. Here you can add stamps, change lighting options and adjust other aspects of the photo. Worthy to note here is that the professor will only grade your 'raw' photo shot during the expedition. So editing is completely optional and photos edited this way can be added to a seperate re-snapped photo album to be shared later.

New Pokémon Snap launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on April 30th.

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Re: New Details About Pokémon Snap Revealed
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2021, 07:05:00 PM »
200 feels a little low; the Pokedex goes up to 898. On the other hand, 200 gives you a pretty large number of possible interactions/animations, so the game shouldn't be hurting for content by any means.
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