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Summer Game Fest Preview: Hello Kitty Island Adventure
« on: June 19, 2024, 07:38:58 AM »

Hello Kitty Island Adventure leaves Apple Arcade for the Nintendo Switch

Hello Kitty Island Adventure was announced as a timed console exclusive for the Nintendo Switch in today’s Direct. It was previously released on Apple Arcade but it is now coming to modern consoles complete with all its previous content updates.

I was given a hands on demo of the game running on the Switch during Summer Game Fest, and while not optimized yet (with a considerable amount of hitching) it was clear that there was an extreme amount of content present in this game: specifically over 80 hours of linear content, dungeon exploration, customization and quests. I specifically gave my character giant void eyes that looked horrifying, paired with a fancy hat. The combinations all work well within the universe for whatever aesthetic you want.

Exploring the island reveals the plethora of Hello Kitty characters involved, each with their own personalities and preferences. I instantly fell in love with the characters and was excited for all the quests that came with them, which were usually fetch quests. Get five mannequins for the fashionista penguin, or get 3 umbrellas for the paranoid conspiracy theorist cat, it’s all got a real strong charm to it.

   The island is bustling with new things to complete and areas to explore. There are underwater mermaid comedy clubs or hidden Mayan temples. It’s all here and ready to explore. After my thirty minute preview, I was practically ready to install Apple Arcade to dig further into what was waiting for me at Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Luckily, it will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2025, so there’s not long to wait for this hot new Animal Crossing style cozy adventure!