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Expectations And Wishes For The New Game Plus Expo
« on: June 15, 2020, 02:00:00 AM »

Warning: Port begging is approaching fast.

We’ve gotten a few announcements out of the way already with this E3 replacement week, but for my money the main event of this month (barring an out-of-nowhere Direct that likely won’t happen) is on June 23. Because that’s the day of the New Game Plus Expo.

In terms of release quantity, the list of presenters represents some of the biggest 3rd parties on the platform - and for those who aren’t (Atlus), there’s a lot of potential for big releases that would definitely get my attention. So let’s preview the show on the 23rd with what I’m expecting to appear from the appearing companies, as well as my wishes that would make this the best Nintendo platform related presentation since E3 2010.


What I expect: June 23 is 29 years to the day since Sonic 1 released. There was going to be a Sonic announcement at South by Southwest before that was cancelled. The movie made money AND was closer to the original Mortal Kombat than Annihilation in terms of quality. If we don’t have a Sonic game announced at New Game Plus, I’m assuming somebody died.

What I wish for: Either a Skies of Arcadia remaster, or they let Rieko Kodama helm a Skies of Arcadia 2 or Phantasy Star V (offline).


What I expect: A shadow drop of an English version of the Catherine: Full Body demo and/or a release date for the localization of Persona 5 Strikers/Scramble.

What I wish for: A broader multiplatform strategy for their back catalogue following the recent release of Persona 4 Golden for Steam and its ascension to the top of the best seller chart inside of a half hour. Or, since TGS won’t be happening this year, ANYTHING about Shin Megami Tensei V (the last game from January 2017’s Switch reveal not released). Or port Persona 5 Royal to Switch. In other words, I’m easy to please.

NIS America

What I expect: Reminder of their Switch lineup for the rest of the year which includes Trails of Cold Steel III, Void Terrarium, the Prinny remakes, and Giraffe & Annika.

What I wish for: Take this, port it to Switch. That is all. (It’s the 10th anniversary of the series and I’d like to think the celebration wouldn’t be limited to mobile ports of 1…)

Aksys Games

What I expect: A boarding from the Otome Armada, as they have four of their six otome games still to release (including one on the 25th of June).

What I wish for: Complying with the wishes of Kotaro Uchikoshi and dropping the Zero Escape trilogy (or at least the combined release of 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward called “The Nonary Games”). I am aware that the last two wishes require some help from another company here, but it’s my list damnit.

Spike Chunsoft

What I expect: They’re still involved with PixelJunk Eden 2, so a release date for that.

What I wish for: The most mysterious Famitsu 10, 428: Shibuya Scramble, has a localization and I’d be interested in trying it on Switch. Or, since I’m really dreaming, a new Fire Pro Wrestling (or Switch port of FPW World) so I can fight as LE CHAMPION.

GungHo America

What I expect: Ninjala launches literally the next day. Launch trailer and a gameplay demo at minimum.

What I wish for: The Grandia HD treatment for another mid-to-late-90s RPG series they own the rights to: Lunar.

Koei Tecmo

What I expect: An announcement that Fairy Tail has gone gold and will meet its most recent release date along with something with “Warriors” in the title.

What I wish for: The follow-up to Atelier Ryza is confirmed for simultaneous release worldwide.


What I expect: A lot of hype for Harvest Moon: One World, especially in light of the Friends of Mineral Town remake coming out next month.

What I wish for: An announcement of the acquisition of the rights to the Lufia series starting with Lufias I & II coming to Switch Online, and they’re working with an indie studio to publish a new game in the franchise on the eShop.

Arc System Works

What I expect: Their focus will be on Guilty Gear Strive, which isn’t coming to Switch.

What I wish for: They dumped a few of the games from the Kunio-Kun bundle on the eShop in April, and the rest of them will launch in the next few months. Including the unlocalized ones.

Inti Creates

What I expect: They’re getting ready to launch the Gunvolt games on PlayStation 4, but they probably have a new multiplatform retro revival in their back pocket.

What I wish for: Said revival is Mega Man X9 with Capcom, in the 16 bit art style, and with none of the cruft of the games that followed… we’ll say X2.


What I expect: Some sort of DLC or free update for the recently released Shantae and the Seven Sirens.

What I wish for: More like what THEY wish for… there was talk of remastering the 2002 Shantae (from the Game Boy Color) recently, and they announce it for a 2021 release for the (intended) 20th anniversary.


What I expect: A big push for the Samurai Shodown collection that launches on Switch next month (and is already out on PC).

What I wish for: Remember when they dropped SNK Gal Fighters from the Neo Geo Pocket Color a couple of months ago? Three words: Card Fighters Clash.


What I expect: Playism has a couple of games coming out on the Thursday before (including One Way Heroics) and I expect one or both to get a physical release from Actill.

What I wish for: Playism also published Kero Blaster, so they rescued the rights to pixel’s other game, Cave Story+, from Nicalis and are distributing it going forward. Again, a physical release from Actill to follow.

Do you have any hopes or predictions for the New Game Plus expo? If so, sound off in the Talkback below.

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