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Good luck with the move BShy. It is going to feel great when you get all settled into your new place.

Yeah I am suppose to hear back from the Housing Athority this week so hopefully something comes of it. I will probably call them today or go out to them on Monday and see what is going on.

and I didn't really hear much for a while till like July where we had to give paystubs from my job at Vox Media.  I am the moderator on Silver Screen and Roll. Been at that job since July 2021.

Speed up to September and I get a voucher and we are looking at places and calling places on if they take a Housing Voucher and most but not all places we had on our list no longer take the voucher even though a month previous they did.   So we found a place after calling 10 other places and it is a good place.  More spacious than my current residence.  There is a sliding door in my closet instead of a walk in door closet. We have a dishwasher, electric stove and a working oven and garbage disposal.  We only have the disposal and gas stove at my Phoenix house.

Glass sliding door in the bathroom for the shower and we have working lights at the new place in the bathroom.   Phx place we have a light that runs on batteries and it is motion sensitive so it shuts off and a shower curtain, 

The living room is bigger with multiple outlets as opposed to 3 working outlets, and we have 5 outlets in the living room/kitchen total and two don't work in the phx house.  I need to go over tomorrow to check the outlets. I can bring my phone charger to check if they work or not. 

But yeah today I had to make a tough choice.   Pay the prorated rent for the next two weeks and the remaining 300 security deposit to get the key or wait to fill out the security deposit  application form, which mom had, when going to pay for the truck and that was going to be a tomorrow thing.  I wanted progress so I took out all my savings from my account and paid the $517 for the remaining 300 security deposit and the 217 for the prorated rent for the next two weeks of October.

I just have to line up the truck and move most large things on the 29th of October.  But till then I have the keys and I can bring small boxes over this week and the start of next week so when the 29th comes I can just get the larger furniture with the truck.
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