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Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: June 03, 2023, 02:19:51 AM »
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse..... 11/10


This move was crazy good, and I would've sat through a 4 hour version if they had released the whole thing at once. TBH, I wasn't even aware it was a 2 parter.... and about 2 hours in, I leaned over to my daughter and said "There is so much story left to tell... I wouldn't be mad if they hit pause right here, and said 'To Be Continued'..."
about 5 minutes later, that's exactly what happened. They certainly leave you wanting more.

The script gets flipped in this a few times, and the action is intense. The art-style lends alot to what they are able to create here visually, and it's awesome all the way through. This could not be achieved in live action in anyway whatsoever.

There are tons of easter eggs, and a *SPOILER*surprise cameo that's MCU related

I'm not even gonna get into details, but know that Spider-Gwen has plenty of screen-time, there's more easter-eggs in the amount of spider-beings and related villains that you will not be able to name them all in a single viewing, the action is amazing, the visuals are insane, and if you have time to rewatch the first movie (which I need to do, but isn't required).... the story is very much directly connected.

p.s. there are no post credits, and part 2 comes out March of next year (Beyond the Spider-verse)

long story short.
This is better than Into the Spider-Verse.
This is the best Spider-Man movie made to date
This is the best Marvel movie made to date
and you should go see this movie now.

1) Bob Myers moving on was a little unexpected, as Curry still got a few years of near prime play left in him. Poole was certainly a mistep... but hind sight is 20/20. Who couldn't seen him only being a HomeWarrior and being a end of the bench G Leaguer on the road?

2) I know Dray wanted to go to the Lakers.... but he ain't getting paid nowhere near as much by any other team than the Warriors. and with the new CBA.... another team isn't likely to overpay on him just to get him away from the Warriors

3) I didn't read the new CBA, but got a brief summary of the changes.... kinda seemed targeted at breaking up the Warriors Dynasty, but that's from the perspective of who summarized it for me.

4) Dubs Kings was a good watch. Lakers getting swept was bitter sweet. I don't actually remember most of the rest of the playoffs, outside the Heat Celtics.... even though I watched quite a bit of it.

I just had to look up the playoff brackets :D and now I remember the Knicks Cavs being one series I was a little hyped about, but that turned out to be a dud. Oh and the Grizz flaming out spectacularly.

5) I'm personally rooting for Himmy Buckets, but I think this may just be the Nuggets year. They peaked at the right time. The Heat just don't score enough, and I don't think they can stop the Nuggets for getting consistent buckets.

edit: and to add, Jokic should've been a 3x repaeat MVP, but he let that go to achieve higher goals, starting with his first NBA Finals Appearance, and possibly a NBA Chip and Finals MVP. Embiid winning was only a compromise and a pity award. We all know Jokic was the clear and undisputed MVP for this season.

Still waiting for the Nuggets to get that extra point that was missing from Jokic's 3 that counted as a 2.... That they showed the replay of several times and mentioned on the broadcast, but never updated the score....

Not that it really matters now, but it could've.

Looks like Ja Morant could miss more than the 2 announced games for the Grizz....

What a bozo.

Colorado police also looking into the situation.... 🚔

Guess you can upgrade bozo to dumbass. 🤦🏿‍♂️

What's the upgrade after dumbass? Is it shithead?

I actually think it's Dipshit, but if he gets that whole or even half season suspension.... Well just give him the free upgrade to Big Time Loser or fucking idiot

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: April 29, 2023, 11:47:13 AM »
Evil Dead Rise - 9.5/10

This was a good one. Once things got started... it was TENSE. I could see people that get scared, being scared by this one. It was creepy, very unsettling, extremely gory, nerve wracking, and it touched on the family aspect of this that wasn't in any of the previous versions, all while being entertaining throughout.

I'm not giving anything away on this one, but if you got a scaredy girlfriend/wife, this is the one pull them into.

.....and to think this was originally made for direct to HBO Max.
I'm glad new management looked at it and said "no, this is too good for direct to streaming, send it to the theaters!!".
that was a good call.

Are you a fan of the original trilogy? If so, does this relate to those at all or provide fan service for fans of the original?

The Original trilogy was a long while ago.... so I can't say if there was any easter eggs to relate to ED 2 or 3. Evil Deal (2013) was a remake of the original though, and this new one is a sequel to that. They all contain the "Book of the Dead" however, and that is the main connection.
I do no believe Evil Dead Rise made any attempt to relate itself to Evil Dead 2 or 3 though, outside the eventual use of a chainsaw.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
« on: April 27, 2023, 09:49:07 AM »
NWR didn't get to go to Nintendo's Zelda preview event that everyone is bragging about today?

Is the Switch Pro, or Switch 2 on the horizon? and what do we know about that?
Where are all the credible rumors surrounding that?
1. Nothing announced.
2. Last rumor I read, a Switch Pro was planned and quietly cancelled due to some weird thing that happened in 2020.

The story is way more complicated from what I've heard. Originally the Switch Pro was delayed/shelved and the OLED was uncancelled in 2021 due to the chip shortage. With fake internet monies craze dying and chips being easy to get in 2022, they were going to release the Pro/(new) console but decided to wait until patches are available to take advantage of it sometime around spring 2023. Meanwhile, they made a metric ton of Zelda themed OLEDs in spring/summer 2022, which they were forced into storage due to TotK being delayed to May 2023. Since Nintendo wants to get their money worth out of these OLEDs and even has balls to charge a $10 surcharge for sitting on them for a year, they killed the Pro to not compete with the Zelda OLED's sales and delaying it more will cause it to bump heads with the next console releasing next year. The Pro might live on as part of the "Switch" 2's backwards compatibility but Nintendo is considering not even including it. People in the know are trying to raise a backlash about Switch 2 not having any backwards compatibility to make Nintendo change their mind on it.

Hopefully those "people in the know" already got their way, as this job listing was found the other day talking about developing "cross platform" and for current and future Nintendo hardware

my interpretation is that is speaking about backwards compatibility.... but I could be wrong.

It's total BULLSHIT if you watch the video.

He picked it up, swung it around in front of him, and then softly dropped it infront of 2 arena employees. He shouldn't have done that, but there is no assault. at worse, the chair touched someones feet, but 3rd degree assault!? gimme a break.

They just looking for a quick settlement and easy paycheck.
and once it's done, if it is exactly as it looked.... then I hope they get fired for cause.
That would be filing a false ass police report for what that video looked like.

But on to better news.... How about Jimmy Butler (8th seed) taking out Giannis (1 seed) and coming back 2 games in a row with a more than double digit deficit in the 4th.... absolutely crazy.

And then the Warriors pulling out game 5 against the Kings.... despite the ref effort to not let that happen. It was a good ass game... all 5 of them have been so far. Game 6 is where it ends though. Experience will beat youth this time. They gonna have to save that BEAM for next year.

This Warriors vs Kings series has been FIRE.

lots of calls favoring the Kings, but the main thing holding the Dubs back from already being victorious, is all the got damn turnovers..... (also some rebounding, but mostly TO's)

Curry with the Timeout Call when we ain't had no Timeouts.... :facepalm:
that put us in a position to lose the damn game. So damn stressful with this team this year.

and the WTF moment by the refs....
When there was a whistle, for what everyone thought was for a kickball (they showed it on replay), but the ref called it an "Inadvertent" whistle.... which should have just reset the play for the Warriors, since they had the ball during and after that "inadvertent" whistle, but somehow it turned into a Jump Ball, that turned into a quick Kings 3, busting up the Warriors change to build on a late 5 point lead....
we all know that should've been a Side or baseline out for the Warriors. Not sure how it turned into a Jump Ball.

Draymond absolutely is the worst when it comes to close quarter shots and layups.... missed somewhere between 5-7 close ones, that could have easily given us a comfortable lead. Nothing but full speed layup lines for that man please!!!!! it's literally killing us on offense. But good thing he is sooooo Clutch on Defense, because that saved us from an embarrassing defeat yesterday.

All worked out in the end, but damn was that nerve wracking to watch. Best series of the Playoffs so far BY FAR though.

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: April 24, 2023, 01:25:46 AM »
Evil Dead Rise - 9.5/10

This was a good one. Once things got started... it was TENSE. I could see people that get scared, being scared by this one. It was creepy, very unsettling, extremely gory, nerve wracking, and it touched on the family aspect of this that wasn't in any of the previous versions, all while being entertaining throughout.

I'm not giving anything away on this one, but if you got a scaredy girlfriend/wife, this is the one pull them into.

.....and to think this was originally made for direct to HBO Max.
I'm glad new management looked at it and said "no, this is too good for direct to streaming, send it to the theaters!!".
that was a good call.

The Marvels trailer has finally arrived.....

and picks up right where Ms. Marvel left off!

Honestly, looks fun.
Ms. Marvel was a mixed bag but the beginning and end were fun enough.
Kamala freaking out and fan girling from scene to scene is pretty funny though.

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: April 10, 2023, 12:17:32 AM »
Personally, I enjoyed the movie from start to finish. I'd give it a Solid 8.5/10.

Fanservice was a 10/10
Visuals were a 8.5/10
Music/Soundtrack 8.5/10
Story.... it's a Mario movie, the story led them to a magical pipe, that led to a magical land, where you think Mario is gonna have to save a Princess.... not sure what everyone was expecting.
They managed to make the necessary connections and motivations, and then make them work. They even setup the excuse for future cameo's/game movies.

I don't actually think they will go the Smash Bros route, as that twist was already taken by the Lego movie, and I was joking when I said that, as I hadn't even seen the movie yet.
But I am curious as to how and/or with whom they follow up this movie with.

I can't see Zelda working in that same style... or genre.
nor Metroid... that can be a cameo/universe crossing scene on a grander adventure

Maybe Icarus or something, but I don't feel that is known enough to be a competent follow up.
I actually assume there will be a Super Mario Bros 2 before anything else (maybe even SMB3), but I assume they will try to expand at some point, and no better time to strike, than while the iron is hot.

Where do you think they'll expand first?

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: April 09, 2023, 08:30:58 PM »
Nothing on the Super Mario Bros movie yet....?

Well, I'm about to go in an hour, and my daughter is about to see it for the 2nd time.
She said it was fun and would definitely watch it a second time if I wanted to go watch with her.

Reviews seem good enough and the movie I smashed an animated movie opening weekend (overtaking Frozen) and the 5 day opening weekend record.

(shamelessly stolen)
$204m domestic / $377m international

🥇 Biggest opening of 2023
🥇 Biggest worldwide opening for an animated movie
🥇 Biggest Illumination movie
🥈 Second best domestic opening for an animated movie

How good is a $377M opening weekend you ask?
Well, here are the complete B.O. Intake for a few other movies you might've seen:

Free Guy: $331m
Black Adam: $393m
Spider-verse: $384m
Sonic the Hedgehog: $319m
Sonic the Hedgehog 2: $405m

I hope Nintendo and Illumination are already working on that Sequel/Spin-off. This could be the start of the Nintendoverse, leading up to a Super Smash Bros/End Game situation. :P

Mario & Luigi coming into 2023 like:

also shamelessly stolen... but it's a classic

and now they be like:

Blue Beetle got a Trailer.... and it looks pretty good.

Suit looks great.
I don't know much about Blue Beetle, but the trailer has me sold. This looks fun.

Looks like Ja Morant could miss more than the 2 announced games for the Grizz....

Between the SUV training lasers at Pacers staff in Indiana, the threatening of a 17yr old with a gun after a pick up game, bringing the posse to threaten a Finish line employee and Mall cop because his mom called, and now flashing his piece in a strip club on IG Live while on tour with the team in a different state... rumor has that it could be (but mostly likely won't be anywhere near) up to 50 games suspension.

the only way a lengthy suspension is likely to happen though, is if it turns out it was his personal piece, that he brought on to the team plane/facilities and cross state lines with.

But chances are he's gonna miss more than than yesterday vs the Clips, and tomorrow vs the Lakers. Probably also gonna miss Thurs vs the Warriors and probably Sat vs the Mavs as well. But I guess we'll see.

Not to downplay Ja's own self inflicted troubles.... and I hope he gets the help he needs, but all 4 teams this week need that win against the Grizz, who are also missing Adams, and another player that just suffered an ACL tear.

Grizz are likely to slip into the 3rd or possibly even 4th seed before Ja is back.
leaving the Kings in the 2nd seed!!!! (who saw this coming or even as a possibility!?)

We need to win both, sorry.

Lakers with no Bron and a sad AD, vs Warriors with possible return of The Chef... Not sure what's on the menu that night, but i hope to be served up something good.

Warriors pulled a Warriors tonight.....

down 11 at the half, couldn't hit a shot their lives.
Kerr says or does whatever he does in the locker at the half
41-16 Warrior run in the 3rd

This was despite the multiple questionable calls made by the refs, such as where Kawhi slaps the ball out of bounds, and the refs call it Clipper ball. Kerr almost challenged it.
The flurry of fouls on a single play leading to a collision between Dray and PG13 that was STILL a no-call that just lit the Warriors fuse.

But I do have to give a shout out to Ty Lue for the beautiful challenge call in a situation i've never seen before and was ready to laugh at.

Kawhi elbows DiVincenzo in the mouth, lengthy over the commercial break review to call it a Common Foul and 2 Free Throws for D, then the challenge happens,
Here I am wondering who in their right mind would challenge that after that 5 minute review, and turns out to be successful in not just reversing the call, but flipping back onto DiVincenzo as a foul before the elbow giving Kawhi 2 free instead. ::standing ovation::

Well played Ty, well played.

But we ultimately kicked they ass, because it was literally 4 on 5 with no respect shown to Westbrook whatsoever. It was REALLY embarrassing. Literally daring WB to shoot ANYTHING at all. Dray didn't get within 15 ft of him if he wasn't coming into the paint. All the open shots he want to take, and of course he missed them all.

Hopefully this 2nd half Warriors is the Warriors we continue to see now that the "Playoff" switch has been pushed.

But we have yet another back 2 back tomorrow, and apparently one more this season after this.
That's quite ridiculous.

Just got out of Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania

First thought when watching this.... What if Marvel made a Star Wars movie, but in the Marvel Quantumverse....
and that thought stuck with me the entire movie.

Movie is entertaining for sure, but kinda suffers from the same thing every Ant-Man movie does... and that is just  something that keeps you from being all the way engrossed in it.
I don't really know how to describe it, but I feel like you know exactly what I'm talking about.

As for MODOK.... LOL
what can I say. You've seen the leaked photos. It's just as bad as you know it to be, but in live action.
It what happens when keep it True to the Comics kinda goes wrong.... in a "good" way I guess, because it was pretty funny, but so got damn silly. His assembly scene was hilarious, but the character in whole was just kinda fucking absurd comic relief. I can't believe he got as much screen time as he did looking like he did.
It kinda sucks to see him die, but I really can't imagine him moving into another movie series and the director being forced to use him, and not just walk off the fucking set throwing the clip board in the air :D

Kang was good. what their doing with Kang... well, that looks interesting.
Plays right into Loki season 1 ending.

Also there are 2 end scenes. so stick around after the black and white credits.

Maybe in a few years time, it'll get leaked to the Internet, and then we can all clown on it for being even worse that we imagined.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Sales Thread
« on: February 13, 2023, 12:31:08 PM »
What is pushing PS5 sales so high the last 2 weeks?
I don't see any games in the top 10.... So is there anticipation for something coming?

According to Gunn's other partner in charge, Batgirl was really bad and unsalvageable.

I say walk away from what they may have spared us from, and embrace the DCU reset that will be The Flash.
It actually looks..... Good.
And I'm really surprised to say that.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3

I'm sure this will be fun as usual. A farewell tour for this group (as a group at least) and James Gunn as well.

Looks like The Flash is finally coming out. June 16th

It's really not looking as bad as I was thinking. Actually looks like it might actually be really good...

I saw a tweet mentioning that Westbrook didn't hug LeBron after he broke the scoring record. Which, I mean, can you blame him?

I saw a video of AD sitting on the bench, and uninterested in Lebron breaking the record.
But AD really didn't seem into the game at all.

But Trade Deadline was interesting.

Kyrie to Mavs
KD to Suns
WB to the Jazz.... likely to be bought out and then to the Clips or the Heat
John Wall back to the Rockets....
Warriors finally dump Wiseman, and turn that into getting GPII back
DLo to the Lakers
Beverly to.... the Magic?
Conley to the Timberwolves
Mo Bamba to the Lakers....

That's all I can remember off the top of my head.

I'm glad the Warriors finally got rid of the 2nd or 3rd year Wiseman who still couldn't figure out how to play with the team. He really needed to go to a non-contender and find his game or run out his contract. Dubs don't have the cushion to coach him on court, since we still fighting to pull everything else together just to make the playoffs.

Oh and the best story I heard, was that the Heat were ready to deal Lowry to the Clippers, but the Heat Front Office couldn't get ahold of Pat Riley in time to finalize the details before the deadline..... because Pat Riley is old and was taking a nap.

They supposedly backtracked on that 31 day BLOCK thing. That's pretty stupid.

If they just do a 2FA thing every 31 days for a device that never touches the home network, (and you should've have to log into Netflix from your phone from home, because why would I do that when I have unlimited data at 5G connection speeds at my house... and all my TV's are already connected to Netflix) then I think that will suffice and maybe even be enough of a deterrent in most cases to get some people to just pony up the cash and get a sub of their own.

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