Author Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes To Kick Off Sixth Story Book Tuesday  (Read 449 times)

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Fire Emblem Heroes To Kick Off Sixth Story Book Tuesday
« on: December 05, 2021, 02:08:00 PM »

Well, the new character could have an overpowered kit OR SHE COULD USE THE WARP STAFF!

The story of Fire Emblem Heroes is seemingly returning to where it all began.

Version 6 of the game will soon be available, and it will kick off a new story beginning on Tuesday (December 7). The story will take place in the game's original kingdoms of Askr and Embla, and a free copy of a new character Ash will be given to players who complete the first chapter of the story on Normal difficulty. Ash is the retainer of the kingdom of Askr's founder, and she serves as a beast unit in battle.

Along with the free copy, Ash will also be summonable on a banner featuring newly added units from Fire Emblem Awakening: Paralogue character Priam and the Khans of Ferox Flavia and Basilio will join Ash on the banner from Tuesday, while early character Miriel will be given to players for completing quests and be available in the summoning pool starting at the end of December. A Grand Hero Battle with Yen'fay will begin on Wednesday to correspond with the banner.

In addition to the new story, a new competitive mode called Summoner Duels will be added with the update pitting summoners against each other in 5v5 battles, with a "free battle" and "practice battle" option for testing against the AI or other players in a private match.

More information on the Summoner Duels and the summoning focus can be found in the newly-released FEH Channel video presentation:

A standalone version of the story trailer is also available:

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