Author Topic: Tears Of The Kingdom Announces Branded Hardware, Shows Gameplay  (Read 989 times)

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Also contains pain points and the Ultrahand.

As promised yesterday, the gameplay video for Tears of the Kingdom aired this morning - and also announced some rumored hardware.

A Tears of the Kingdom-branded Switch OLED model, which has been rumored for several weeks, will be available on April 28 for US$359.99 or equivalent. A branded Pro Controller and Switch carrying case will be available on May 12 (the game's launch date), as announced at the end of the video.

The video shows returning and new abilities and features from Breath of the Wild, including breakable weapons and stamina - though weapons can be combined or "fused". The vehicle building was also shown, using an item called "Ultrahand" to manipulate the vehicle. Aonuma also confirmed at the start that the game has gone gold, where "development is complete".

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