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One Line Coloring (Switch) Review
« on: September 02, 2020, 08:55:25 AM »

An approachable puzzle game with a nice art style.

One Line Coloring's name almost makes it seem like an app for kids. Honestly, the presentation of the game on Switch follows through with that misconception. While parts of it are extremely child friendly, in actuality, this is a smart little puzzle game that features a nice set of brain teasers that could benefit from a quicker, more intuitive retry system and maybe a better tutorial.

The first handful of puzzles are simple: start connecting the dots to complete the picture, but remember: you can only use “one line,” so you have to make sure you always have another dot to connect to after you move. The basic allotment of challenges are chill, though you can still easily mess it up. It was not immediately apparent how you could undo or restart, but once I realized that going to the menu would let me restart the puzzle, things got better. Still, the process of restarting your puzzle could be a lot quicker and smoother. It toes that line of being acceptable, but definitely a drag on the fluidity of the puzzles.

The restart function will assuredly be your friend as you work your way to the back half of the 100+ puzzles. New twists to the dots emerge, such as requiring you start on a specific one or making it so you can only proceed through a dot in one direction. The going certainly got more challenging the deeper I got into the puzzles. With the variety on hand, the difficulty curve was generally gentle. The developer calls out that the game would be good for kids, to which I don’t know if I totally agree. I think the first dozen or so puzzles would be fine, but once it gets more complex, it might not be something for all ages.

One Line Coloring is a series of cute brain-teasing puzzles with a pleasant art style. You can even view your puzzle solutions in dioramas, which reminds me of Picross 3D. And honestly: if you remind me of Picross 3D, that’s a good thing. That being said, One Line Coloring does not equal that legendary Nintendo DS and 3DS series, but it does scratch some of the same puzzling itches.

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