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Claws of Furry (Switch) Review
« on: October 09, 2018, 05:40:14 PM »

A mindless game not even worthy of the genre beat 'em up.

While looking at games to review, you sometimes aren't sure what to feel and this particular issue came up with Claws of Furry. The title, originally set for a January 2018 release, sees you brawling your way through various environments alone or with a couple of buddies. At first, I did enjoy what I played, but ultimately the game feels mindless. While it looks stylish and plays the part, this isn't a beat 'em up really worth considering. It’s a middling product that tries to fill a gap that is way too tiny.

As far as the looks and story are concerned, Claws of Furry is a nostalgia act in more ways than one. While you play, the ‘80s and ‘90s references keep winking at the player. They are well placed in all honesty, and in particular the love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles really shines through. In addition, the presentation reminds me of classic television shows which I absolutely adore. From top to bottom, Claws of Furry just looks incredibly sharp and it doesn't really matter how you play it.

While I got used to the controls over time, they can best be described as disappointing, with the movement in particular feeling somewhat slippery. The melee attacks in this beat 'em up aren't satisfying to pull off either. You do some attack spamming, slide behind them and crush them with absolute ease. I'm not say going to say I never had fun, but the fun disappeared before I could fully assess it.

That being said, you can find ways to make it fun. The bullet attacks, which are performed in the air, are a grand showcase of what could've been. It’s fun to spike opponents into oblivion, at least for a while. I will fully admit that it isn't the best strategy, but it is how I enjoyed myself. I also enjoy the terrible enemy AI. Most of them have complete throwaway attack moves, which makes traversing through the world a joke. There were plenty of stages where I didn't even get hit. At that moment, why bother even fighting it?

Regardless of whether I was playing alone or with friends, we quickly burned through Claws of Furry's 50 levels. There is some fun to be had in Rogue mode, but that’s mostly it. In Rogue, you only have one life and if you fail at any point, you go back to square one. This made for a somewhat palpable challenge in multiplayer, and gave me something to really fight for. The Arena can provide a good time as well, it’s here that the game constantly adds enemy types to throw you for a loop. It’s also here that I feel that the mechanics are utilized to their fullest.

Claws of Furry is disappointing. Despite having a fantastic look, it just feels slippery. The controls never feel right, and playing levels in normal mode simply isn't all that fun. There are alternative modes to give you motivation, but they can only give you so much. As you continue to play, the cracks start to show once again. Bad enemy AI isn't an unusual occurrence in a game that prides itself on being a strong beat 'em up outing. It all just stings a little.