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I, Zombie (Switch) Review
« on: March 15, 2018, 05:27:00 PM »

Infect or die.

I, Zombie is a charmingly simple game. Your mission is to get everybody on your side—by turning them into mindless zombies who follow your commands. Use your newly converted followers to strategically take over each map and turn everybody into a drooling zombie drone. That’s it. Just make the horde bigger and win.

Besides the zombie virus and terrified townspeople, this arcade-style game exudes cuteness with its music and artwork. I loved how adorable it was in spite of its darker setup. The concept is unique and the controls are easy to master.

Each map is simple, holding certain tactical challenges that gradually become more difficult through the 30 maps. I liked the gameplay, but most of the levels have the same objective (infect all the townspeople), so it was easy to get bored quickly.

There is, however, a really cool level editor that allows you to make changes to existing levels or design new ones. I had fun tinkering around with it and you can then put them online for people to play and rank, which adds to the longevity past the included maps.

The Switch, as a portable console, is great for this game. It’s always nice to have an infectious zombie on hand to pass the time when out and about. And though the gameplay itself is repetitive, it's a solid game with its tactical challenges and a great design.