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The RPG is coming to 3DS with some extras.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey has been announced for Nintendo 3DS in the latest Nintendo Direct. The release will include Bowser Jr.'s Journey, a behind the scenes look at the untold story of Bowser Jr.

The game was released originally on Nintendo DS as one of the games in the Mario & Luigi RPG series. Players switch between controlling Mario and Luigi together as they traverse inside Bowser, and also control Bowser directly in the overworld.

The game is set for release in 2019.

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I think the untold story of Bowser Jr. is that Nintendo doesn't pay a lot of attention to their own canon (ie: doesn't care) and when making Super Mario Sunshine they put in "Bowser Jr." not realizing that the character they were thinking of was actually Baby Bowser from Yoshi's Island.

Seriously the two characters look EXACTLY the same.  No way they would design them like that on purpose.  Miyamoto probably had a brainfart and thought the young Bowser character was Bowser's son and told them to put him in the game and no one spoke up about it.  And even if someone did it was probably met with the same "eh, **** it" attitude that goes into the Zelda timeline.  "I want a kid Bowser in Mario Sunshine so put him in there!"

Now the coolest thing would be if the untold story involved some sort of time travel plot where Bowser Jr. travels back in time and ends up growing up into the adult Bowser!  So they actually ARE the same guy but keep up this pretense of being father and son to hide their true plan - Bowser can correct his mistakes if his young self travels back in time with the existing knowledge of what went wrong.  It ends up a series of endless loops with each timeline's Bowser being more competent due to the knowledge of the prior loop.

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So glad they've decided to let the Mario and Luigi series die with the decrepit 3DS.
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A 3DS game in 2019.
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It ends up a series of endless loops with each timeline's Bowser being more competent due to the knowledge of the prior loop.
Does that mean Bowser eventually defeats Mario? That could be an interesting game. Or its the timeline Splatoon exists in.

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Partners in Time was such a forgettable game that even Nintendo forgot about it when planning their remakes.
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This feels a bit random. I always liked the graphics better on DS and before, so if they're redoing the graphics, I'm not interested.

It's too bad they don't sell the extra Bowser Jr story separately on the eShop.

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I didn't like M&L2, so I stopped with the series.  I heard this was a much better game, though, so maybe I'll give this a shot.