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Use Your Words (Switch) Review
« on: August 15, 2017, 04:58:00 AM »

Gather your unfunny friends and have some fun.

When you have a bunch of people over, sometimes it's hard to find a game easily accessible to enjoy with everyone. I have never enjoyed frantically searching and replacing batteries for my Wii Remotes, just to find out that some people can't even understand how to play the game. Fortunately, Use Your Words solves these problems. Previously released on the Wii U, it is now available on the Switch eShop. Though the options are very limited, there is no doubt that Use Your Words is a good addition to your party game catalogue.

You can play with 3-6 players locally, and up to 1000 people can play on a live stream. The reason this kind of gameplay is possible is because in Use Your Words the players use their smart phones (instead of a JoyCon) to control their inputs. Doing this does mean that the Switch has to have an internet connection to play. Although this control scheme may seem a little strange at first, the nice thing is that when playing with a large group of people extra controllers aren’t required if everyone has a web browser.

The actual gameplay consists of 4 different segments that are shuffled through, and one session takes around 20-30 minutes depending on how many people you are playing with. Throughout all of my play sessions it was clear that the more people we had playing the more fun we had, and the game seemed to really shine with 5-6 players.

One of the segments is called "Sub The Title", and the object of this game is to make a subtitle for a random 5-10 second long foreign movie snippet. When we played this we always had someone act out each of the player's subtitles, usually leading to hilarity. Another segment is called "Extra! Extra!", where the player makes a Headline for a photo that appears on the front page of a newspaper.

The segment that most resembles Quiplash (from the Jackbox games) is called "Blank-O-Matic", and in this game there's a random sentence with a blank section for each player to fill in. Sort of reminiscent of Mad Libs, this tried and true formula always serves up a laugh for everyone. Like the other games, it really let's everyone stretch there creative muscles. Even unfunny answers can become funny, and serves up a great opportunity for introverts to engage with their outrovert friends. Use Your Words really is a "game for funny people and their unfunny friends."

The last segment is sort of a spin-off of Blank-O-Matic called "Survey Says", which is a rapid-fire of three prompts for everyone to answer. Everyone will have a different answer to the same prompt, so comparing others answers was always enjoyable.

If a player can't think of something to write, they have the opportunity to use a "House Answer", which is an already programmed answer the game has in for anyone to use. An interesting wrinkle this adds is that if anyone chooses this answer as their favorite they will get punished and points will get knocked off their total. You can even have the game give an extra answer to each game, so that there is always a House Answer to choose, but we played mostly with this option turned off. There is also a lot of adult humor sprinkled throughout the game, and fortunately a "Family Mode" option is available for some good, clean fun.

Unfortunately, playing in portable mode isn't that practical. There are lots of tiny words on the screen that is hard for everyone to see, and no option to make them bigger for such an occasion. I played it fine at work with my colleagues, but it wasn't a very comfortable setup and only showed how much better it is to have a big screen to play on.

All in all, Use Your Words executes well on what it sets out to offer: An accessible party game. Your mileage will definitely vary with the amount of people you have to play with, and three people are needed at minimum to play. But if you have enough friends at your disposal there is definitely a lot of fun to be had in this game, and it will certainly create great memories with your friends and family.