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Happy Hanukkah!
« on: November 29, 2002, 10:53:38 AM »
Bust out the candles and grab your frying pans, 'cause it's that time of year again!

Thanksgiving isn’t the only reason to celebrate this week!  Tonight, marks the start of Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, togetherness, chocolate guilt (money), latkes (potato pancakes), and—of course—presents.  It may not be a religious holiday, but it is certainly one of the most enjoyable!

Businesses don’t close on Hanukkah, and that includes PGC, so don’t forget to click the refresh button between Driedel spins!  Aso, be sure to check out our Holiday Buying Guide, just in case you're still searching for that eighth present.

On behalf of the Planet GameCube staff, I wish all of our Jewish readers a very happy Hanukkah and hope another huge meal doesn’t leave any permanent damage!

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