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Nintendo and Much Music Metroid Contest
« on: November 22, 2002, 04:33:17 AM »
Win one of those fancy home theater-type prize packages (and GameCube stuff), because Metroid Prime deserves to be played that way.

Nintendo and are bringing us a sweet contest.  Here are their details in a nutshell:

The arrival of Metroid Prime is near and so is the arrival of the Nintendo Platinum GameCube. Just in time, because Much and Nintendo need to gear you up for some dirty work!

You're the bounty hunter, Samus. Sleek, sexy and wrapped in shining armour out to rid the world of a desperate evil…

All from the comfort of your shiny new kick-ass electronic palace of course!

LCD Rear Projection big screen, DVD player, speaker & subwoofer set. Games, game stand and even a leather chair! The neighbours are gonna hate you!

In addition, there are 500 second prizes of a Making of Metroid Prime DVD, which isn't that bad of a deal either.  To enter the contest, simply click here.

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