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Pokken Tournament Hopefuls
« on: September 16, 2014, 06:52:17 AM »

It's like Smash Bros. character hype, but exclusive to Pokémon!

With the announcement of Tekken and Pokémon coming together to release a brand new arcade game, the community is buzzing about what he potential fighters could be. With Machamp and Lucario confirmed, it makes us wonder what other fighting Pokémon will be included. Some people think that Mewtwo might make an appearance with his new Mega Evolutions. Others think Lopunny might jump in with its new Mega Evolution and kick some butt.

Here are my Pokkén Tournament Hopefuls.

Hariyama – It just makes sense to have a sumo Pokémon in a fighting game. Most arcade games have the huge guy using his giant hands to smack the ever-loving life out of their opponents. Hariyama would fill the role perfectly.

Hawlucha – This one should be pretty obvious. Question: Who doesn’t love a luchador? Answer: No one. Luchadores are loved by all people and the Pokémon closest resembling one should be included in Pokkén.

Hitmontop – This could be an interesting concept. Hitmontop could be a quick combo machine with his rapid rolling kicks, or a complex character that has different move sets depending on if it’s standing up or spinning on its head.

Sawk – Sawk could be more of a karate-style fighter. With its build resembling a classic fighter it could be assumed it would use a classic moveset.

Throh – Judo chop! Judo throw! Throh is close the ground and able to toss his opponents across the screen. It would be fun to see this lil’ guy waddle across the arena and throw its opponents into oblivion.

Greninja -  It’s a ninja! A NINJA. Every fighting game needs a ninja and we got one in Pokémon X and Y. Greninja already made it into Super Smash Bros. It just makes sense to see it in Pokkén, too.

Ditto – Hear me out here. Ditto would take the place of the mimic characters in fighting games. Take Charade from Soul Calibur for example. It would transform into its opponent and it would come down to a battle of pure skill! (Provided that Ditto could use a move more than 5 times…)