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Planet GameCube makes USA Today!
« on: September 25, 2002, 04:11:21 AM »
Round #2 with Steven Kent on the Rare issue....and look who gets quoted?!

Steven Kent takes another stab at the Rare/MS buyout in his USA Today article, and Planet GameCube gets a mention.  Take a look....

"Rare figured out ways to get the best (performance) out of each machine," says Nintendo senior vice president George Harrison. Nonetheless, when the decision had to be made, "it came out of the perception of price vs. value. ... (Nintendo officials) believed that they could take that money and do development deals elsewhere."

Others may agree. Planet GameCube, one of the largest and most respected Nintendo fan sites on the Net, posted a survey asking visitors how they felt about Rare leaving Nintendo's fold; nearly half of 10,000 respondents said it didn't matter.  

"For me, as a gamer, it does not affect me that much," says Billy Berghammer, who runs the site. "I liked some of their N64 titles, but not all of them."

Make sure you stop by your local newsstand to pick yourself up a copy.  According to Billy's Parents our sources, this makes fantastic refridgerator art!

Special thanks to Steven Kent for the mention.

Billy Berghammer
Founder -- Planet