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Know A Franchise - The Elder Scrolls

by David Lloyd - April 2, 2018, 2:49 pm PDT
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The Thirsty Mage may have been closed for the holidays but host David Lloyd still attempted an episode.

TTM host David Lloyd attempts an episode on his own where he discusses the history of the Elder Scrolls franchise leading up to Skyrim.

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LemonadeApril 02, 2018

I like the Elder Scrolls series very much. My favourite is easily Oblivion. I played a ton of it when it was new on PC. I also replayed at a few months ago on my Xbox One.

I remember liking Morrowind. I think I first played it in 2005. I never finished it through because my save file was lost.
Last year I bought the Morrowind GOTY Xbox version. I was hoping to play it, but for some reason my original Xbox wont read the disc. Im really hoping the game gets added to Xbox One backwards compatibility.

Skyrim is an interesting one, I like it, but my full thought on that can be saved for a the episode about the game.

Now, for my real reason for wanting to comment here.

The N-Gage game, Shadowkey, is actually really good. I bought it and played through it last year. Its like a lite version of Morrowind, but with all new content. It has an interesting story and the quests are good, although more linear than Morrowind.
I have two videos about it that can be seen here. The first is a plain gameplay sample video, the other is half an hour from a stream I did.

Cool, researching the topic I saw the year they were made and that they were mobile games so figured they were more an achievement to just make as opposed to being a decent game. I also wasn’t sure how long people could stand hearing me talk solo about a topic so I tried to keep it under 30 minutes so a few things hit the cutting room floor. I enjoyed the format, if this type of episode about the history of a franchise is something you’d like to hear again just let me know in the comments here.

MASBApril 09, 2018

Being the only person on a podcast isn't easy. I thought you did a pretty good job sounding natural. When you're conveying reams of information, that can be hard to do.

Can't wait for the Chrono Trigger episode. I never tire of hearing people talk about that game. It's still my favorite RPG after all these years. There's so much to it and the execution was so well done, especially for the time. I read the Nintendo Power hype machine for months leading up to the release of the game in August of that year and couldn't wait to play it for Christmas. I played Chrono Trigger , at least a little, every day for a solid month. I can't remember doing that for a single game before that time, I found it so compelling.

I do wonder if Chrono Trigger has really gained any new fans over the years or if it is almost all people who played the original release or the enhanced DS version. I doubt it garnered many new fans from the cellphone and Steam versions! A true sequel would be a dream come true, but I think so much time has passed that even if you assembled the original team, I'm not sure they could capture that magic again. It would be one of the biggest feats in gaming history if they could manage that.

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