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Xenoblade Throw Down

by the NWR Staff - February 26, 2018, 5:55 am PST
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It’s time to settle an argument, which Xenoblade title do you think is the best.

Since the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 back in December, we here at Nintendo World Report have been arguing tirelessly over which Xenoblade title should be considered the best.

We understand that each is unique and comparing them is a fools errand... but if you were only allowed to play one version and the other two would be lost forever, which one would you save?

Click on the picture below to have your voice heard.

Results of the poll will be revealed at the end of XenoWeek on Friday, March 2.



RPG_FAN128February 26, 2018

Oh man, I wish I could vote!  I have only played XC so far.  And even so I enjoyed Last Story more, lol. 

Still need to buy/play most of the Wii U library, and then I can think about buying a Switch.  :)

KilstarFebruary 26, 2018

I cannot vote for xenoblade 2 because I did not care for the blades and HATED all of the luck walls. Between the other two I am unsure because the games are quite different. XC is more memorable(because it is more story driven and linear no doubt) but XCX had such an interesting and grandiose world and I also loved the skells. I will be voting XCX because I feel like XC will be winning this and want XCX to get some love.

EnnerFebruary 26, 2018

I have had huge ups-and-downs with Xenoblade 2, but I'll go on my impulse of waifus, UNLIMITED ANIME, and the combo-heavy battle system to give it my nod.

Honestly, if I really thought about it, I would be picking Xenoblade 1 because it was such a perfect game for me when I played it. My creeping fear is that if I try to play it now, it would feel dull after all these years.

Xenoblade X was doomed from that start to being the follow-up to my Game of its Generation. The sprawling mess has so many rough edges that I had to push pass through. I grew to love it on its own terms, but the initial disappointment never faded completely.

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