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Indie Games We Want on the Switch

by Justin Nation, Carmine Red, Neal Ronaghan, Donald Theriault, and Matt West - May 15, 2017, 12:11 pm PDT
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With E3 inching closer by the day the NWR Staff has put together a few of their favorite indie titles they’re hoping will be announced for the Switch

Justin Nation

Rocket League

OK, so the pitch sounds absolutely ridiculous to anyone who isn’t familiar with the game. For the uninformed you just need to imagine 3-on-3 soccer played with rocket-powered cars. Completely crazy, yes, but in execution it is a game that is slowly inching towards my all-time most played game second only to the hat simulator also known as Team Fortress 2. Rocket League is a legitimate eSport, it is fast, it is fun, and it is the only “sports” game I’ve ever stuck with for any significant amount of time. Even now, though the game has been out for quite some time, there are still new modes and enhancements being made to the game on a regular basis. Nintendo, please make this happen!


This one just came out and I’ve only just begun to play it but it is a roguelike with style and fun to burn. The only pain is it would be even better in portable form. You’re a bounty hunter using your grappling hook, your gun, and some skilled execution to bring down your targets. A real good time, it is the newest big indie roguelike darling for a reason.

Nuclear Throne

OK, so this one is getting pretty old, and I’m also aware the toolset it was made in isn’t currently supported by the Switch, but when the details on the system were announced this was the first game I really got into wanting to see in a portable form. Another roguelike, the itch for this will be scratched somewhat when Enter the Gungeon hits but I still prefer Nuclear Throne and the characters you get to choose from. Their play styles can be quite radically different and it is a whole lot of aggravating fun!

Neal Ronaghan

Super Mega Baseball (1 or 2)

I slept on the initial release of Super Mega Baseball, but when I eventually picked it up on PlayStation 4, I was blown away by what I quickly discovered was the best baseball game I ever played. Made by the small Canadian developer Metalhead Software, Super Mega Baseball combines a goofy and fun aesthetic with deep and nuanced batting and pitching, alongside a deep season mode. The original release lacks online multiplayer, but in my dozens of hours playing seasons with teams named the Platypi and the Crocodons, I was enthralled. And the times I got a friend to play some local multiplayer were electric. I could see some fine ballfield Switch matches of Super Mega Baseball in my future if it made the jump to Nintendo’s latest. A sequel is due out in 2017, and while it doesn’t look like Metalhead can weather a Switch version right now, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a future release. Or hell, just do the right thing and let Metalhead make a Mario baseball game. I think that might be my dream game right now.

Axiom Verge

The developer wants it. I want it. I think a lot of you want it. Nintendo - unleash the Metroid-y beast that is Axiom Verge. I played through this labyrinthine action-adventure when it came out on PlayStation 4 back in 2015. I played it again when it was ported to Wii U in 2016. I would most certainly play it for a third time in 2017 on Switch. Axiom Verge is a fantastic game not just because of its Metroid inspiration. It also carves its own unique path, with shooter-heavy boss battles and crazy awesome power-ups.


I feel like the possibility of this might have sailed as Awesomenauts as a platform and game launched in 2012 and recently transitioned to a free-to-play model. Still, the developer of this excellent 2D MOBA, Ronimo Games, has a history with Nintendo platforms, having made a pair of Swords & Soldiers games for their platforms. Much like how Swords & Soldiers is an RTS in 2D clothing, Awesomenauts is a super novel twist on the MOBA design as a side-scroller. I’ve never gotten into League of Legends or DOTA 2, but man, I’ve spent a lot of time over the years messing around with Awesomenauts.

Matt West:


A game inspired by Nintendo fan favorite JRPG EarthBound, Undertale is a quirky little RPG in which you can choose to kill all the monsters you fight, or go the pacifist route and talk them down. It’s an interesting premise with a heartfelt story that has fostered a huge fan base since its PC release in 2015. Its influences alone would make it tempting for Switch owners, and Undertale deserves to be played on as many systems as possible.

Carmine Red:

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

Somewhere on the internet last year I came across a rumor that this would be coming to Switch, and ever since I’ve been keenly watching for an announcement… and deeply crushed every morning I wake up and it’s not there. I LOVED the (admittedly technically-challenged) Tales of Monkey Island WiiWare game series, and years later a friend would visit with his XBox 360 and we’d play through Telltale’s The Walking Dead together for the entire first season. Aside from that I haven’t had much exposure to Telltale’s library… which means my pocket would be ripe for the picking if Telltale were to fully support Nintendo’s portable console. Minecraft: Story Mode just isn’t enough for me.

Donald Theriault:

Cosmic Star Heroine

There’s a lot of games that go for the 8-bit look, but my time with the system lasted less than three years so I’m always on the lookout for games that ape the 16-bit era. Cosmic Star Heroine combines elements of Lunar, Phantasy Star IV and Chrono Trigger into a brisk sci-fi RPG with fun characters that doesn’t overstay its welcome. The developer has mentioned wanting the game on the Switch and it would make a great fit for the platform (being a PS4 / Vita title in addition to PC). It might take a while as the two-man team works through some launch issues and finishes the Vita port, though. Disclaimer: Donald backed this game on Kickstarter initially.

Super Mega Baseball (1/2)

What Neal said.

Tembo the Badass Elephant

See, GameFreak makes things that aren’t Pokémon, and in this case, they’ve made a fun platformer that runs in the tradition of the Rambi levels in the Donkey Kong Country series. Except, y’know, with an elephant. As one of the few people who still has fond memories of HarmoKnight, I’d love the opportunity to run over fools with Tembo especially on the go.


ClexYoshiMay 15, 2017

huh. a lot of these i either would prefer not to have on switch or just haven't heard of.

... well, maybe not prefer is too strong. I wouldn't mind them being on the system? but I would not buy Rocket League or Undertale on Switch.

I've been saying it since day 1, but I really, REALLY want Nidhogg or Nidhogg 2 on Switch. I'd honestly prefer the original's simple visuals on it, but it'd be SUCH a perfect game with the 2 joycons and a perfect party game.

I've been ranting and raving and loving the shit out of Spark the Electric Jester on Steam, a masterful blend of Kirby game ideas and Sonic Game ideas... Heck, just because it's me, I feel like I should also advocate for Freedom Planet 2 whenever that comes out.

Finally, I'd want all the LabZero engine games. Skullgirls 2nd Encore, Indivisible, and finally but least likely of these three, Them's Fightin' Herds

Evan_BMay 15, 2017

I'm pretty sure several of those are coming to Switch, Clex.

As for indie games I'd like, I'll go with anything made by smaller Japanese developers who are more seasoned than your run-of-the-mill Western developer since the content they put out is of a higher caliber.

MythtendoMay 15, 2017

I have to call foul on Carmine picking Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series. They could hardly be called an indie studio anymore, and a game based on Guardians of the Galaxy couldn't really be considered a indie game.

ClexYoshiMay 16, 2017

Really, now? I hadn't seen announcements for it!

Oh, here's one more for the fire.

As long as it's coming to Xbox One and we have an active Nindies relationship with Chucklefish Studios...

Why not Starbound?!? goodness knows I've lost untold hours playing THAT game.

SteefosaurusMay 16, 2017

Quote from: Mythtendo

I have to call foul on Carmine picking Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series. They could hardly be called an indie studio anymore, and a game based on Guardians of the Galaxy couldn't really be considered a indie game.

Suppose this is sort of an inherent issue with the term "indie", right? I mean Wayforward Tech have done games for TMNT, Transformers, Marvel's Thor, X-Men, Looney Tunes... lots of licensed stuff. They're basically a for-hire studio who occasionally develop passion projects like the Shantae series. Yet we're still prone to calling them indie as well.

Gotta imagine that distinction will be further refined down the line right, I mean aren't the FTL guys now working on a Pacific Rim spin-off? Sure they're still independent too but at what point do you cross the line to becoming a "regular third party developer"?

I love Rocket League.  Got it on PS+ when it came out, and bought another copy to play on PC when it was on sale.  Have sunk hundreds of hours into it.  Legitimately think it's one of the best games of this generation. 

Don't think it's a good fit for Switch unless the online services are truly robust, which I have 0 faith in currently.  This is one of those games where there's a definite skill gap between someone whose played it for 20 hours and 40 hours.  That alone makes it a tough game to pop out and have people play couch co-op on, unless you're all a similar skill level.  The best way to play this game IMO is online matchmaking, and again, currently have no reason to trust Nintendo's online service will be adequate.

Other than that, I really want indies who have a local multiplayer focus to make their debut.  Ultimate Chicken Horse and Overcooked are GREAT examples of games Nintendo should court.  Nidhogg 2 should be another game they seek to get on their platform.  Not sure if they're ready to get weird, but Mount Your Friends is a fun, weird tower building game with QWOP controls. 

I'd agree on Rocket League, I'm just putting faith in Nintendo not falling down on their infrastructure. I would absolutely play it in handheld mode watching TV in the background is the thing, it is my ultimate "I have 20 minutes, I can get in a quick match" game. In terms of the skill gap, I agree it's there, but I don't see where Nintendo fans would be any different than the waves of n00bs that come in on any given Steam sale or when they start a new season, etc. They can either stay low in the ranked matches or stick to the casual games.

ShyGuyMay 16, 2017

How about Firewatch?

I forgot to submit for this feature, but the N++ developers have mentioned possibly porting that game over, which I'd love to see. Or Super Meat Boy. The system could use a few really good platformers.

Super Meat Boy is pure f-ing EVIL!!! Yeah, would love to see it come over to remind me how much I suck at games. :)

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