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eShopping - January 23, 2017

by Daan Koopman - January 23, 2017, 2:11 pm PST
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While the stars align in the Switchverse, the Nintendo downloads train stops for nobody.

A month has passed since our last eShopping update and a lot has happened since then. There was the announcement of a Nintendo console, which will join the eShopping ranks sooner rather than later. Until then, we will have a blowout for the current generation of Nintendo hardware. The offerings include fish, mazes, mines, zombies, cubes and a lot whole more. Let's get started!

Koi DX (Wii U, NA)

This is a rather relaxing and engaging adventure is which you control a fish. The fish in question need to find smaller fish and guide them to points of interest. This will help flowers flourish and open the way to a new section in the level. While the passageways are easy to pinpoint, there are collectibles that can be found by exploring the areas. Despite being relaxing, you feel that you are always doing something. There are puzzles to account for, which see you fix broken paths or sneak past a fish with an evil aura. CIRCLE really surprised with this game and it is one you should absolutely check out. Personally, I would love to see this title on Nintendo 3DS as well!

Recommended: Yes

Mega Maze (Wii U, NA)

In the first person adventure, you will travel through mazes and try to find your way to a quite colorful goal. It has basic mechanics as you try to snag keys, get tricked by false paths and go for the best time. While it controls and sounds nicely, it was sort of boring to look at. That is not to say that Mega Maze is horrible or anything, but the game left me pretty unimpressed overall. After a number of puzzles, I found I would rather played something I could get more invested in.

Recommended: No

Toby: The Secret Mine (Wii U, NA/EU)

At first glance, there might not be anything too special about Toby: The Secret Mine. The game seems to follow the PlayDead (Limbo, Inside) blueprint as you move about and solve puzzles as you go. You travel from screen to screen, so you just keep going with the flow. Overall, I must say that I didn't feel challenged like Limbo, but I did find the puzzles enjoyable. There are elements that are repeated a little too much, but playing it just feel right in my book. Unlike other games of this type, the story in Toby is lacking. You are just saving your friends from certain doom, which basically look the same as your character. That does take away from the atmosphere and urgency of the experience, which is disappointing. That being said, if you are in the need of that itch, you can do a lot worse than Toby.

Recommended: Yes

Zombie Brigade: No Brain No Gain (Wii U, NA/EU)

If you are searching for an awful endless runner, you have come to the right place. Where should I begin with Zombie Brigade: No Brain No Gain? I could say that it looks awful. The blocky 3D environments are only the beginning. The rest of the game are filled with 2D zombies, flat textured buildings and horribly drawn logos. It helps that the menus are awful to navigate, which will annoy anyone before they even start playing it. And the gameplay is as good as the menus and graphics. The jumps that the zombies do feel beyond floaty, which is fantastic particularly since that is the only move you actually do. You know what is great too? The stock images of a single woman, mixed with dialogue that will make you cringe every time you do a certain action. What more is there to say? Do you want me to keep going? No, of course not. It is painful enough to describe this stuff to you.

Recommended: No


With a title like RADIANTFLUX: HYPERFRACTAL, I wasn't really sure what I was expecting. The trailer showcased a fun hacker story with the feeling of classic operating systems. At first glance, RADIANTFLUX seems to play that part well. You will find yourself checking emails, chatting from instant messenging apps and trying to find the deep web. Over time, the research becomes too overwhelming for its own good. You are looking into terms that seem more important than they actually are. The shocking thing is that this isn't even the actual gameplay portion. A good chunk of the experience you will see yourself playing a sidescrolling shoot-em' up, which is somewhat disappointing. Elements aren't as well thought through as the competition on Nintendo's platforms, which makes you instantly grab back to those. RADIANTFLUX is far from a terrible game nor is it a solid recommendation. If you can get behind its finer details, you can find some fun in this.

Recommended: Maybe

Back to Bed (Wii U, NA/EU)

Sleepwalking is dangerous business. The world of Back to Bed can relate to this as you have to bring the character Bob to safety. You do by taking control of Subob, who is Bob's helping hand in the realm of dreams. Subob needs to navigate his real world friend from point A to Bed by moving objects to their positions. This starts out easy with some gigantic green apples, but grows larger in scope over time. You will encounter paintings that will instantly transport you or clocks that instantly wake Bob up. There are a solid amount of puzzles here and they will keep you entertained throughout. The Wii U version does look what rough around the edges, but it is a minor gripe when you get a pretty entertaining puzzler in return.

Recommended: Yes


COLOR CUBES sees you constantly switching two colored cubes to get past walls. If you have lined them up correctly, you are free to pass and will continue to rack up points. The game will go faster and faster the longer you keep going. Once you hit that final wall or go insane, that is when your round comes to an end. The game doesn't have a lot going for it and I honestly became bored of it pretty fast. After recording a video for it, I felt I have seen everything the game had on offer.

Recommended: No

Geki Yaba Runner Deluxe (3DS, NA/EU)

After the success of 2 Fast 4 Gnomz, the gnomes make a brand return in Geki Yaba Runner Deluxe. Just like in their previous adventure, you control a gnome and try to aim every jump perfectly. The goal is to hit the flag at the end of every stage and try to get a solid time too. Along the way, you can pick up socks to further increase your score and overall performance. While this game may seem simple, there is pleasure involved in going through the motions. You find twists and turns in every level and trying to stay on your feet is tougher than it looks. It delightfully surprises you by throwing mechanics like a parachute and the ability to break obstacles that are in your path. There is a lot of trial and error involved, which will fare differently depending on the person you are. Next to that, the style leaves some things to be desired. Overall though, it is a cheap enough that it’s worth a look.

Recommended: Yes


SteefosaurusJanuary 25, 2017

Back To Bed looks pretty solid to me, in a weird way it reminds me of this old pc adventure game called Beneath A Steel Sky. Not in terms of gameplay, but the visuals feel a tiny bit similar to the "online" world in that game haha.

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