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Metroid: Other Merchandise

by Andrew Brown - August 13, 2012, 10:35 am PDT
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Samus herself is a rare bounty to hunt. 

Whether you love Metroid: Other M for its unique and cinematic take on the series or hate the droning narrative it shoved down your throat full of contrived sci-fi clich├ęs, there's no denying that Samus is quite the space-babe. I get the feeling this was the key motivation Max Factory was driving on when they began work on not one, but two Samus figures long after Other M's considerable flop. These figures have just released in Japan and they're already proving to be quite difficult to find, hopefully an indication that people out there still hold some love for our dear Sammy, even if she has a few post-traumatic stress issues to work out.
I'll kick things off with the Chozo Suit Figma. I apologize in advance for the high-contrast photography, I can't get my crappy digital cam to focus without using the indoor flash.

The packaging

Quite articulated, ain't she?

The box comes with a folding cardboard base, if you want to cut it to pieces.

This is my first Figma figure. I'd read reviews praising the line before, but I didn't quite know what to expect until my package arrived. I have to say though, the credit these figures receive is well warranted. Samus looks just like design in Other M, which isn't too much of a visual change from earlier Metroid titles. Her Chozo Suit is painted with shiny metallic colors with a hint of sparkle to them.

Ready to take on her next mission across Planet Countertop.

Her helmet's visor is made of a translucent plastic over the top of a reflective green surface, which looks great. They possibly could have sculpted some eyes to set inside the helmet beneath the plastic, but on such a small scale it would have been quite difficult. What we have here is plenty realistic enough.

The joints on the figure allow for easy movement, and the plastic used in any ball-joints is an inconspicuous gray that matches her suit's design so the seams are barely noticeable. It's really nice. Her head has the least range of movement, which is fine given the design of her suit, it's kind of like Batman's cowl.

Take that, Zebesians! Pew pew!! ...You're never too old for this.

The figure comes with an adjustable stand so you can put Sammy in all manner of exciting poses and not worry about her toppling over. There are four additional left hands to swap out the one she's wearing to begin with as well, including her iconic "mission complete" thumbs up - or thumbs down if you want to get all Other M with her. Her arm-mounted beam cannon's barrel can be removed allowing you to attach an alternate missile launcher mode piece. There are two transparent beam shots that can also be connected to the cannon, which look quite cool.

Something's about to go kerblooey.

She also comes with a Morph Ball figure which was an unnecessary but welcome addition to, dare I say, round out the package. If I had any gripes, it's that the inside of both her beam cannon and missile launcher barrel is a plain white plastic - they could have used the same metallic green or even a black inside the hole.
It's such a minor detail, however, that I really can't fault the manufacturers at all. This is an awesome figure and the thought and work put into its design really shines.

Time for Sammy to strut her stuff.

Max Factory's other Samus is for the more grown-up collector, not just because they can appreciate her feminine wiles a little better, but because it has no articulation at all. This is a display-piece to be admired, not touched. She's decked out in her Zero Suit and pulling a confident and dangerously bad-ass pose. 

Too hot to pay attention to you. It's like high school all over again.

The reflective paint comes into play on this figure as well, making her skin-tight suit glint stunningly in the light. The detail is impeccable, from subtle tone variations in her hair to the logo on her back. There has been particular care given to her face, her eyes and expression are intricate, serious and sexy. Even though she has the infamous "I drew on my face with a Sharpie" mole that Other M introduced to the series, this Samus is much prettier and more realistic than the First 4 Figures statue that came out a few years back, which looked more like a store mannequin.  

Dat... well, you know.

Samus stands firmly on her base, which has a beveled Other M logo on it. Nothing spectacular but it does the job and doesn't distract from the hot bounty hunter you're meant to be looking at. She's a little more than double the height of the FIgma Samus, making her one of the tallest figures in my collection.
This figure also comes with a Metroid which, judging from its proportion to Samus, I can only assume is the baby that the plot of Super Metroid revolved around (and the cause of much of her distress in the latest game). This little invertebrate is sculpted with clear plastic allowing you to see its three brain-like nuclei. The interior has some green splotches and veins painted on the inside of the creature's membrane, and it's very impressive. It attaches to a little clear plastic stalk that allows it to hover next to Samus.

Mother and child.

Interestingly, the size of the baby Metroid from the Zero Suit figure roughly equates to that of a full-sized one when placed next to the Chozo Suit Figma version. Allow me to attempt some creative photography:

The last Metroid... is in my crosshairs.

GYAAA! Why did I have to be so delicious!?

Overall, these two figures are a great tribute to a series that hasn't seen much attention in the way of merchandising. The Figma has me in high anticipation of the Skyward Sword Link coming out very soon, and the Zero Suit Samus is very elegant.
Take a look below for some extra photos, and look forward to my next Mariobilia.

Don't support bootlegs: check for the little Nintendo authenticity sticker on these figures.



Pixelated PixiesAugust 13, 2012

I can't tell if that is really cool or really lame.

Chozo GhostAugust 13, 2012

Was this merchandise authorized by Adam Malkovich?

Pixelated PixiesAugust 13, 2012

Quote from: Chozo

Was this merchandise authorized by Adam Malkovich?

Are you saying that the Nintendo authenticity sticker isn't enough? That perhaps an 'Authorised by Adam Malkovich' sticker would better prove the quality of the product? Perhaps it could have an image of Samus giving the thumb up?

joshnickersonAugust 13, 2012

"Even though she has the infamous "I drew on my face with a Sharpie" mole that Other M introduced to the series..."

I've always considered the fact Samus suddenly has a mole on her face proof that Other M is just a dream that the real Samus is having, before waking up and finding Bobby Ewing in her shower.

At least, I can only HOPE that's how they retcon Other M out of existance...

Uh... back on topic... the figures are actually quite nice and detailed. Too bad they are so out of my price range it's not even funny.

This article has me wishing I could afford the Samus figure. It's still in stock on AmiAmi, but I opted for Alter's new Rita Mordio figure instead. Hopefully that wasn't a mistake. Too bad the figma's out of stock though, it's a much more reasonable price.

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