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Hints: Fishing Resort

by James Jones - January 25, 2012, 9:05 pm PST
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We have some exclusive hints for the XSEED published fishing game.

It's a bit of a Fishing Resort week here at NWR. Yesterday we gave you a chance to win your very own copy of the game, and today we're giving you some exclusive hints on how to make the most of your trip to the resort.

These hints come straight from Fishing Resort's publisher, XSEED Games.

Tip 1: Your fishing guide is your friend.

Not sure what type of fish you’ve caught, or even how many there are to catch?  Trying to find the location of a specific fish you’ve caught already but just can’t remember where?  Search your suitcase!  In your hotel room is a suitcase for clothes, photographs and a journal, as well as the all-important fishing guide.  The guide will show the silhouettes of fish that haven’t been caught yet, but it’s still a good way to know how many undiscovered fish are still in the area.  For fish that have already been caught, it will provide a wealth of information such as their picture, how many points they’re worth, how many have been caught already and their sizes, as well as the best place to find more.

Tip 2: Do non-fishing activities for quick points.


Fishing Resort has a lot of non-fishing activities, and you will be rewarded for just trying them.  Points are given for just about everything; from the first time you ride a bike, to the first time participating in a kayak race to even just being a friendly tourist and chatting it up with a neighbor.  Need a quick 1000 points?  Just look at the map on the bulletin board!  It’s that easy, so do everything!  It’s rewarding, plus it will also earn you a night fishing pass in the process.

Tip 3: More varieties of fish equals more fishing environments.


When trying to unlock new areas to access, catch as many varieties of fish as possible and speak to the many tourists strewn about as some of them will offer to sell licenses to new areas. The licenses are usually offered for a few thousand points, but before they will sell it you will have to prove your fishing prowess by catching a certain variety of fish, so cast a wide net and catch as many different fish as you can, rather than duplicates of the same fish, when trying to access new areas.  

Tip 4: Trolling reaps huge rewards.


Not only is trolling fun, but it can reap some monster-sized fish, not to mention monster-sized rewards to match.  Trolling is the act of setting fishing lines at the back of a moving boat in the ocean, and usually involves catching extremely large fish such as sailfish, cobia, and marlin, which can be worth thousands of points each. Trolling isn’t available immediately – for example, the trolling activity on the bulletin board at Pacar Beach requires an Amateur Rank of 3 or above – but try to meet the requirements for this activity as quickly as possible to speed up your progress through the rest of the game.

Tip 5: Small fish have their benefits, especially during a tournament.


When entering a fishing contest that is based on the number of fish caught within a set time, remember that the size of each fish does not matter.  This means that the minnow which took you 5 seconds to reel in will be worth the same as a large halibut that could take up to a minute of your time.  To ensure the maximum number of fish caught within the limited amount of time, aim for the small fish by equipping a small-medium rod and reel, and using the smallest “Quick Hitter” bait available. Also, be sure not to cast too far away as that’s more precious time that will be required to reel it in, so keep the line as close to you as possible.

Thanks to XSEED Games and their PR for the hints


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